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Dodgers Rotation Set, Mookie Making Waves, Stadium Renovation Talk, & More | Blue Heaven Podcast

The Blue Heaven boys are back from spring training in Arizona and they’ve got stories …but first they want to talk about the Dodgers starting rotation and how it was already set only a couple games into Cactus League play.

On today’s show:

  • Rosterbation
  • Is the Rotation Really Already Set?
  • Spring Training Stories
  • Dodger Stadium Renovation Update
  • And More!


It seems that the only question left unanswered is who starts opening day, even though Dave Roberts has said it’s down to two. Clayton Kershaw apparently went to Driveline Baseball and it has the guys excited to see what a re-invented Kersh looks like.

Moreover, we discuss the pitchers on the outside looking in as far as the rotation is concerned and openly wonder if the organization has enough players to field two competitive teams in the major leagues.

Plus Mookie Betts has spoken and he wants to be left in the leadoff spot.

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Clint and Brook share some of their favorite stories from Arizona but hold off on the juicy stuff while Gary is away. Still, importantly, how mrgarylee tried to kill them is discussed, as well as drinking all of a bar’s beer with a host of The Big Swing podcast after their first ever live event.

Finally, there is one month until the official start of the season and Dodger Stadium is far from finished. While an update tour is planned shortly, Clint and the online audience are all very concerned about whether the ballpark will be ready in time.

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