Dodgers Rumors: Brian Dozier Trade Talks Near A Resolution

As fun as it has been discussing Brian Dozier ad nauseam, the thrilling conclusion may finally be upon us.

The Minnesota Twins have asked interested teams to submit their final offers for the second baseman, according to La Velle E. Neal III of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The Twins reportedly want to be prepared to carry Dozier into spring training or implement his replacement. Dozier is scheduled to appear at the Twins FanFest in late January.

The Star Tribune reports the Dodgers insist on a one-for-one trade of Dozier for prospect Jose De Leon. Minnesota has countered by asking for an additional upper-tier prospect. The Dodgers “haven’t blinked” and refuse to cave into the Twins’ request. It also helps L.A. has two alternatives – Detroit’s Ian Kinsler and Tampa Bay’s Logan Forsythe – to turn to if talks go sour.

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As Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports reported, Los Angeles is reluctant to move some of its premier young talents.

Other Dozier suitors aren’t clear. St. Louis was mentioned, but that seemed to be more of a Twins negotiating tactic than genuine interest. Atlanta and Washington have been in trade whispers, but local media for both teams has denied active negotiations. San Francisco was reportedly interested, but needs to be “creative” to put together a worthwhile offer.

Minnesota seems to be cornered in the trade market. L.A. is the lone partner willing to give value for Dozier. The Twins have Dozier under control for a couple more seasons, however, so their hand won’t be forced. If they love De Leon, perhaps we see them bend, but more likely the parties will need to agree on the extra compensation if a deal is to be done before spring training.

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Gabe Burns

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  1. Only DeLeon will not get it done.  I’m disappointed to hear their position.  The Twins don’t need to trade Dozier, so if they are only asking for one more high level prospect.  Add Calhoun or Stewart and get it done.  Hell, add them both.

  2. Glad to see this is apparently coming to a head. We need a second baseman and some extra bp pieces so if it isn’t going to be Dozier, move on to someone else.  That being said, I wouldn’t be upset to see Calhoun included.  We need to remember that Andy’s Gang likes to make multiple moves, one leading to the other, so I’m expecting that by next week, we’ll have Dozier, Archer, Cutch and Britton, all without giving up Bellinger, Buehler or Alvarez.   Dream on…………………………..

  3. Now if we could only get them to accept Hatcher and Baez in addition <g>. That would take care of more than one problem.

  4. If it’s true that Dodgers are offering DeLeon one for one, that’s not going to get it done. Dozier is a proven major leaguer. DeLeon is still a prospect, and one who was unimpressive in his brief major league appearances last season. It’s not a realistic offer and the Dodgers would not take it if positions were reversed. 
    L.A. should not include a top prospect, but a second tier prospect is worth including. I’d even give up either Stripling or Stewart. Probably too much to expect the Twins to take Baez off our hands.
    Of course, they may have other deals in the works and may be holding back other prospects for someone like McCutcheon. We can only hope.
    This is especially surprising given what the Dodgers gave up for two month rental of Hill and Reddick. They included three pitchers there that were not that far behind DeLeon on the prospect rankings.

  5. Dozier is a below average defender, strikes out a ton and is a liability in the lineup. Do we really want another 100+ yr guy striking out? Sure 42 homers is awesome but look at the big picture and he is not a great fit that everyone thinks. A trade for de leon in my opinion is the only way I do this, no inclusion of anything other. And the only reason I part with De leon is because he is older than the other prospects, and could peak in a few years. Resign utley, and get rid of a outfielder and a kazmir or Mccarthy for a bat better suited…

  6. I hope the Dodger’s decide to just close up shop now and stick with what they have and find solutions to any personnel problems from within the organization. They definitely should not be using their top prospects as trade currency.

  7. Kazmir and McCarthy have no trade value because they are coming off injuries. They may gain trade value in spring training if they pitch well. Puig has limited trade value but only if packaged with a prospect or two. Same with Toles and SVS. Pederson has trade value but Verdugo is not ready for the majors meaning trading Jpc would leave a hole in CF

  8. From the start, the Dodgers and Twins were not good trade partners; but, at least now, people are beginning to realize that.  Unlike the White Sox, who have many sought after assets, the Twins only have Brian Dozier.  Therefore, the Twins and their fans are looking for big haul in terms of top prospects for the trade of that one player.  Maybe they will find it, but hopefully it’s not from the Dodgers.   Without the trade, the Dodgers will again be going to the playoffs, with a chance to go to the World Series, while the Twins will be finishing last and losing somewhere around 103 games (Dozier or no Dozier).

