Dodgers Rumors: Is Kris Bryant an Option if LA Doesn’t Re-sign Chris Taylor?

The Los Angeles Dodgers find themselves in the midst of an offseason full of colossal implications. Aside from being firmly in the mix with their top free agents Corey Seager and Max Scherzer, LA will have to either re-sign or replace coveted utility man, Chris Taylor.

Of course, re-signing Taylor along LA’s other top free agents is still a possibility, but if they’re unable to get them to put pen to paper, they could pivot to other big name free agents, like Kris Bryant.

There was a time when it felt like a forgone conclusion that Bryant would sign a record mega deal worth upwards of $250-300 million, but due to a handful of injuries and a dip in production, Bryant is no longer heading for a monster payday of that magnitude. From 2015-2017 the former MVP established himself as one of the game’s ultra elite, where he ranked third among position players in fWAR from 2015-2017 with 20.8, trailing only Mike Trout (25.8) and Josh Donaldson (21.8). Since then, Bryant has posted 17.8 fWAR, ranking him 24th in MLB in that span.

Even though Bryant has seemingly peaked early, he still promises to be sought after for his positional versatility, where he can start at five positions including all three outfield spots as well as third base and first base to go along thunderous power from the right side. We discuss if Bryant could become a potential fit for the Dodgers to add this winter to take over third base and provide some much needed pop as a righty bat. Plus, what kind of contract would the Dodgers have to offer Bryant to get him to seriously consider signing with LA.


Over his 7 year career, Bryant has a .278/.376/.504 triple slash line with 167 home runs and 487 runs batted in. The 4-time all-star was traded from the Cubs to the Giants last year at the deadline where he struggled a bit at the spacious Oracle Park. In 40 games at Dodger Stadium in his career, the 29-year-old has hit just .239 with 10 home runs in 40 games.

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Seems like a logical fall-back option. Does play a good 3B. With a 2-3 year contract, it would give some younger farm hands the needed time to develop.

    Want to see Kershaw and Sherzer more than anyone else of the Dodger free agents…

  2. Makes too much sense. Friedman would have to extricate himself from the comfort of his dumpster where he seems to have regressed based on his last two “moves”

        1. Nah, no reason to stir the fellow fanss”Unless that is they want to go there” Lol’s…Plus Doug Mckain “THE ONLY writer and member of the media” That called out Drrrrrrrr for the bias against Beaty is the best writer here and he deserves his articles to be topic oriented.

      1. Kirk, I mentioned to you on that Beaty page that it’s going to take a losing or subpar season without a playoff appearance for Dodgers to remove their puppet Drrrrrr

        1. Agreed Paul, it could be 2 scenarios. 1). Friedman is waiting for the news of a lock out. 2). The drrrrrrrrr factor is in play and most all of these FA’s have no faith in wasting anymore of their careers under the tutelage of Drrrrrr. 3). The FO is waiting for a no show in the future playoff’s for reasoning to let Drrrrrrr take a job on the Price is right. I feel, especially after the Beaty bias is released that Drrrrrrr is a waste of time “IF” the goal is to win the WS. Reasoning and reality only allow 1 team to win it all each year, we all know this, and Drrrrrr’s window with this “Should have been Dynasty is over” it was a good run and now it’s time to rebuild. I can see the Jim Tracy Dodgers returning soon, as they try and reload. But to reload they have to down load. When they do that, we’ll finally see Drrrrrr leaving because the media won’t be able to cover for his lack of ability when he doesn’t have the Greatest players.

    1. I don’t get where this makes sense. If they can afford Bryant they can afford Taylor and Taylor wants to play for the Dodgers.

      1. No way Bryant signs with the the Dodgers. The Vagiants are loaded and ready to make another WS run. They already have their players resigning and they have a competent manager of the year to lead them. Bryant would be a fool to come to LA where Drrrrrr would sit him after he had 4 RBI’s the night before because a righty was throwing “METRICS” BS…….

  3. Doug, you tell us Kris’ fWAR, but fail to mention Taylor’s. How do we know Bryant or Taylor is better choice?

          1. Sorry. I didn’t know what that meant. Thanks for clarifying.

  4. This literally makes no sense. Bryant is gonna be a lot more expensive than CT for basically the same value. If the dodgers can’t afford to keep Chris then no way are they gonna attempt signing Bryant

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