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Dodgers Rumors: Aaron Judge Reportedly Already Rejected Offer From LA

With plenty of moves left to be made, the Dodgers are still in on the Aaron Judge sweepstakes. Cody Bellinger’s departure and the Dodgers opening up over $100 million in there books sets the stage for a possible courtship of Judge, but an insider believes Judge had already received an offer.

Judge ended the 2022 season alone at the top as he amassed 62 home runs and set a new AL record. The bet Judge took on himself is surely set to pay off and many believe he will make over $300 million thanks to his efforts.

The way to get there would have to be another massive 10+ year contract, and reports believe that the Dodgers offered Judge around $214 million. This may mean Judge would earn more money annually than if he were to try to sign a massive contract, but it’s still well short of what he’s expected to make.

This opens the door for Judge to meet with the Giants while also giving the Yankees a number to work with. It’s clear Judge knows his worth and won’t let a reported low-ball offer detour him from his ultimate goal.

Of course, this remains a speculation and the Dodgers could very well end up offering much more money. The Dodgers face a glaring need in the outfield and bringing in Judge can help alleviate some of the losses they are facing.

Will Judge ultimately choose to sign with an NL West rival or will the Dodgers manage to make an offer enticing enough for the star outfielder? There’s plenty of time to ponder and the world awaits to see what the Dodgers will choose to prioritize moving forward.

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  1. Probably one of those four-year $50M AAV deals that the Dodgers like. But why would Judge take that? Just to be back on the market in 2027 without nearly the leverage he has now? Not serious offer. Still don’t think the Yankees can afford to let him walk, unless the Giants suddenly go with stupid money. But it can’t always be about the money. Tio Albert was able to reclaim his Cardinal legacy somewhat but he threw away the chance to be to the modern day Musial to tread water in Anaheim.

  2. As usual Dodgers, doing this to say face. They use the Dodgers as leverage every team I don’t think Judge wants to be on the Dodgers he’s just using it for his advantage. Dodgers should just admit they don’t really want him. They’re not serious and go after somebody that they really are spending money on a shortstop.

  3. Judge is a sucker bet he’ll never have a year close to last. But they aren’t spending big money until the Bauer ruling is in, and not much then.

  4. Watching MLBN last week, I was surprised to see a segment on MLB players 6’6″ and above wherein the statistics say that by age 33, there’s a huge drop-off in performance. Only THREE tall players continued to excel after age 33. In the history of the game. I found that interesting…

  5. All of the smoke about Judge, Correa, Xander, Degrom, Verlander is just that. They are going short and cheap maybe a little late action when the Bauer appeal is decided and goes their way.

  6. Aaron Judge is not coming to L.A. Here’s some smaller signings that could help: AJ Pollock, JD Martinez, Michael Brantley. Losing swing-n-miss Gallo/Bellinger also helps. Chris Taylor really needs to cut down on strikeouts but he’s been team leader in this category for a while now but not changing should leave him on the bench more often.

  7. I watched Mike Schmidt drop quickly after age 35 and he couldn’t get around on a 90 mph fastball.Judge could be another Bellinger in three years. It is a lot of risk to spend $300M and hope you get 5 good years. give the young kids a shot.

  8. Don’t believe Judge will sign with the Dodgers, and certainly trying to pay premium short AAV won’t get it done. Think Dodgers this year will be shopping at the bargain bin and trying to find out which minor leaguers will work.

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