  9. After hearing some say don’t make the trade at all and some say part with whatever it takes, it looks like the FO stategy of holding firm is about to pay off. After lots of negotiations of Minn obviously wanting too much they tried to put pressure on us by saying other teams were in the mix. Now they are asking “everyone” to give them their best offer. Sounds to me like Minn is the one that feels pressure to make the deal. We might get Dozier for what he’s worth after all ! 
     Will he take us to the W.S. ? Though he has some flaws, every player does(except Corey!) he’s the best option available and will be an upgrade over the production we got from 2b the last couple yrs. It’s the best we can do and should be a substantial upgrade. Add that with a better balanced outfield and we,could, go, all, the, way!!

  10. Blue58  I would be in favor of trying to trade for McCutcheon if
    Josh Harrison was included.  The risk is
    whether McCutcheon’s 2016 was an outlier or a preview.  He is 30 so if I were to bet, I would bet on
    an outlier.  But it is a risk because in
    2016 he was a .229/.328/.431/.741 against LHP, and .226/.344/.333/.678 with 2 outs
    and RISP.  These are two critical needs
    for LAD.  Josh Harrison (29) gives the
    Dodgers a good offensive 2B who is very good against LHP .311/.344/.467/.810
    and with 2 outs and RISP .308/.357/.385/.742. 
    Harrison has 4 years club control with only two guaranteed so he will
    cost more than Dozier and probably Forsythe. 
    So if the Dodgers have to give up more high level prospects, I would
    rather pursue Harrison.  If the Dodgers
    are able to take both McCutcheon and Harrison then I would guess that the Bucs
    will have to take either Kazmir or McCarthy to help balance the $$$.
    Dozier was explosive against LHP .282/.352/.613/.965 but not
    so much with 2 outs and RISP .191/.313/.426/.739.  JDL straight one for one is probably fair
    value, but the Twins want an overpay for the one marketable player they
    have.  The Twins need relief and Baez
    would be a good low risk high reward project for them.  Maybe they have a coach/instructor that can
    teach him to speed up between pitches and to learn a 2nd pitch.

  11. DeLeon and two mid-level prospects should get it done. Even Calhoun and either/or Stripling or Stewart should be considered. Holding on to Dozier makes no sense for the Twins being in a rebuilding stage and especially with the state of the Twins pitching. For the Dodgers it fills a couple of important needs and we have other pitching prospects to cover for the lose of DeLeon. Plus Dozier affectively blocks Calhoun ascension. But do it now so we can begin tweaking the rest of the roster. Tired of waiting.

  12. @GeorgeInnes- first of all lets assume that the duration it took Kershaw to raise to the top is the norm for any top pitching prospect. It took Kershaw 4 years of pitching full seasons to win 15 games. Urias and De Leon are yet to pitch a full season. Let’s say they pitch a full season in 2017, which I don’t believe either one will, but let’s say it happens. The earliest we’ll get to see Urias and DeLeon dominating the MLB level is 2020. Alvarez and Buehler are yet to pitch at the MLB level so their time hasn’t even started. Furthermore Kershaw will opted out of his contract in 2018 and there no guarantee he’ll be a Dodger in 2019, but let’s say the Dodger do resign Kershaw to probably one of the most lucrative contracts in MLB history and he remains a Dodger. 2020 is when we’ll see Kershaw, Urias and DeLeon at full force, with Alvarez and Buehler to be a year or two behind depending on when they start their MLB careers. So according to you Dodgers are still at least 4 years, possibly longer, until a WS……..I hope Dodgers fans can remain patiant.

  13. Interesting to look at LAD v LHP in ’16 and in ’15 (e.g., at Fangraphs): LAD was epically bad in ’16 (last in MLB); they were outstanding in ’15 (~ top 3 in MLB), and the only LAD player among the top 6 v LHP no longer available from ’15 is Ellis.  Point is, if Kike (1.215 OPS v LHP in ’15), Puig (.924), Grandal (.798), SVS (.784), AGon (.782) manage to collectively return to near ’15 performance then there really isn’t any LHP problem.  This group can be bolstered with Barnes and Trayce. I’d not be surprised if Seager improves v LHP in his 2nd year.  LAD could operate a full platoon in the OF (Puig, Trayce, SVS v LHP, and Toles, Joc, Ether v RHP) and at 2nd (Kike, Barnes v LHP; whoever, perhaps Utley, v RHP) and if folks stay healthy LAD offense v LHP could aspire to be very much stronger than last year (w/o any trade).

