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Dodgers Rotation Ranked Best in Baseball After Adding Trevor Bauer

The Dodgers adding Trevor Bauer into the mix changes everything about their season. Not only does it make the starting staff better as a whole, but it allows additional relief for the bullpen. Basically, the rest of the league should be very worried. 

MLB writer Anthony Castrovince did a ranking of the best MLB starting staff heading into 2021. It was redone in light of Bauer’s signing with Los Angeles. . He believes that a team that already had the best starting staff ERA in baseball last season might end up being one of the best ever. He ranked the Dodgers as the top team heading into 2021 with the Padres right on their heels. 

Castrovince had the Dodgers rotation listed out, though plenty could change in the coming days. The order he placed them went: Clayton Kershaw, Trevor Bauer, Walker Buehler, Julio Urias, and David Price. That rotation doesn’t even include the possibility of Tony Gonsolin or Dustin May, who will likely be moved to the bullpen. 

There are several different scenarios that the Dodgers could explore with their final spots in the rotation. The team could look into trading David Price and cutting back on some salary, though his veteran presence is something that they probably want this year. Los Angeles could also shift Urias, May, and Gonsolin around all offseason as swingmen in and out of the bullpen. 

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In a year following a 60-season, pitching staffs may need some assistance early on and possibly late in the year. The Dodgers mixing in the young arms throughout the course of the tear will allow more time to get guys going and get them rested as they head into the postseason.

Whatever they decide to do, the Dodgers rotation is going to be ridiculous. 

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  1. Not only do the Dodgers have the best rotation in baseball, but they also have the big three at the top at the top of the rotation that will dominate in the postseason. There will be no bullpen games in the postseason like we saw last year. Kershaw, Buehler, and Bauer will eat up scoreless innings for the Dodgers. This is a postseason trio that matches up favorably with any trio in the history of baseball.

  2. Price hasn’t pitched in over a year. I don’t think anyone knows what he’ll be like. Without seeing him pitch, there would be very limited prospect returns if the Dodgers traded him before the season begins. It may be necessary to see how he performs. If he has a really good start, do the Dodgers trade him? Nice problem to have.

    1. I think we should trade Price, Jansen, and Kelley for prospects in order to dump salary. I mean no disrespect to Jansen. He is a Dodger all time great, but his impact years are over, and his $20M salary is way out of line. Kelley has contributed little, and Price has contributed nothing. We need to use those $ saved to resign JT, or just wave goodbye to staying under the luxury tax threshold, which is pretty much a given anyway with Bauer’s salary, resign JT, and win back to back to back championships.

  3. One minor (or major) detail: the Dodgers don’t have a roster spot available for Bauer. Someone needs to go. A trade must be in the works. Price? Jansen? Kelly? Ruiz (for 3B Bryant)?

    1. With Kiki, Joc, Baez, Alex Wood, and McGee gone—with Price coming back and hopefully Turner being re-signed, I’m sure one of the younger guys will be sent down or one of the relief pitchers cut to give Bauer a spot

  4. Do we have a closer yet because without a shutdown closer. It dosent mater If we have the greatest starting pitcher’s in baseball. because if where winning 4-3 in the 9th and the closer gives up 2 runs (jensen) =L are bullpen scares me.

  5. On paper the Dodgers have the best pitching rotation. But in hindsight Kershaw will definitely go on the IL couple of times like he did every year. Price will start the season on IL might not pitch at all. Walker Buehler usually starts slow or runs into a mini slump in the middle of the season. Bauer has yet put together back to back good years. Tony Gonsolin can’t be trusted with multiple innings in high leverage games, neither can Dustin May. Urias maybe but he benefited from a shorter season after coming back from shoulder surgery in 2019, let’s see how he holds up in a full 162 game season.

    Dodgers rotation has a lot of uncertainties. The one team people overlooked is the Chicago White Sox. With Giolito, Lance Lynn, Keuchel, Michael Kopech finally joining the majors, this starting rotation could potentially be as good as any team. Don’t forget the White Sox also signed Liam Hendriks too. I wouldn’t claim best rotation to the Dodgers yet, not so fast.

  6. I have DREAMT of the Dodgers having pitching like this…BUT….their “VAUNTED” hitting & team Spirit has taken a big hit!!!! Joc, Kike & J.T were the soul/spirit of the 2020 team (along with Mookie)! If all 3 leave the spirit takes a big hit…AND also their hitting…they can’t won’t replace the home-runs & POst hitting of Joc & J.T. ! …I’m happy to see Kiki & Joc get a chance at a regular every day position…..BUT please bring Turner BACK!!!!!

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