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Dodgers Rumors: Aroldis Chapman On Radar Per LA Times

Free agent Aroldis Chapman is the main topic stirring controversy in the Dodgers community.

According to a report by Andy McCullough of the LA Times, the Los Angeles Dodgers are making a “dedicated pursuit” of the newly renowned World Series champion.

The former Cubs closer finished the 2016 season with 36 saves out of 39 save opportunities with an ERA of 1.55 along with four saves in the postseason.

The Dodgers did not sign Chapman, 28, in December due to Chapman’s lifestyle off the field. However, many people saw in October that Chapman has the necessary tools to be postseason ready for any team that he belongs to.

The only question that is left is:

Will the Dodgers continue this pursuit or will they stay with Kenley Jansen?

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