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Dodgers Rumors: Is the Team Trying to Give Yasiel Puig Away?

The Los Angeles Dodgers official plans for Yasiel Puig remain unclear as the 25-year-old continues his stint with the OKC Dodgers. Puig has been thriving while in the minors, and recently Los Angeles Dodgers President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman traveled to OKC to meet with Puig.

Unfortunately for the one they call “The Wild Horse”, it seems the Dodgers have no plans to bring him back up to the majors anytime soon. The Dodgers are currently in the midst of a heated NL West race with the San Francisco Giants.

A Timeline of Yasiel Puig’s Tumultuous 2016 Season

Regardless of Friedman’s optimistic comments, reports are surfacing saying the contrary and that the Dodgers are ready to move on from Puig if they can.

Rumors are nothing new for Puig, but it seems the Dodgers are having trouble finding a team that will take him. Earlier this month the Atlanta Braves were rumored to be interested in Puig if he was placed on waivers. According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe he claims the Dodgers are trying to “give away Puig.”

“The Dodgers are trying to give away Puig, but no luck. Puig, with Triple A Oklahoma City, is considered toxic at the moment, but it takes only one team to want him.”

“He doesn’t have too many allies in the Dodgers organization, but as one team official said recently, “At some point, the talent, the maturity is going to take hold. Someone will benefit from it. We hope it’s us, but it’s hard to envision it right now.”

Since being in the minors, in 12 games Puig is slashing  .419/.479/.721 with three homers.

Cafardo hints that if the Dodgers can’t move Puig soon he will likely spend the rest of the year in the minor leagues. Despite his surge in stats with the OKC Dodgers maturity issues continue to be an issue.

In just his first week in the minors Puig found himself in trouble after a series of social media posts.

Unfortunately for the Dodgers Puig’s replacement Josh Reddick has been struggling since being added to the team. Reddick missed the series finale vs. the Cincinnati Reds due to a jammed right middle finger.

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  1. With all the injuries the Dodgers have had, I think it would be best to hold onto Puig in case players continue to get hurt. Maybe he’ll continue to play better and justify a second consideration. Otherwise look to move him in the off season or next season.

  2. He’s not costing the Dodgers a lot.  I say hold on to him until the problems are worked out.  When he matures we want him playing for us, not against us.

  3. Freidman is a fool. I don’t  see any defensive right fielder’s arm as feared as Puig’s. He has won games with his arm alone. But nutty nut go’s out and gets a hitter who can only play against right handers. And lately they could throw it underhanded and he wouldn’t hit 2.20. At least Puig can hit right and left handers. For the sake of the kids, I can’t really say what I think of this FO.

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