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Dodgers Rumors: Los Angeles in Talks With Tigers Regarding Ian Kinsler and Cody Bellinger

After the Dodgers traded Howie kendrick to the Philadelphia Phillies, fans were left wondering who would play second base in 2017. Could they go after Brian Dozier of the Twins? Or what about re-sign the veteran Chase Utley? Well, it seems like the Dodgers’ eyes are on Tigers second baseman, Ian Kinsler.

On Wednesday, Jon Morosi of MLB Network tweeted saying that the Dodgers and Tigers have been in contact regarding Ian Kinsler. He also noted that Detroit has interest in the Dodgers’ number one prospect, Cody Bellinger.

In 2016, 34 year-old Ian Kinsler had a slashi line of .288/.348/.484, with 28 home runs and 83 runs batted in. Though his numbers aren’t stellar, he could provide a consistent bat at second base, all while adding some more pop to the Dodgers lineup.

Cody Bellinger, on the other hand, is the Dodgers number one prospect for a reason. At the mere age of 21, Bellinger has shown that he has what it takes to hit at the major-league level. In 2016 with the Tulsa Drillers and OKC Dodgers, Bellinger hit .271, with 26 home runs and 71 RBIs.

Would you give up the 21 year-old prospect with a bright future for a 34 year-old Ian kinsler who will provide a consistent bat? Let us know in the comments below!

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Alex Perez

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  1. NO! If the point is to get younger, have controllable talent, then Bellinger is our man for 2017 possibly in left field with Toles or Andre until Gonzo’s contract is up. Sign Utley back and trade for a short term second baseman until Calhoun is ready. Maybe someone like Brandon Phillips if he’s gettable without giving away too much in prospects by taking on more salary.

  2. Wouldn’t it be better to sign Cespedes and give up a first rounder. Then we could promote someone to play second, or use a less expensive free agent or trade. Bellinger is too important to the post AGon future. That way we could better the team for the long term as well as against lefties next year while making way for Willie Calhoun at second.

  3. Izzylangfan
    No talk whatsoever should be made in regards to involving Bellinger in ANY deal!  period!. If they are going outside the organization for 2nd base, let them try for Dozier of the Twins BUT NOT if it includes Bellinger in a deal

  4. Just to add one more point. An advantage the Dodgers hold over other teams is money. They should use it.

  5. Too  old. Go get Brian Dozier from the Twinkies. Calhoun and Stripling should do it.

  6. Bigaldog Dozier will cost a lot more than a second base prospect and BP pitcher/no. 4 starter.  Thompson, De Leon, Calhoun might get Dozier, but he will be a FA after 2018.  Kinsler demanding a contract extension to waive his no trade clause to any team on his list which includes Dodgers AND that is not going to happen for a soon to be 35 year old second baseman.  Sign Turner then trade for Logan Forsythe and Chris Archer.

  7. IF Bellinger is traded it better be in a package for Chris Sale, or Manny Machado type players — certainly not for a soon to be 35 year old second baseman who wants a large contract extension to waive his no trade clause.

  8. Looks like the Kinsler trade isn’t happening since he wants an extension before waiving his no-trade clause.  Thinking out of the box and correcting a past mistake, I’d suggest looking at the Marlins. They need desperately need to replace Jose Fernandez and Jose De Leon may offer them hope. Dodgers would get back Dee Gordon as our leadoff hitter and 2B. It’d be even more exciting if they could revisit Giancarlo Stanton and Puig trade, especially Puig is has became a better teammate. So… De Leon, Puig, prob Bellinger, maybe Pederson, maybe Willie Calhoun for Gordon and Stanton.  Seems like a trade both teams need.

  9. Skythomsen De Leon for Gordon is too big of a risk considering his performance after PED suspension and owed around $46MM over next 4 seasons with a $1MM buyout of his 5th year (or $14MM).  Marlins want to take McCarthy’s $22MM contract and a pitching prospect like Josh Sborz and infielder like Brendon Davis for Gordon is more like it.  Dodgers could send a pitcher like Alex Wood to the Marlins for Derek Dietrich.  I don’t see the Marlins taking Puig while Mattingly is still the manager — the two were not speaking at the end of the 2015 season.  Giancarlo is a huge risk considering the amount of guaranteed money on his contract is $310MM; no thanks.

  10. Risk is really for the Marlins, JDL struggled mightily during September call up and the jury is still out whether he can succeed at the major league level. Gordon on the other hand is a perennial batting champ contender who probably would have never resorted to PEDs if he wasn’t traded.

  11. Skythomsen Gordon owed min of $47MM, De Leon $500K.  Perennial is a huge assumption for Gordon?  Resorted to PEDs and had a All Star year.  No thanks.

  12. Bigaldog Why?  Down year in 2016 does not offset his age, team friendly contract, and above average pitches.  Dodgers would do well to get him as its no. 2 starter

  13. Ian for  Cody, no way, thought we were going young but do need experience, somebody younger and with great talent next to Seeger. Look at Cubs, Indians etc. young and good…..

  14. Come on guys, top management who doesn’t want to spend $ and use cheaper players, the kid coming is what we need, now if we can get a 2nd baseman like the cubs have, Astros, or even Indians, that’s where we should go and spend the $ on Jensen, and Turner, and maybe upgrade the outfield and a good young Cather, plus tons of starters. Tired of waiting since 88, keep the faith

  15. Brad Machado Socalbum Bigaldog
    I am not sure about Archer, but I AM sure that I DO NOT want Bellinger to be included in ANY deal, especially for Kinsler, who is 34, and has dodgers on his no trade list.  We ARE SUPPOSE to get younger!  Not older.

  16. pauldodgerfan1965 Brad Machado Socalbum Bigaldog
    I’m with you, no way do I trade a great kid for a 34 year old, we need youth and great prospects not old vets, besides most of them want to much $ and current management is willing to pay high price for players. Spend the money on Jensen & Turner, get a hot talent second base else where. We need 1 or 2 excellent starters as well plus a catcher.

  17. Hell no. Trade the top prospect for a guy on the down side,what are they thinking? Oh I forgot it’s Friedman and his brain trust.

  18. bomar ….totally agree!! Heck we just traded Kendrick who maybe younger, no trade for the kid!!

  19. bobthehop bomar
    I concur totally as well.  That is as dumb a deal that any FO can possibly make!  I will say this once again:
    CODY BELLINGER IS UNTOUCHABLE AND i DON’T GIVE A F….WHO THEY WOULD POSSIBLY GET. Kinsler has the Dodgers on his no trade list and that should have put a complete halt to ANY talks whatsoever!

  20. Brad Machado pauldodgerfan1965 bobthehop bomar
    Well, for Chris Sale, I would hope that Dodgers would include others not named Bellinger, who is 21 years old and getting close to soon taking over for Adrian.  And even though it was in AFL and in minors, he has shown an ability to handle LHP pretty well.  dodgers have others that they could entice Chicago for Sale, including some ot those other lefty bats, such as Verdugo, Calhoun, Rios.  As far as Calhoun goes, he would become expendable should Dodgers go on outside of organization to get a 2B. If a deal can be worked out for Sale fine, but not sure Dodgers would want to pony up what it would cost, wss.

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