Dodgers Rumors: Insider Makes Bold Predictions on Where Seager, Scherzer, Kershaw & Pujols Will Sign

With the MLB offseason just around the corner and the Dodgers featuring several prominent free agents, the rumor mill is certainly going to be busy this winter. One of everyone’s favorite baseball voices is getting out in front of some early rumors and free agent thoughts.

MLB Network insider, Jon Heyman appeared on the “Big Time Baseball” podcast and made some bold predictions on where some of LA’s biggest free agents will land. We react to Heyman’s predictions and give you our percentage chances for four of the Dodgers top free agents including Corey Seager, Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw, and Albert Pujols.

Plus, we break down the several key factors that will ultimately go a long way in determining if Corey Seager, Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw, and Albert Pujols will re-sign with LA.


As we’ve said before here, this is setting up to be one of the most transformative offseasons in recent Dodger history. If you think losing Joc Pederson and Kiké Hernandez last year was tough, some LA legends are on the open market this year.

Other insiders and evaluators already believe Seager and Jansen are on their way out of town. With Kersh, Andrew Friedman might possibly look at a late, great Kobe Bryant style legacy contract for everything the left-hander has meant to Los Angeles. Scherzer also seemingly enjoyed his stint in blue, which could bode well for a potential reunion.

What do you think happens this winter? Share your predictions in the comments below!

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Ok Dougie McK wants %age chances of Dodger re-signs on:


    His guesses are 40,64,90,and 40
    Mine are 10,30,90, and 20

    I just think Kersh is a one Uni guy. Whether I would from a performance standpoint would be considerably lower.

    1. Guess I should have mentioned that my guesses are based on what I Dodgers will do not what I would do.

    2. After-all apparently the Dodgers had already tried to extend Seager and Boras said not so fast. So I’d probably say the chances of re-signing Seager are closer to 0. Unless he tells Boras to go take a hike and I can’t see that happening.

      1. I agree here, D4. If zseager wants to return , he cannot possibly expect the sun, moon and stars from Dodgers, unless he doesn’t care about that hefty contract then prohibits the team from filling in other holes on this team. And yes he needs to tell Boras to take a flying leap anyway.

          1. Exactly. You can’t weaken the rest of the team to satisfy the wants of one player! It’s a team game!

          2. I hope Corey loves his new team, I am that confident he’s gone. Dodgers better off without his SS only attitude. Too bad he won’t move to 3rd. His defense @ SS was horrible, and with no bat in the playoffs, its adios muchacho!

        1. It’s didn’t stop Mookie from getting the sun, moon and stars from the Dodgers, so Seager shouldn’t be expected to give up any less.

          1. Gm, that’s not Mookie’s fault. That’s my good buddy’s! I don’t blame Seags for asking for whatever he can. All I’m saying is that because dum-dum over-paid on Mookie and a stupid pitcher, he’s now stuck and doesn’t have the room necessary to offer Seags anything close to what he wants. Does that make any sense? That’s also why Max will be in a red Uni with a little birdie on it too.

          2. Seager brings a good bat now and then. His D and running stink. Betts is a 5 tool player! Poor comparison

  2. Does it really matter who the agent is when the player ultimately has the final word? The sticking point for Seager is likely the move to 3rd base and money would be the cure for that point, but will Trae do a new deal to be the shortstop cementing Seager at 3rd, and thus making Taylor the full-time 2nd baseman with Lux becoming a hopeful version of Taylor.

    1. It most certainly does matter who the agent is! Of course the player has the ultimate final word, however, the “advisor” is the one providing the negotiating power driving that decision! Dodgers have already backed themselves into a corner with the contracts of DP, MB, and TB. They have less wiggle room than other MLB teams in which to make moves. That is the financial reality of the situation. They might have tried to use a little more forethought before making the long term commitments they made. Just sayin

      1. Yes, the agent brings the negotiating power, and Boras gets players more than they deserve. However, if a player is only worried about the money he’ll find himself playing for a team going nowhere. If his career and legacy matter at all, the player will weigh that into the decision as well into the agent’s negotiating.

        1. Taryn, right you are. Strictly choices the player must weigh on where his individual or family goals are.

      1. Only one I could possibly even consider would be Dusty Baker. Just not sure if I can forgive him for taking the cheaters job. Gotta really mull that one over a bit.

      2. Joe, there are but a few certainties in life…
        Death, taxes, and haters gunna hate

  3. I would trade Justin Turner and put Seager at third. Trea Turner at short and Lux at second. I think Kershaw should come out of the bull pen if he is kept. Pujos, I like his bat but he can’t run to save his life even if there is a DH next season. Scherzer, I would try and keep for at least 2 years. Jansen is a toss up, because I believe Trienen could be the next closer. I think Taylor is the best utility player in baseball but if what I have heard and he wants to go else where then let him go. You don’t want a player that isn’t happy playing for you.

    1. JT isn’t trade material at this point. We do need a new 3rd baseman; Corey won’t move! He’s gone. Trea takes SS, and Lux can play either 3rd or 2nd. Adios Pujolz. Need to resign Kenley and CT3; indispensable players this past season. Scherzer may not come back if he feels his dead arm was due to poor decisions by management.

