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Dodgers Roster News: RHP Edwin Uceta Recalled From Triple-A

The Dodgers are set to play their final game of a series with the Diamondbacks this afternoon. They’ll send out Tony Gonsolin to make the start, though the team doesn’t expect him to go very deep in the game. Dave Roberts revealed prior to the game that throwing 45-60 pitches would be a reasonable expectation. 

Because of that, the Dodgers made a move to bolster their bullpen for Sunday. They announced that RHP Edwin Uceta had been called up from Triple-A and Mitch White was being sent down. White pitched in Saturday night’s game after Walker Buehler exited. 

This is Uceta’s 4th stint with the big league team in 2021. Through 7 appearances, he has tossed 12.2 innings and allowed 5 runs on 11 hits with 13 punchouts. The Dodgers have used him both as a starter and reliever, though he never pitched more than 3 innings in a game. 

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Uceta has appeared in 3 games for the OKC Dodgers but has yet to find his footing. He’s pitched to a 5.79 ERA in 2 starts and 1 relief appearance. The expectation is that he will be one of the arms to enter behind Gonsolin, especially if he has to leave the game earlier than anticipated. 

Gonsolin has made just 2 starts for the Dodgers so far since coming off of the injured list. He has yet to make it into the 4th inning in those starts and has struggled with his command. Gonsolin has already walked 8 batters in his 5.1 innings of work. 

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  1. Today’s game shows that Uceta still belongs in the minors. Vesia needs to stay down there as well. Dodgers could of easily lost this game with roberts “managing skills”. Gonsolin should have been allowed to finish the inning.

    1. I agree. He is terrible and no way close to being big league ready. I’d put him in single A and leave him there for a while. I think the Dodgers need to get their bullpen straight asap or kiss October goodbye. The bullpen either sucks outright, or is inconsistent at best.

  2. When we say that no lead is safe with the Dodgers’ BP, the implication is that the BP is not only blowing leads of any size but that the blown leads are resulting in the Dodgers losing those games.
    The fact that the Dodgers are winning all of these type games in the past 5-6 weeks and most of the season, so far, does not mean that the BP and/or Dave Roberts gets a pass, as a few have suggested.
    Wins are wins, but bad habits are bad habits and bad trends are bad trends.
    The Dodgers “playing with fire” style of play when they have a “comfortable” or even an “insurmountable lead” is troubling.
    It’s become routine for the Dodgers, when they have significant leads in games, to stumble badly to the finish line, often crossing the finish line on their hands and knees.
    A 7-1 lead against the Pads did result in a loss. A 13-0 lead against the Angels almost completely disappeared. An 8-0 lead over the Marlins wasn’t completely safe and a 9-1 lead yesterday over the D’Backs, a team in the midst of one of the worst losing skids in MLB history, nearly evaporated.
    These are just a few of the games, when big leads shrank significantly and there are so many more-too numerous to mention here.
    It’s gotta stop soon or else it becomes who the Dodgers are and will they will be down the stretch and in the post season.

  3. Dodgers 2nd best team in MLB and all we get are criticisms – not surprised. Team winning despite injuries to significant starters and pitchers. wait until all are back. when we have all 26 less May out for the year, we’ll see the true Dodger team.

    1. I disagree. It’s already close to the halfway point. We’ve lost Dustin May (a HUGE loss), and the BP coupled with Roberts’ poor decisions is really pulling the Dodgers in a bad place if they don’t fix this. Remember, so far the Dodgers only have a winning record against crappy teams that are under the 0.500 mark. They are failing against mediocre to good teams. What’s the postseason gonna look like if this continues? And to be honest, I’m just gonna say it….I’m not confident with Bellinger and Seager even when they come back. I’m hoping their slow offensive starts (before the injuries) were just temporary. And what’s going on with Mookie? They woundn’t have won the WS without him last year. He needs to perform at that level again. Hopefully he’s turning it around. On the positive side of things I do believe they are still the best team in the MLB once they gut the BP staff and get some of the position players back on track with whatever adjustments they need.
      PS – Uceta and White need to be DFAd. How do you almost blow and 8 run lead in one inning to the worst team in baseball?

  4. It’s become more obvious that we need some veteran middle relief (not guys from the minors). We also need to shore up the 5th starter since Gonsolin is not close to 100%
    and David Price is not starter material. A capable veteran starter who’s healthy would help much with the current schedule ahead.

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