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Dodgers Rumors: Justin Turner Could Find Himself In Boston For the Upcoming Season

After it was made official that JD Martinez would be joining the Dodgers for the 2023 season, questions about Justin Turner’s future immediately began to surface.

JD Martinez has some experience in the outfield but primarily appeared in the DH role. With Justin Turner still on the market as a free agent, he has been rumored to be a target for multiple teams, including the Boston Red Sox which is Martinez’s former team.

This move could make things interesting for both Boston and for the Dodgers who Turner has played for over the past nine seasons. He’s a seasoned veteran and LA fans would hate to see him go but it looks like the Dodgers are ready to move on as they declined to offer him a club option this season.

Friedman shed a little light on the topic in the early preseason saying that they were “working out different options” for Turner but other than that, it’s been hush-hush for weeks.

But Turner has options. I mean, although he’s 38 years old, he still put together a .278 AVG, with 13 homers and 81 RBI.

There also have been rumors about Turner being linked to the Padres. But as Heyman said, don’t rule the Dodgers out just yet. Although LA signed JD Martinez, they might be willing to find a spot for Turner on next year’s squad and maybe retire him as a Dodger?

What do you think Dodgers Nation? Is it time to let JT go and find a new home or will the Dodgers make a move to resign him? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Clemente award winner deserves to be back and retire as a Dodger. Give him a four year deal for $32 million with incentives and opt outs and a coaching or front office job when he does retire. Helps with the yearly average salary and rewards him for all he has meant to the Dodgers.

    1. He’s been rewarded already. See past contracts, the money is insane and you think he deserves more? Sorry, but I beg to differ

  2. That is stupid for a 38 year old. He is a Part time player at 3rd or full time DH. The Dodgers could go 1 plus team and player option for 2nd, but no more. Bauer is his pending arbitration is part of the issue. The true FA prize was never this off season. It is next off-season. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, then you don’t know Baseball. It will push 50mm a year to sign him, with all of the misguided contracts passed out this year. Perrinial Cy Young and MVP players in one body won’t come cheap. This was the Dodgers play this entire offseason. Reset the tax, stay capable of winning the WS and dignity the Unicorn next year.

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