Dodgers Rumors: Fernandez Trade Looking Extremely Unlikely

Two names who drove the content this past week were Aroldis Chapman and Jose Fernandez. One (Chapman) was all but acquired, until he wasn’t.

The other (Fernandez) sounds increasingly as if a trade was never really close — as you’d kind of expect with a pitcher of such talent, age and local popularity.

ICYMI: How Trading for Chapman Could Backfire on Dodgers

CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman writes as much, here:

Some never believed the Marlins had any real intention to trade Fernandez, a 23-year-old wunderkind who is extremely popular in South Florida, and some Marlins officials did refer to him as “unavailable.” Some teams noted that the Marlins did make some proposals, so there was apparently some circumstance under which they would have dealt Fernandez. Even now, Marlins people aren’t privately ruling it out entirely, though perhaps they used the talks to gauge future interest.

The Dodgers and Giants also checked in on Ferna(n)dez but there was no evidence anything ever got close with those teams.

The last bit in the first graf is especially interesting, as it implies that he might be available again in the not-so-distant future, though my noticing that might have more to do with my reading the article with my heart, as Vin likes to say as fly balls fall well short of the wall during games.

Regarding that last sentence in the report, it seems that while the Dodgers were once considered favorites to land him, that had more to do with need than likeliness of actually acquiring Fernandez.

So, with knowledge of this trade always being more a shot in the dark than anything else, the team moves forward with some other deals they might be working on as the Winter Meetings come to a close with more a whimper than a roar for the Dodgers.

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