Dodgers Rumors: LA Wants DJ LeMahieu, Kris Bryant or Eugenio Suárez If They Can’t Re-sign Turner

Spring training is just around the corner and the Los Angeles Dodgers have yet to re-sign long-time third baseman Justin Turner. Sources told Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times that the former All-Star is seeking a four-year deal in free agency, and LA isn’t willing to commit beyond two years.

If the Dodgers don’t strike a deal with the Turner, Los Angeles is rumored to be exploring some big-name external options including the 2020 AL batting champion and former New York Yankees infielder DJ LeMahieu, Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant, and Cincinnati Reds slugger Eugenio Suárez.

We dive into all of the latest rumors surrounding who will man the hot corner for the Dodgers next season. Plus, could the Dodgers re-sign Justin Turner and land DJ LeMahieu?



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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. If I read correctly LeMahieu has a .325 lifetime BA against LHP. However most feel he will re-sign with Yankees so either Bryant or Suarez would be fine if no Turner.

    1. Can we please forget about Bryant. Kiki’s 2020 stats were better than Bryant’s in games played, AB, HR, RBI, BA and WAR. Kiki would be about half the price, would not cost prospects and can play more positions. They are both 29.

  2. Trade for Suarez, sign Turner. Suarez plays second base when Turner is at third; moves to third when Turner takes a game off, or DH.

    1. Works for me. Cause Hernandez most likely signs elsewhere in order that he might get regular playing time. Hopefully Turner eventually sees he’s not going to get a 4 year deal from anyone, thus settling for the 2 year deal with a 3rd year option.

  3. For those uncomfortable with Rios 23% K rate, how does Suarez 33% rate feel [2020 stats]. In 2019 he struck out 189 times.

  4. It’ll be Bryant. All these leaks that the Dodgers are “in on this 3B, and in on that 3B” is simply to get a better deal on Bryant. Chicago needs to move that contract and get a couple prospects for their re-build.

  5. Bryant playa 3rd base but not a good defensive 3rd baseman,Suarez sucks and lemahiue is signing with yankees.Doesn’t make any sense letting Kike go when he’s better than both suareza and bryant defensively and playing everyday would make him a better hitter but I mean regularly. Not just 3 weeks then to theebench. Kike Taylor Joc all of them have never been given a real chance at being regulars.Both Kike and Taylor can play gold glove defense at shortstop,second base and centerfield and better than those mediocre 3rd basemen that supposedly Dodgers want to sign .Just watch Kike become an all star wherever he goes. Hopeful they give Taylor a shot at third base who also can become an all star at third or second or centerfield for any other team,

  6. if not LeMahieu or Turner move on with in-house guys. Bryant seems to give off a bad vibe to me when reading about or watching him. And for the whiff-king options, ummm, that doesn’t fit into the team hitting philosophy…so again, just ‘stay in-house’. Too many other guys will be getting huge raises in arbitration and/or extensions over the next couple seasons so unless it’s a quality teammate like LeMahieu who is big game ready, keep the cash, develop kids more snd adapt as the season evolves. Plus if the universal DH sticks then Turner even at 4yrs makes sense and won’t preclude adding new blood.

  7. What about an all Seager side of the infield? Could we pry Kyle away from the Mariners? Would it help in re signing Corey?

  8. Get Suarez and SP Luis Castillo! They’ll put us over the top! Both will shine with the Dodgers!!

  9. Quit screwing around. Sign Turner to 3-4 years. He probably is one of the main reasons there is a trophy and rings in L.A. Pay the man. He is worth every penny. More than you pay closers for sitting on their asses and blowing ball games. And you better keep Kike’ in Dodger Blue. I heard those were TL’s last wishes. Make it happen.

  10. Signing JT to a 2 year incentive-laden deal with a 3rd year option would be ideal. If not Bryant is a good option but only if he is willing to extend his contract before the trade.
    I like Suarez he is a good fielder but does have a higher Whiff rate than we would like. However he has been an Allstar and with some Dodger Coaching might get better at contact. Suarez does well at RBI’s and power. Again coaching could help him get to the next level.
    However I am very much a Rios fan and could see a Rios, Will Smith platoon as being a win-win for the Dodgers. As they could bring up Ruiz.

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