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Dodgers Rumors: Aaron Judge To LA Remains A Huge Possibility According To Betting Odds

All the noise surrounding Aaron Judge slowly has been gaining traction with teams wondering where he will sign and how much he will make. The speculated amount remains near the $400 million mark, but who he will inevitably play for still remains a mystery.

The Yankees are going to do whatever they can to retain Judge but that won’t stop bettors from trying to decide odds of other teams landing the star outfielder. Among the favorited teams, the Dodgers have emerged as a betting favorite. 

The Judge jersey swap is something to behold for Dodgers fans, but it seems likely Judge wants to return to the Yankees at the right price. The Giants and Mets sit ahead of the Dodgers, with the Giants expected to make a huge splash this off-season or the Mets going after their Subway Series rivals, but Dodgers fans can still remain hopeful.

The only downside for a Judge and Dodgers unity would mean the likely departures of Trea Turner and Clayton Kershaw. Turner is set to test free agency this season and is expected to get Corey Seager level money with the high level of play displayed all season long.

The Dodgers are willing to bring Turner back in, but with a massive deal for Judge, Turner will be offered plenty of money from other teams. Kershaw on the other hand is contemplating retirement, but with someone like Judge available, the Dodgers may make the decision much easier for Kershaw as they will not be able to afford him either despite Andrew Friedman expressing his desire to have Kershaw back. 

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  1. Why would we want Judge? He is just another prima donna that hits home runs, but just like our guys, quit playing baseball before the post season. He didn’t do doodly squat in the playoffs! Bring on people that are hungry in October!!!

    1. Prima donna? You obviously do not know much about Aaron Judge as he is quite the opposite.

      But he is almost 31 year old with a have a history of injuries and a high likelihood of more. And he has not played his best under pressure, a trait the Dodgers have plenty of but do not need.

      Finally, he will likely require a contract much too long for his productive years.

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