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Dodgers Rumors: LA Could Pivot to Kevin Kiermaier Following Bellinger’s Exit

Reports have come out stating that the Dodger will non-tender former MVP Cody Bellinger, meaning he will become a free agent. The Atheltic senior writer and MLB on Fox reporter Ken Rosenthal broke the news earlier today.

With the Dodgers starting center fielder becoming a free agent and having little to no chance of bringing him back, LA’s center field position could remain vacant.

MLB columnist Bob Nightengale says that the Dodgers are interested in a former 2020 World Series foe.

Kiermaier became a free agent last Thursday after the Rays declined a $13 million club option that came with a $2.5 million buyout.

The 32-year-old, better known for his defense, spent ten seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays and is a three-time Gold Glove winner.

Last season, The Indiana native slashed .228/.281/.369 with a .650 OPS. However, he only played in 63 games due to a hip injury he suffered throughout 2022.

He wouldn’t be an upgrade from Bellinger, as their numbers were similar. And that’s with Kiermaier playing in 81 fewer games compared to Belli.

The Dodgers are familiar with Kiermaier’s game as they faced him in the 2020 World Series. In that series, Kiermaier had himself a series as he batted .368, two homers, three RBIs, four runs scored, and a total of seven hits.

Maybe the Dodgers feel like they could get that out of him again.

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Ricardo Sandoval

I write about sports. Staff writer at Dodgers Nation, LA Sports Report network of sites, and Newsweek. I’m also lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan.


  1. Absurd! They will end up paying more than he is worth for less than Bellinger could potentially offer. What is wrong with this front office???

  2. Hip injury to play CF at age 32? The Rays must know something has regressed. C’mon man… proactive.

  3. What is the deal with the Dodgers? They are always looking to sign someone who used to be good! They try to save money, especially when it comes to pitching, on someone who had their best year, years ago!

    1. This isn’t the front office considering this, it’s the journalist who wrote this article or whoever he heard it from. You’ll see lots of this tyoe of article but none of them will be quoting the front office.

  4. Re sign Cody, pay a hitting coach for him, it would be worth 100K for six months, give him one final shot to appear after the All Star Game break; if there is no improvement, say goodbye

    1. He has had hitting coaches! They’ve done everything they can to get him right. If they sign him and he doesn’t improve he would be hard to trade. Personally I like Belli but never thought that ugly, vicious, unbalanced swing would work, and somehow it did for half a season.

  5. Just because a writer says something doesn’t mean the front office is really considering it. Watch and you will see lots of these articles but never quoting anybody.

  6. Why in the world would you go after a no hit Gold Glove (once!) type center fielder, when you just let one go? Defensively Cody Bellinger is as good as it gets. Unless you’re going to sign someone who can add offense, give a younger player a chance. At least you’ll know what kind of defense they can play & maybe they’ll add some offensive punch. Signing this guy would make no sense at all!!!!!!!!

  7. Kiermaier just turned down 13 Mill.; he wants more than we would have been willing to pay Cody.
    We’ve watched Andrew clear up salary; now we get to see if he reinvests it wisely. Must be trying to reset the luxury tax to minimize the impact of signing F/A’s on draft order and international signing $’s.
    Love our youngsters but none of them are plug and play, complete offensive/defensive packages yet. This is gunna get real interesting!

    1. Kiermaier did not turn down $13 million. The Rays decided not to pick up that team option. Kiermaier might be about the equivalent of Bellinger, but would be much, much cheaper. But they have better options. Outman and Trace Thompson would be at least equal to Bellinger, at 1/20th of the cost. Chris Taylor can play center field. They are stuck paying him for 3 more years. I don’t know why they don’t like Jason Martin, OKC, 32 home runs, high OPS, some big league experience, 27 years old, they let him go.

  8. What’s wrong with expanding Trayce Thompson’s role and bringing up Outman. We are freeing up money to try and keep Turner or to sign another game changing player as well as pitching. I love Cody but we have given him many chances. He’s had hitting coaches and everything. He’s swing is terrible. Defense or not it’s time to move on. If re-signs for a bargain price great. Maybe it’s motivation for him.

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