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Dodgers Rumors: LA Reportedly Won’t Pursue Carlos Correa Due To Fear Of Fan Backlash

The fans have spoken and Carlos Correa is not an option worth taking. The sting of the World Series loss that was spearheaded by Correa and the Astros cheating scandal is something fans won’t easily forget.

Reports come as a surprise as Scott Boras remained vocal that despite the baggage Correa will be welcomed with open arms. At the end of the day, winning is what matters most.

Well turns out fans voices are heard after all and bringing in Correa is not the stunt the Dodgers are ready to pull (via Ken Rosenthal, The Athletic).

The Dodgers are not pursuing shortstop Carlos Correa in part out of concern that a sizable portion of their fan base would not welcome the move. Correa was the most outspoken member of the 2017 Astros club that stole signs illegally during the postseason, and beat the Dodgers in a seven-game World Series.

It remains to be seen if the reports are true, but many signs point towards Correa not ending up with the Dodgers. MLB’s Juan Toribio also doesn’t see a Correa and Dodgers unity in the near future as he told Doug McKain he “had a gut feeling he wouldn’t be a Dodger.

The pressure continues to rise for the team as they they look for an answer to fill the shortstop position. Correa’s talents are easy to see, but it seems the Dodgers are more willing to roll with the punches of a smaller name shortstop than face backlash of bringing in Correa.

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  1. From the start I have liked Bogaerts. Maybe he will move up the interest line. He is a solid hitter and should flourish in the Dodger lineup.

  2. Why is it that everytime I say something negative about Friedman and Kasten. U don’t print it. Dodger nation scared of Guggenheim.

  3. How sad every major market team is spending money except the richest. I’m not spending a dime at the stadium next year. I’m tired of printing money for Guggenheim. They have the highest attendance in baseball every year. And they don’t want to spend money on players that are worth spending 50 bucks for nachos and a beer. I hope more fans feel the way I do.

  4. Mookie Betts was on the cheating Red Sox and the Dodgers fans either don’t remember or are not knowledgable about what happened in that WS.I was a Correa fan before the cheating happened and it killed me to know that he was part of that scandal.But I’ll get over it if we can get Correa to sign with the Dodgers just like I got over Mookie Betts and the Red Sox scandal.Sign Correa before the Padres ink him!

  5. Get Swanson. Best value of all remaining. Friends with Freddie and Walker, a good character guy and solid teammate. Dodgers need to be strong defensively up the middle with the shift ban and feet on the dirt. Dansby is the best defensive SS and one of the best high exit velocity on high fastball hits, is what pitchers are throwing now. Savvy player that can lead the infield. But NO to overrated Lux, he had his chance and for me he didn’t show he can handle the position day in day out.

  6. He wasn’t going to sign one of AF’s mini deals anyway. This is more about how the brain trust let things get away from them on the Bauer situation.

  7. My prayers came true. I prayed to God asking him to not let him sign under any circumstances.

  8. BS BS BS !! Dodgers hav gotten cheap and know that they hav great fans that won’t desert them.

  9. I was madder than hell about the Astros’ cheating. I’m over it as I’m confident most Dodgers fans are. We really need Correa’s talent, bat, defense and offense

  10. Agreed Redsoxs cheated us as well we need Correa Padres already snatched up Bogarets and Lux is not a solid replacement he hit what like 2 home runs Friedman needs to remember Padres knocked us out of the playoffs with the team we had and we will be going in with a weaker team next season if they don’t add some talent Padres just got better shows who really wants a championship here.

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