Dodgers Rumors: Another Jose De Leon Report Emerges

There was a report Thursday the Dodgers are willing to include Jose De Leon in a package for Brian Dozier. There is now further confirmation.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports tweets similar sentiments.

As we’ve heard before, De Leon makes sense in Minnesota. Jose Berrios projects as the Twins future ace, but he’s had command troubles and at 22 years young, still needs development. De Leon can step in immediately, then pair with Berrios to form a potentially excellent 1-2 punch for the next Minnesota playoff team.

Passan cites the Dodgers’ depth in near-MLB ready pitching, which is another hint to the Twins’ reported interest in Brock Stewart. De Leon and Stewart are the two names most prominently mentioned in trade talks for Dozier. L.A. could also include second base prospect Willie Calhoun, who isn’t quite ready for the Bigs.

[graphiq id=”djERactvOct” title=”Brian Dozier Career Batting Triple Slash” width=”640″ height=”510″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/djERactvOct” ]

Ongoing reports indicate the Dodgers and Twins are in frequent dialogue regarding Dozier. Since early December, we haven’t heard any other teams linked to the second baseman.

Could the Colorado Rockies finally be a legitimate threat to the Dodgers?

Gabe Burns

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  1. JDL et al for Dozier – don’t do it!  LAD might lose Kershaw after ’18, so they shouldn’t trade 7+ yrs of JDL, whose ceiling is #2 SP prospect (plus control, late movement on FB, very high K rate), for 2 yrs of Dozier!  Mightn’t LAD bats be much improved vs LHP in ’17; e.g., Right-handed platoons of Puig, SVS, Trace in OF and Hernandez at 2nd (hoping he returns to ’15 form) and Barnes at C (assuming 12 pitchers in 25 roster)?   I’d love Dozier but elite prospects are too valuable to LAD (with such little access to elite draft picks)!  Offer Brock Stewart & Calhoun & non-elites (e.g., Micah Johnson, Kyle Farmer) but not more elite prospects for Dozier.  Comments?

  2. I would avoid trading De Leon as well.  Stewart and Calhoun would make a strong enough headliner for Dozier.  Both Sale and Eaton netted players that are close to MLB ready, but maybe need one more year.  Both JDL and Stewart can step into a major league rotation next year.  I just don’t see the front office giving up both.  Calhoun is great, and I love his bat, work ethic and attitude, but like another article on here said, the fact that he is yet another lefty that could potentially give us 5 or 6 LHB in our lineup.  He is best utilized in a trade for a 2B in the AL (i.e. Dozier, Kinsler, Forsythe, or even in a package for Quintana and Lawrie).  I’d say a trade of  Kazmir (+cash), Stewart, Calhoun, Sheffield would suffice.  Two major league pitching pieces (one young and the Twins apparently like), another minor league pitching piece that has good upside in Sheffield and Calhoun, a replacement for Dozier in a year or two once developed.

  3. blue shoes we neeed to win not worry about the future buit brock stewart is a good one

  4. blue shoes plus van slyke gets hurt and it would be better to trade puig too many of’s

  5. As much as i like dozier, i am not giving up De Leon, we can get by with kiki/a.barnes/micah johnson/calhoun  or even re-sign utley , and i’m not giving up on puig either yet, too much potential , i also keep seeing cody bellinger’s name mentioned in rumors, can’t do it, stick with our prospects, i’m still upset we gave up 3 good young arms for rich hill and josh reddick, that was a stupid deal..

  6. Give up JDL and Willie Calhoun and PLEASE throw in Kazmir. They are very good prospects but Dozier will put us over the top. Even giving up these prospects we will still  have one of the best minor league systems in baseball. Got to give good to receive good.

  7. Old Tymer Do we know though that Dozier will put us over the top?  I mean he surely would be an upgrade at 2B, but his cost just keeps going up and up.  Switch out Stewart for JDL and I’d be fine with that deal.  But no thank you on JDL giving up JDL.  Look, Utley may not be ideal, but he did give us a 2.0 WAR last year with excellent defense, and just barely below league-average offensive output.  Trade for Forsythe; his cost will be infinitely less at this point in time.  Concentrate on revisiting and making that Braun-Puig trade happen, and trade for Forsythe.  It would cost us just barely more in prospects than if we just traded for Dozier, and we’d have a bigger net positive effect for our offense.

  8. Anyone know why LAD didn’t manage to sign LAD  Lourdes Gurriel last Nov?  He signed with the Jays cheap.  LAD is now considering trading huge prospect talent for 2yrs of Dozier at 2nd base.  but  L. Gurriel would seem to have offered a perfect long term solution RH bat at 2nd for LAD, and he signed as a free agent (not part of the international pool) for just $22M over 7 years.  He might be a year away from MLB (or perhaps ready by late 2017 season). Can’t help wonder if LAD tried to beat the ‘Jays offer ($25M or so over 7yrs would still be very inexpensive), and if so why they couldn’t land him, and if not why not…

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