Dodgers Rumors: Could LA Trade for Matt Olson if They Can’t Sign Freddie Freeman?

The rumors that have linked the Los Angeles Dodgers with Freddie Freeman are very intriguing, but if we’re being honest, LA signing the 2020 MVP when the lockout ends still seems like a long shot. While the Dodgers will likely be in the mix if he decides to sign elsewhere, the Atlanta Braves are still the favorites to retain the player often referred to as this generation’s ‘Mr. Brave.’ If LA pulls off another offseason stunner by signing Freeman that would be great. But, if it doesn’t happen, the team could pivot towards a trade for A’s All-Star first baseman, Matt Olson.

Olson further established himself as one of the elite first basemen in all of Major League Baseball last season. The 27-year-old finished second among all qualified MLB first basemen in home runs (39), RBI (111), wRC+ (146), and fWAR (5.0). The former first round pick in 2012, put together a career year that earned him his first All-Star Game selection in what will likely be his last year in Oakland.

The A’s reportedly have made it clear to teams that they are willing to deal him if they are blown away by an offer.

Discussing Matt Olson

According to Jon Heyman, the A’s are said to be “shooting for the moon,” in early Matt Olson trade talks.” If the Dodgers want to trade for Matt Olson this offseason, they’re going to have to present a generous trade package to the A’s that will likely have to include Gavin Lux along with a handful of top prospects. Olson is still under team control for another two seasons and is set for a sizable raise through arbitration that will pay him $12 million next year.

The next question is: why would the Dodgers trade for an All-Star first baseman when they already have an All-Star first baseman in Max Muncy? Well, with the uncertainty surrounding Muncy’s torn UCL that he suffered during the final game of the regular season, LA may not only be in the market for another left-handed slugger to fill the void left by Corey Seager, but also someone to take over first base with Muncy’s return date still unclear. When Muncy is ready to go, LA would presumably shift him over to second base with him possibly seeing some time at third.

Olson’s ultimate landing spot could be largely dictated by where Freddie Freeman decides to sign, as the Braves have also been rumored to be interested in trading for the Atlanta native if they fail to reach an agreement with Freeman. So, Freeman’s eventual decision will likely serve as the first big domino to fall in the Matt Olson trade sweepstakes with teams like the Yankees also rumored to be interested in trading for Olson if they miss out on Freeman.

We discuss if the Dodgers should go all-in on dealing for the lefty slugger if they don’t land Freeman and if he’s worth the expensive prospect capital that he will likely command. Plus, will the Dodgers take full advantage of the A’s fire sale and try to trade for one of their top starting pitchers along with Olson?

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. no, stay with what we got….Rios will be back….until he got hurt was trending real well…Hey we don’t have to be the best on paper…..Braves proved that…heck Frsco proved that(although they cheated, they hired Dodgers to lead them)….

    1. I agree. if Rios is back raking, then he’s the 3rd baseman, JT is the DH. Max at 1st, Gavin at 2nd and Trea at SS. OF is all set. Just need a few starters!

  2. Typical Dodgers are in on every star whether they need them or not article. Just what the Dodgers need to do – dump low cost potential for an expensive piece they don’t need while their payroll is in the stratosphere. Yeah that’s a sustainable plan going forward.

    1. He fooled you again Bum4ever! The Dodgers aren’t in on this deal, the author is. I’m surprised he even asked the question every reader should be asking, ” why would the Dodgers trade for an all star first baseman when they already have an all star first baseman”? Why indeed, especially when Oakland has pitchers and a 3rd baseman to trade.
      Yes the team lost a potent left handed bat but replacing it still isn’t the highest priority, pitching is! Like someone else said, they have Rios coming back, a resurgent Lux, and a trade deadline in July to upgrade.

  3. Dodgers don’t need Freeman or olson. With Roberts even if you gave 5 cy yoong winners and 8 mvp players ,He’ll find a way to loose.Even without Corey Seager dodgers still have best team but need to sign Kershaw cause I think Bauer will pitch for dodgers and with Buhler,Urias and Tony we still have the best starting rotation. We need a good manager that’s what we need. Giants won the division with less than one third of the talent dodgers have right now but have a better manager.

    1. Spot on Luis, Agreed 100%. I see it exactly the same way. Drrrrr has proven he does less with more. The team needs a Veteran manager that knows how to play situational baseball, and won’t favor certain players over others, and Especially won’t sit HOT hitters over the lefty righty computer manager. There are many more reason’s than mentioned and I suggest Mike Scoscia.

      1. OMG! Mikey? You gotta be kidding! That’s hysterical – he’ll never be back managing any club in MLB

  4. If Freddie doesn’t come to the Dodgers, I would rather sign Anthony Rizzo or Kyle Schwarber instead of trading away prospects.

    1. Muncy is our first baseman. If he’s injured or can no longer hit, then we go get someone; but if healthy, we don’t need a large salary 1st baseman

      1. Kirkman – Dodgers proved to Trea he’s the guy by letting Corey go. So Trea is VERY happy playing SS. Dodgers also proved to Trea he gets to bat lead-off over Betts – this also makes Trea most happy!! Trea re-signs with Dodgers and could care less if doc is back or not. Your hatred of doc continues to cloud your judgement. Let it go!

