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Dodgers Rumors: Catcher Carlos Ruiz Is Available for Trade

The Los Angeles Dodgers back-up catcher, Carlos Ruiz, is rumored to be available for trade. The rumor began with a tweet reported by Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports on Monday. The Dodgers picked up Ruiz from the Philadelphia Phillies in late August.

Since then many rumor news sources have continued the story. As of right now, it looks like Ruiz, 37, has a club option, yet the Dodgers may be open for trading before they make any decisions.

Dodger fans may see the last of Ruiz, but the beginning of a great career by Austin Barnes! The salary of Ruiz is much heftier than Barnes’. Ruiz makes about $3.9M more than Barnes, so it might come down to the numbers for the LA team’s managers.

But we can’t forget the talent Ruiz brings to the Dodgers. His natural game-calling abilities coupled with his popularity creates a unique player that might not be replaceable.

Who are the other players that are in the same position?

  • Pat Neshek of the Houston Astros
  • Fernando Rodney of the Miami Marlins

These two players are in the same boat as Ruiz as they also have a club option. Neshek has a $500k buyout which may or may not impact his status with the Astros. Rodney, on the other hand, is coming off of a difficult season so the Marlins may be questioning his return.

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  1. I like Ruiz…but that’s a big contract to carry on a cash-strapped team.  Just sayin’…Invest the salary in pitching and defense, while shedding Puig’s salary, too.

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