  4. Scherzer and hopefully CT3 will be back. They can also sign Kris Bryant, Noah Syndergaard, Marcus Stroman, and or Zach Davies.

    1. Dodger Boy, I hope you are right on the first two. The others I highly doubt any of them will be in Dodger blue. 2022 payroll will be considerably lower than 2021 from the sounds of things.

  5. I wouldn’t fall into the Manny Ramirez trap by signing Scherzer to a 3 year deal because he was red hot for them for 1/3 a season. He’s going into his age 38 season and no one has ever defeated time. I hate to say it, but same applies to Kershaw, though he is younger. He’s had to change his pitching style to succeed, way more sliders, and his elbow can’t handle it for a full season. In my observation, that plasma rich injection hasn’t helped too many pitchers, they either need the TJ surgery, or are reduced in effectiveness. I’d like to bring Seager back, but not at 300 million, players who get injured as much as him in their early 20s rarely become reliable players as they age further. Boros is going to want him paid into his upper 30s, and I don’t think that would be a good idea. Pujols is too one dimensional at this stage to take up a roster spot, unless after all their other moves, they need a righty pinch hitter, and he signs for a couple mil. Jansen maybe, depending on how long and how much he wants. Taylor would be the guy I prioritize, and I’d try to extend Trea. I’d trade Bellinger, and put Taylor in center, Lux at 2nd. All that would leave plenty of money for new blood.

    1. Jackson, I agree that Scherzer is a dicey proposition by all means just considering the type of pitcher he is. Seager will be just flat out too expensive. They already over-paid on Betts and that straps you in for a long time. But trading Bellinger is just flat out nuts. He’s cheap for his resume. Just watch his bounce back year in 22. Starters will be younger next year. If they mess up the CT3 deal, I may have no choice but to become a Red Sox fan.

      1. You may be right on Bellinger, we’ll see. He looked a lot better towards the end, after looking lost for 2 full years. That shoulder may never be the same, he wouldn’t be the first player to be derailed from that operation. That swing won’t age well, IMO, what is he, 26 now, has trouble making contact, once that bat slows down a little, all those holes that premium pitching exploits just gets a lot bigger. You could definitely keep him next year and see what happens, but I’m not sure I’d give him a huge contract when the time comes for a long term commitment, so wouldn’t be devastated if they cut the cord now, and got an interesting package back for him. You could say it would be selling low, but he still has a lot of trading value, another sub .200 year, and he’ll be worthless.

        1. Jackson, fair enough. I say wait for one year at least to give him a chance to see if a return to health and productive power resume. My gut tells me it does. WSS

          After-all he is a former Roy and NL MVP! Those kinds of players don’t “grow on trees!” He’s had too many big postseason moments to simply discard! Did we not learn anything from Kike??? And to a lesser extent Joc?

          Trea so far has been the anti-Kike. What good does it do to get to the postseason if you’re gunna face plant when you get there???

    1. There will never be another type of WS dominance like Yankees enjoyed in the middle of the last century.

          1. I don’t know but I travel to Cooperstown every summer (and have for 30 straight years) and the only records I believe are absolutely untouchable are Cy Young’s career wins and complete games. Those will never be seen again.

          2. It would take several decades of excellent performance to even come close to the Yankees WS record. And I hate the Yankees almost as much as the Giants! IIWII

  6. Interesting WS fact. Teammates with back-to-back HR’s in the 7th or later:

    Ruth-Gehrig 1927
    Guerrero-Yeager 1981
    Swanson-Soler 2021

    Dodger killer Rosario makes a catch in LF in the 7th probably top 5 all time!

    1. Sorry two errors in above comment:

      Ruth-Gehrig 1928 not 1927

      Not 7th inning or later just in a WS game.

  7. All you wanna be managers….Braves started an Opener.

    Dusty Baker had a pitcher batting 8th! Bet that wasn’t his decision 😉

    Folks analytics don’t work in the postseason!

  8. Sherzer could sign an incentive laden contract. Since I have way too much time on my hands waiting for next season, my grey matter tells me that the dodgers should sign Scherzer to a contract that will pay him one million dollars for every game the Dodgers win with him as the starting pitcher.
    Just a thought while I am getting into the post season frame of mind.

  9. Why do bandwagon fans worry about signing Seager for 300+ million contract it’s not their money dodgers will spend. I say sign Seager that broken hand can happen to anybody also sign Kershaw like Lakers did with Kobe and sign Taylor and make him full time starter at Third cause Turner got real old has no range at third anymore.

    1. Because teams that exceed the luxury tax threshold are subject to escalating penalties. I couldn’t care less about the money forfeited for the tax but the loss of draft picks is big. How do you think your minor league system will measure up when you always begin drafting at the end of the second round?

      1. Bum4, good point. In addition, paying one player a boat load weakens the rest of the team! Folks this is simply common sense. Just one of the reasons I’m such a fan of “my good buddy.” Boat anchor contracts of DP, MB, and TB are weakening the Dodgers! It reduces the availability of resources to sign other necessary pieces!

        Is this such a difficult concept to grasp??

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