        1. Joe, your following people around, only showing up once a week, and piping into conversations that your not invited to is exactly why no one talks to you. Go fishing , i suggest on the Drrrrrr fan site home page.

          1. Bobbyd, I think your right. Explains why he and the other apologists will never answer any of the related baseball strategies that Drrrrrb is so inept at! They can’t!

    1. Paul … Friedman will not be in that position. He has a plan A, plan B, and plan C. Moreover do you consider Lux a competent SS? Frankly, I believe the team has two better defensive players at the position in Taylor and McKinstry.

      1. Lux needs at least another chance but in the infield and not the outfield. Not sure about McKinstry but yes, Taylor is proven. I would not favor the idea of Lux becoming a star on another team, if he’s not given another shot and Drrrrrr doesn’t mess with him too much.

  5. I don’t see the point in burning good prospects to get Olson. If you are absolutely dead set on a trade with the A’s then go for Chapman. JTurn is not going spending any more full years in the field and can start the transition to DH, assuming it comes. With Tturn at short and Chapman at third, no ball gets through the left side of the infield.

  6. Yeah Muncy is not going to play 2B. He doesn’t like the position and he’s not comfortable at it. Stop your pipe dreaming.

    1. we don’t need Freeman – Max M at first. A great 3rd baseman would be nice to spell JT – let him DH primarily

  7. I like the idea of signing one of them. The last time we traded for a first baseman was Adrian Gonzalez and that worked out great!

  8. freeman makes sense on a few levels. muncys career could be over and he was injured because he was worn out for weeks and roberts wouldnt rest jt pollock and taylor whos numbers fell off a cliff while dave sucked his thumb. except for pollock who was one of the only dodgers hitting the cover off the ball until dumb ass dave decided to have pollock try to steal third against pittsburg and pollock pulled a hamstring and then he started to slump more but not as much. and dave cost pollock millions in free agency because pollock didnt get his at bats and fell 11 plate appearances shy of free agency and a huge payday. thanks to that total idiot dave roberts! some of the news reporters are trying to make dave out like hes some sort of hall of fame manager. but the truth is the dodgers have some sort of embicile at the helm. and that can only mean one thing. the organization is run by embiciles. and i apologize. im trying to help the dodgers win in spite of their stupidity.

  9. the dodgers are going to have a hard time trying to pry olsen away from oakland because the A’s usually want a 2 for 1 deal and LA would have to give up too much prospect capital like a peppiot plus who knows what else. to make a deal work for the A’s could mean a multi player trade where LA would sacrifice the future for an immediate gain. and LA could wind up giving up another clemente or pedro martinez. it doesnt make sense to get olsen. what the dodgers need to think about is getting a unit together thats on the same page teamwise and not as selfish. they need to bring in guys with good character and show the fans themselves and everybody that theyre a team with a good vibe and the personell are solid characters. thats where freeman comes in. hes a little older but hes limber for a big guy and cheaper than seager. at 180m thats a good deal especially since theres no prospect capital given up. he could get injured and theres always that risk. but hes been durable consistent and he produces. with muncys career status unknown freeman seems like he may be a good fit. and he seems more like a team leader type than seager was. not knocking coreys hitting abilities though. but freemans hitting is at that same level.the dodgers are retooling the team right now. they need a helmsman who can outmanuever the opposition and better players to improve the way theyve been operating the baseball battle plans. theyre slacking way too much and overconfidence is killing them on the field and every postseason. theyre totally asleep at the helm and hard to wake up. its a difficult job trying to wake this team up. and when they get a new manager they probably dont have enough skill to recognize and aquire a manager who can outmanuever the competition on the field and navigate the postseason like a real champion. but they probably could handle a somewhat significant improvement over the current manager. they should pay dave off the final year before he drives the final nail in the coffin from all the damage to the players health and losing he caused in the postseason. great managers are hard to find but theyre more important to title runs than people might think. the longer they keep dave around the more its going to hurt the team.

  10. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. No guys, Olsen and Chapman are un-necessary. Throw Pepiot and/or Miller/Jackson out of our minors plus Lux to Oakland for either guy could bite us bigtime. Lux is an upgrade fielding and base running over Seager. And his bat was really coming on. Give him another shot. And once again, Rios will be back. He showed potential to be a serious power threat before his injury. We need to focus on pitching. We still have a solid core without Corey. And–you know? Somehow, I really think our offense will be better. Look out for Cody. Mookie’s hip behind him. Trea Turner all year. Forget the offense upgrades. Pitching is the key.

  11. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and isn’t it wonderful we can all sit at our laptops, etc, and talk about our favorite team..We are all blessed…even the Hacks that write this “informed source” garbage….Let’s get back to doing it the Dodger Way….like I said before…Rios at Third Turner SS, Lux and Muncy….If Muncy can’t go…Jt Back at Third Rios to first….Rios was raking before he got hurt, so I don’t hold last year against him, hey look Max had a horrible 2020 season….Taylor can fill in anywhere in the infield, and be the back up outfielder when our left fielder gets hurt..
    Pitching,It will take care of it’s self…Keep in mind normally we have had GM meetings and things have begun to take shape, now, nothing can be finalized…but I am sure Everyone is talking and making deals, they just can’t be final until lockout is over….

    And Just One More Important Thing….frsco still sooks

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