Dodgers Rumors: Brian Dozier Trade Saga Ends Within A Week

Last we heard, the Minnesota Twins requested inquiring teams’ final trade proposals for second baseman Brian Dozier. The Twins want a resolution as quickly as possible; it appears they’ll get their wish.

Dozier’s journey through trade rumors will conclude within a week, according to Jon Morosi of MLB Network.

The Dodgers reportedly wanted a one-for-one swap of Dozier for prospect Jose De Leon. Minnesota didn’t bite and the teams have quarreled over additional pieces.

L.A. remains the primary suitor in a weak Dozier market. Washington, St. Louis and Atlanta were said to be involved, but local media said that isn’t the case. San Francisco is also interested and trying to get “creative” to acquire him. If De Leon isn’t moving the needle for Minnesota, it’s hard to fathom anything in the Giants farm doing so.

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If Minnesota keeps Dozier, L.A. has other moves. The Dodgers remain interested in Ian Kinsler and Logan Forsythe as right-handed second baseman alternatives. It could also re-sign Chase Utley and give Kike Hernandez playing time to start the season. Top prospect Willie Calhoun is not expected to contribute in the first half of the regular season.

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  1. Keep De Leon, resign Utley and re-evaluate needs and trade options come Allstar break.

  2. Arodc03 Trade for Forsythe, re-sign Utley and go with what they have. If they ever decide to trade DeLeon they will be totally in the drivers seat then.

  3. Brad Machadodo – Who would you give up for Forsythe?  My guess is that Tampa Bay would want De Leon.

  4. Lol you actually think it matters what party is in office. They all follow the new world order agenda

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