Dodgers Rumors: Red Sox Considering Trading For Kemp

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Dating back to Spring Training, Matt Kemp has been open with his perception of where he stands on the team. While still recovering from off-season surgery, Kemp said he wasn’t going to be the Dodgers’ fourth outfielder.

It’s a sentiment Kemp and his agent, Dave Stewart, have continued to express during the season, along with the outfielder’s desire to be placed back in center field. Stewart recently stated Kemp was open to being traded and Stewart went so far as to say he was hopeful the Dodgers would deal the 29-year-old outfielder.

Stewart identified the Boston Red Sox as the destination he’d like to see Kemp sent to and according to ESPN’s Gordon Edes, the Red Sox are mulling over trading for the outfielder:

He has had debilitating ankle and shoulder injuries that have limited his play the last two seasons, is still owed roughly $118 million on a contract that runs through 2019, and has a mixed reputation as a clubhouse presence, but the Red Sox are considering making a move for Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, according to a club source.

Kemp is hitting .273 with eight home runs and 40 RBIs, and is coming off an impressive June. In what began as a rocky month due to his benching and removal from center field, Kemp found regular playing time in left due to Carl Crawford’s injury.

He’s gone on to start in 48 of the last 50 games, amid a second position change. With Yasiel Puig missing action due to a sore left hand, Kemp was moved to right field where he’s started the last five games.

A trade between the Red Sox may be feasible considering their desire to acquire outfield help and the Dodgers’ rumored interest in Jon Lester.

One hurdle that may likely need to be crossed in order for a deal to be completed is whether or not the Dodgers will have to include any of their top prospects and how much of Kemp’s remaining salary they’ll need to pay.
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  1. Trade Crawford! He is a good player but cannot throw well from left-field to home. Kemp needs an attitude adjustment. Give Pederson and Guerrero some time in LA so they are eligible for possible play-offs. Finally; even if he gets good dump, “The Beard”. I would rather offer Zito a surf-board and incentive laden contract than look at that guy.

  2. I wish Dave Stewart would keep his Selfish Attitude to himself. Besides when does the agent pick where his player goes? If he wants to get out of town, ship him to the CUBS, if Kemp wants to win, tell him to suck it up and shut up and play.

    1. That’s what agents are paid to do, take care of players who pay for their services !

  3. I think the Dodger will end up regretting trading Kemp if they do… He does seem to be coming back from the injuries, had a great June.. He is still only 29 with a few of those years resting… I think in 2 years time he will be the player that he was..

  4. I think kemp should stay with the dodgers still. Because they are playing very good. And who knows we could be the world series Champs. He who just don’t listen to his agent.

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