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Dodgers Rumors: Ian Kinsler Is a Possible Fit

We are presently in off-season and multiple notable Dodger players have reached free agency. Fans have been left wondering what is going to happen. Who will be traded and who will be re-signed?

There is a lot of trade talk happening and Ian Kinsler, second baseman of the Detroit Tigers is a part of it.

According to Jon Morosi of MLB Network, the Dodgers reportedly have an interest in Kinsler who is a second baseman, so what does this mean for current Dodgers’ second baseman, Chase Utley who also happens to be a current free agent?

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Don’t freak out, yet. Howie Kendrick is the Dodgers’ second, second baseman though he was pushed to left-field after Utley’s domination of the position. Kendrick, however, reportedly does not mind being traded and would actually prefer it.

A Kendrick trade will indeed call for another second baseman to the team and as of currently, Kinsler seems to be the man for it.

In the 2016 season, Kinsler hit 28 home runs and batted .288/.348/.484. Kinsler, 34, has a career average of .306/.372/.507.

Kinsler definitely has some great numbers and though it is not yet known what might happen with Kendrick and Utley, along with some of the other free agents, an addition of Kinsler to the Dodgers’ roster doesn’t seem so bad.

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  1. Who knew Kendrick was unhappy being a Dodger. We were all told he was excited to play all these different positions. Maybe the clubhouse chemistry wasn’t as special as reported. I think it’s important next season to solidify the second base position with a RH bat that can hit both righties and lefties. Platooning should be limited to OF positions.
    Trading for Kinsler along with Verlander will fill clear holes, and make the team competitive with the Cubs (assuming FO resigns Jansen, Turner and Hill). We’ll see if the FO is as creative as advertised by trading Kendrick, McCarthy and Kazmir to keep the team payroll more reasonable.

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