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Dodgers Rumors: Insider Suggests 6-for-1 Trade Package for Shohei Ohtani

The Doomsday clock is ticking for the Angels as we wait to see which trade offer for Shohei Ohtani can make Arte Moreno budge.

Moreno has already stated that he is not looking to trade Ohtani, and as baseball experts feel that’s a very risky decision to make, Moreno is trying his best to remain in the delusion that has prevented the World Series title from reaching Orange County again.

But Jerry, as Dodger fans, why should we care?

If Ohtani’s contract runs out, he leaves for free and can possibly join the Dodgers with no extra cost.

But you have to keep in mind that every other team in the league is trying their best to put the two-way superstar’s pen to their paper. Once Ohtani is free, everyone will be fighting for him.

A trade is the most ideal and logical thing the Angels can do if they want the best outcome out of Ohtani’s departure.

According to The Athletic’s Jim Bowden, there are only a handful of teams that can possibly pursue the Angels with a nice trade offer – Rays, Dodgers, Mariners, Yankees, Braves, and several others.

And if there’s gonna be a trading/bidding war for Ohtani within the next two weeks, Bowden is suggesting that the Dodgers would have to give up some key farm players.

“The Angels would have to insist on either Diego Cartaya or Dalton Rushing, both top catching prospects, being included in the trade. Then they could ask for a trio of pitching prospects who have cut their teeth in the majors: Emmet Sheehan, Gavin Stone, and either Michael Grove or Ryan Pepiot. Add a couple of position players to the package, such as outfielder Andy Pages and either third baseman Michael Busch or outfielder Josue De Paula, and you start getting close to the necessary return value for a deal.”

The Dodgers might need at least six prospects in order to convince the Angels to give up Ohtani by August, and that might seem like a lot for the Dodgers to give up right now, but it seems like an even greater deal for Anaheim who are set to end up with nothing if no deal is made.

Should the Dodgers trade for Ohtani before the August 1st trade deadline? Sound off in the comments below:

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Jerry Reynoso

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  1. Absolutely not! Trading away the future! A whole future starting rotation for one player? And what happens if/when Ohtani goes down with an injury or when his performance begins to drop?
    No! Not worth it. No one player is!

  2. I want what Bowden’s smoking. You empty the farm because you might maybe have an inside track on spending half a billion? Moreno is not trading him and Ohtani will sign for the largest dollars.

  3. I’m sorry I didn’t read past the headline, but why would the Dodgers trade their best, or up and coming best to rent Ohtani for 1/2 a season? How ’bout waiting till the end of the season and not lose any players? No matter what the Dodgers do Ohtani’s going to check the market at the end of the season and that’s an absolute fact. That’s why I didn’t read the rest of the article anyone with any common sense would wait till the end of the season and buy him straight out.

    1. Why would ANY team trade that many good prospects for a 6 month rental??Just because you acquire him in a trade, you still haven’t signed him to a long term contract. He still could walk and sign with the Dodgers. Other teams are going to realize the risk if they can’t sign him.

  4. Let me start out by saying I am not smoking anything. I might be in the minority here but I am of the opinion that the Dodgers if given the opportunity, should absolutely pull the trigger on a deal similar to the one suggested by Bowden. First and foremost the aforementioned players mentioned in this article are not in my opinion either ready for the major leagues or at the very best would be very minor contributors now and at anytime in the future. I say if the Angels give a thumbs up to this run as fast as possible to the bank and cash this one in. In a few short years most people will not remember who these guys were. What you will remember is the Dodgers trading for the greatest player of all time and a long string of pennants and world championships.

  5. No. Please no. He is one player who could get hurt in more ways than any other player. If he wants to sign in offseason – fine. 6 years 400 million.

  6. Not a fan of giving up solid prospects, when you’re going to be battling 3 other teams this off season with a realistic chance of signing the best player in the majors … Look into a possible Snell Starter & Hader Closer trades

  7. Prospects are prospects, right? None are ready now, and from what I’ve seen, the best of the bunch won’t be ready for another year or two. But, I would accept the deal proposed by Bowden with the contingency that he can be signed long term by the Dodgers before the end of the season, while they have no interference.

  8. I say wait for Ohtani, if he wants to be a Dodger it will happen If he wants money more than winning, some team will always pay more than anyone else, regardless of the consequences long term to their team Do whatever it takes to get Arenado, a starter or two and the best closer available, hell bring back Bellinger Dodgers can win for years to come with that team

  9. It used to be that team getting the player in trade was given a short window of time to work out a deal with the to-be-traded player. None of the proposed tradees prospects is a lock to be great, but I go with those who say wait until free agency and try to sign him without losing so many prospects.

  10. Stop fantasizing!!! There will be NO trade to the Dodgers. They’ll go after him after the season. Giving up 6 prospects for a potential rental? Ridiculous!!!! I don’t believe any team will give 6 prospects for a rental. Bowden continues to drink too much kool aid.

  11. No. Dodgers have an excellent DH in Martinez. Shohei’s developed finger blister. Only plus is if he is with Dodgers I can watch live all Shohei’s games on Japanese IPTV where MBL local backout rule does not interfere.

  12. No Bueno. The Dodger’s brass can’t be that stupid to trade for a rental. If he wants to be here, then he’ll come. We already have a good team. With a few good trades we could become a REAL threat.

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