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Dodgers Rumor: Dodgers Still Interested in Josh Harrison

Jon Heyman is reporting that the Dodgers are still among the teams interested in free agent utilityman Josh Harrison. Heyman previously reported the Dodgers interest back in December.

Harrison, a 31-year-old, right-handed hitter, has played for the Pittsburgh Pirates for the entirety of his 8-year career.

You may remember Harrison as the hitter who homered off Rich Hill in the 10th inning to ruin the almost no-hitter on August 23, 2017.

His best year came back in 2014 where he had an all-star season, He hit .315/.347/.490 with a .365 wOBA, 137 wRC+, and 4.8 WAR. In his career, he’s a .277/.317/.408 hitter with a .315 wOBA, 98 wRC+, and 11.2 WAR.

Harrison struggled last season (.250/.293/.363, 0.3 WAR) but he was limited to 97 games due to injury.  He was much better as recently as the 2017 season (.272/.339/.432, 2.6 WAR). The Dodgers may think he can rebound and get closer to the player he has been in his career.

He’s also a very versatile player. In his career, he’s played 3,064 innings at second base, 1,858.2 at third base, 205 at shortstop, and 708.2 in the outfield.

Having Harrison as a low-risk, high-reward bench player is an intriguing option for the team. They could really benefit from adding middle infield depth this off-season and Harrison could be that guy.

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  1. If dodgers sign Harrison signs with dodgers who does not make 25 man roster spot then

  2. Too much of a cluster fuck. This would trickle down into the outfield as well. The Angels should sign him they could actually use his services

  3. Just a couple of weeks ago, Chris Taylor was noted as a top 10 second baseman! Why are the Dodgers still looking for a 2nd baseman? And, talk about being a versatile player, CT3 has played and does a great job in CF, SS, LF and/or 2B. If CT3 doesn’t work out, then we also have Kiki, who can ALSO play multiple positions. I’d rather see them go after Bryce Harper to solidify their outfield, especially with Puig and Kemp gone!

  4. I will make this very short…. I and I’m sure many here are sick and tired of reading who the Dodgers MAY be interested in! enough is enough. Harrison is not needed, as Edward above here points out.

    1. Azul, I agree with you 100%. This is getting silly already. By the way, I just joined Twitter, and my new name is Lou-Dodger; apparently there is another DodgerLou who beat me to the use of this handle. Hope PD Jr. is well. Go Blue!!!

      1. You are still the ever so famous BLUE LOU! I also believe Dodgers have enough guys in CT3 and Kiki that can play all over and are versatile enough that we do NOT need just another utility player to be platooned. We NEED an impact RH bat for the middle of the lineup and again, as I don’t want to repeat myself, but that is the # 1 priority for this team as of now. PD Jr. is doing well and loves his MLBN! LOL

  5. I don’t think anyone needs to tell the Dodgers they lack that RH bat. Nor do i think they would consider Harrison that guy even if he is signed. All signs point to a trade for a stellar player or a Machado/ Pollock signing coming soon. Could see a big name no one has mentioned also.

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