    Regardless of the “LHP problem” LAD needs better production from 2nd.  As far as Dozier goes, I really like him (like his bat, base running, OK glove, great contract, grinder mentality, etc.), but LAD should of course not overpay.  I see two different scouting takes on JDL: many scouts put his ceiling at 4th SP, others at 2rd SP.  If he can realistically contribute as a #2 SP, then (imho) he’s too valuable; if he’s a #4 SP then go ahead and trade him (easily replaceable by other prospects).  Though his initial MLB starts were not impressive, his potential for elite command and FB late movement currently push me towards “don’t trade” but I’d love to hear/see more from scouts on how elite they think he can be.

  14. blue shoes Interesting statistical research about 2015. I’m dubious, however, that Hernandez, Puig and Gonzalez will ever return to those numbers. Gonzo is aging out, Puig has gotten steadily worse offensively each year and Hernandez looks like a reserve. There are few right handed power bats in the minors, so a revival by Puig may be the best option, if they don’t take him.
    You’re right about platooning, but I’m not sure they can keep all those players, have the large bullpen they need and stay within the 25-player limit. Also, some argue that platooning is counter productive since players in and out of the lineup have double getting into an offensive rhythm. Clearly, Kendricks believed that was his problem last year.

  15. Like others have mentioned, DeLeon and another mid grade prospect or two should get it done. I wouldn’t mind the Dodgers targeting someone like Villar either. He has power, speed and can bat lead off. His defense is shaky but he has range. Another option is to get involved in a three way deal with the White Sox and Pirates with the main trade pieces being Quintana, Cutch, Harrison, Glasgow, Puig, DeLeon and other Dodger prospects.

  16. Just to throw something new into the mix, let me ask the question if the Dodgers should take a one-year flyer on Jose Bautista. He’s getting no multi year offers and has said he’d be willing to play one year for a contract above the $17.2 million qualifying offer. So the Dodgers could offer say, $18.5 million, with incentives, park him in left field and slot him between Seager and Gonzales in the batting order.

    He is reported to be negotiating a return to Toronto and I’ve seen nothing linking him to the Dodgers, but I find it intriguing.

    Yes, there are risks. The guy is 36 and declining offensively and defensively. His numbers were down badly last year and it might have been the beginning of a long decline rather than an injury-caused off season. He would cost the Dodgers a first round draft pick, which they would be loath to give up. They already have a surplus of outfielders.

    However, there also are upsides. Bautista obviously believes he still has plenty left in the tank and is willing to gamble that a big season in 2017 leads to a multi year contract next winter. He’s right handed and historically has hit well against left handers. Even in a down season last year he had 22 homers, a .462 slugging percentage and a .366 OBP. He would not cost the Dodgers any prospects and it’s only a one year commitment, allowing Verdugo, Toles and other young outfielders time to develop. The Dodgers also would have to rid themselves of other outfielders, probably at below market rates, but they do have a lot of outfield prospects coming up.

    Yes, I know this never will happen, but part of the fun of these blogs is to float stuff like this.

  17. I would have leaned “no” on Bautista anyway, but giving up the draft choice pushes me firmly into that camp.  We lost a huge amount of games to injury on Puig, SVS and Trayce last year.  I’m satisfied giving those guys another chance in 2017 rather than paying 18 mil and a high draft choice to experiment with a guy who might not have much left in the tank.  As much as I like Utley, I do think we need a different guy at that position this year, considering how badly he fell off in the second half last year.  If not Dozier, then someone from the list of Kinsler, Forsythe, Villar, Harrison, Hernandez (Phils) or someone we haven’t even thought of.  I’ll let the boys in the FO make that decision.  I wouldn’t be comfortable (on a regular basis) with Kike, Micah, Culberson or Taylor, although they all serve their purpose.  If you got me drunk enough tonight at the stroke of midnight, you might actually get me to sign on to experimenting with Barnes at second.  I don’t think we have any idea how well he can hit in the majors but his minor league numbers are very good.  That being said, I would need to be drunk to agree to it.

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