Dodgers Rumors: Dusty Baker An Option As Don Mattingly’s Bench Coach?

Until the World Series is over, it’s impossible for teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers to announce any news. Questions surrounding manager Don Mattingly remain at the forefront as there hasn’t been much said in the past few days.

As of now, Mattingly is slated to return for just the 2014 season as his agent and the Dodgers look to secure a multi-year extension. However, the Dodgers do have a hole on their coaching staff after firing bench coach Trey Hillman. Former Reds manager Dusty Baker would’ve been a candidate for the managerial job if Mattingly was let go, but Bill Madden of the NY Daily News speculates he could be a bench coach candidate:

A perfect fit for him would seem to be a reunion with the Dodgers, where he had his best seasons as a player, as Mattingly’s bench coach.

Management is reportedly less than thrilled with some of Mattingly’s in-game strategy and the goal is to hire an experienced bench coach to help him with the decision-making.

However, Baker wouldn’t be the best choice as he’s been criticized for his inability to put together a lineup, in-game strategy and bullpen management. While he’d like to manage again, Baker hasn’t gotten much of a look this off-season as he called the Nationals to no avail and it looks like the Tigers are going in another direction.

Other rumored bench coach candidates are Manny Acta, Kevin Long and now Baker as Tim Wallach could also be a candidate if he doesn’t get the managerial job in Detroit.  Baker is a natural choice due to his connections with the organization, but unless he’s given up the itch to be a manager, a reunion in LA seems highly unlikely.


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Ross Gasmer

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