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Dodgers Rumors: Insider Proposes Blockbuster Trade to Land Dylan Cease in LA

The Dodgers enter their crucial offseason with the goal of adding to their starting rotation in mind. They know that it was their biggest weakness a year ago, and they want to make sure that it isn’t more of the same next season.

One name that has circled around the Dodgers is starter Dylan Cease from the Chicago White Sox. He could be available this offseason on the trade market, and the White Sox General Manager provided an update on that.

“From Major League Baseball’s since-cancelled GM Meetings on Wednesday, new White Sox general manager Chris Getz all but confirmed that the team is open for business by saying: “There are no untouchables.”

Per Zachary D. Rymer of Bleacher Report

This means that the door is open for a potential trade of Cease, something the Dodgers could easily become involved in. LA has been linked to Cease for some time now, and writer Zachary D. Rymer of Bleacher Report put together a trade package for the team to land the star pitcher.

“Trade Proposal: Los Angeles Dodgers get RHP Dylan Cease; Chicago White Sox get C Dalton Rushing, 2B/3B Michael Busch”

Per Zachary D. Rymer of Bleacher Report

In this proposed deal, the Dodgers would get Cease to lead their rotation for the next few years since he is under team control through the 2025 season. He put up an ERA of 4.58 last season, and a WHIP of 1.42 while striking out 214 batters over 177 innings of work.

Cease could work under the Dodgers pitching staff to maximize his skill set, and he already has electric stuff on the mound. In 2022 he put up a 2.20 ERA over 32 starts for Chicago, showing his capability. 

For the White Sox, it would net them a future catcher and infielder to work with. LA knows that in order to get a talent like Cease, they will need to give up players, and it could be a lot worse than this deal.

“Though the Dodgers and White Sox generally line up well as trading partners, the latter might be especially keen to deal if the former were to offer something along these lines. Catcher and second base are among their biggest weaknesses.”

Per Zachary D. Rymer of Bleacher Report

This could be one option for the Dodgers this offseason, as they look to upgrade their starting pitching. Fans would be very happy if they landed Cease, and the team needs at least one front-line starter to join the team this winter.

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  1. Not sure at all this deal would realistically take place. These insider rumors never ‘cease (no pun) to amaze me.

  2. Busch isn’t good defensively. Chris Getz said he’s looking to upgrade the teams overall defense. Swap Busch for Gavin Lux. And I don’t see the Sox getting Rushing then if they get Lux.

    Dodgers get:

    Sox get:
    Lux 2B
    Gavin Stone SP (Ranked #5 in Dodgers system)
    Kendall George OF (Ranked #14)
    And a 4th prospect (pitching)

    1. No chance the Sox would take less for Cease than a package headlined by Rushing. No chance.

  3. Do not trade Rushings! I worked for the Dodgers low A team in 2022. Rushings is amazing. It’s no secret why he climbed to number 1 prospect so fast. Let me say it this way, I only have one autograph on my hat. It is Dalton Rushings

    1. Dodgers still need good reliable, consistent, dedicated payers that can swing a productive bat. My advice us get rid of your non productive, low batting average, poor defensive dead beats and give some of your promising young prospects a chance.

  4. Lose /DFA Taylor and Muncy 400 strikeouts every year. Sorry Barnesy love ya but bring up one of the boys. Trade Stone and Outman for Cease. Corbin or Woodruff. Dumb Dodgers should have learned years ago it takes 2 years for a major injury to heal. Re-sign Belli sign Yamamoto sign Hader.

    1. “Dumb Dodgers”? DFA Taylor and Muncy? Maybe if they hit under .150 next year, but they both add enough to be a platoon and starter respectively. And trading Outman? Unnecessary. He just was an NL ROY candidate! Also, resign Belli? I mean, I wish, but just is not gonna happen.

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