Dodgers Rumors: If Kenley Jansen is out, is Greg Holland in?

The game of closer musical chairs is nearing an end, and the Dodgers may be left without a seat. Kenley Jansen, the team’s all-time saves leader, has a massive offer in-hand from the Miami Marlins and serious interest from the Washington Nationals. The Dodgers are contemplating paying over $80 million to a closer.

If Jansen moves on, the Dodgers must do the same. The trio of elite free agent closers would be gone. Wade Davis, the best closer on the trade market, is a now a Chicago Cub. Jansen’s decision could put the Dodgers in a bind.

To the forefront of discussions will be former Royals closer and 2015 World Champion Greg Holland. Holland sat out last season injured, but he’s on the comeback trail and Los Angeles is a strong bet to make him an offer.

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Los Angeles is fortunate a closer with Holland’s upside is available. That said, he’s still a major risk. There’s no guarantee Holland regains his velocity after Tommy John surgery, and given that the Royals are reportedly priced out of his range, he isn’t going to come cheap. Most of the MLB still needs bullpen help, and taking a chance on Holland is the best option left. The smart bet for both sides is for Holland to receive a one-year, incentive-laden deal that allows him to re-enter free agency after a healthy season. After all, he was arguably the best closer in the American League before his injury.

[graphiq id=”2EaRrnZkFVz” title=”Greg Holland Career ERA, WHIP and K/BB” width=”600″ height=”515″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/2EaRrnZkFVz” link=”http://baseball-players.pointafter.com/l/7476/Greg-Holland” link_text=”PointAfter | Graphiq” ]

Unless L.A. has a trick up its sleeve, or is willing to pay a prospect bounty for a guy like Zach Britton, the second Jansen signs on the dotted line with Miami or Washington, Los Angeles is on Holland watch.

Gabe Burns

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  1. For Friedman, it’s all about saving face, and not being exposed for the clown that he really is. He knows that he could have signed Jansen to a contract extension last offseason for about 4 years and $50 million Although Jansen wanted the extension, Friedman thought he could leverage using Hatcher or Baez as the future closer. Now, if he is forced to sign Jansen for say 4 years and $80 million, his failed strategy will cost the Dodgers about $30 million additional salary over the 4 years. It make take some time for Dodgers’ fans to figure it out, but sooner or later they will see that Friedman is a fool.

  2. GeorgeInnes
    SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I already know that FAZ are fools.  Forget about team being ‘competitive in 2017 if we see Baez and Hatchet as back end BP pieces expected to fill those shoes!

  3. The perfect fit for Firedman and his goal of buying every broken down pitcher he can. Send this front office to single A.

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