Dodgers Rumors: Market is Directing Cueto to the Dodgers

After turning down the six-year, $120 million contract from the Arizona Diamondbacks, Johnny Cueto has quickly seen the limits of his places to go.

According to Peter Gammons, Cueto really wanted to go to Boston to follow in the foot steps of his idol, Pedro Martinez. But now with Boston signing Price to a $217 million dollar contract and Greinke taking up $206 million in Arizona, the only big player left in the market are the Dodgers.

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“Johnny really wanted to go to the Red Sox,” says Dixon, one of the most engaging agents. “His idol is Pedro Martinez. He wanted to be with him. When he threw the shutout in the World Series, one of the first things he said was, ‘did Pedro ever throw a game like that in the post-season?” – Peter Gammons

Cueto’s agent, Bryan Dixon, also hinted that a deal should be done in a week, but we all know how quickly a team can come in out of nowhere.


  1. Report today from https://twitter.com/Ken_Rosenthal/status/676471660829126656 is that Giants are making strong push for Cueto…  I think the Dodgers might get caught sitting on their hands again.

  2. Greinke!  Price!  Cueto!  Chapman!  Stupid!  Stupid!  Stupid!  Incompetent boobs!

  3. Silversluggerz Greinke!  Price!  Cueto!  Chapman!  Stupid!  Stupid!  Stupid!  Incompetent boob!

  4. Silversluggerz DN caught sitting on their hands again. Still have not got wind of the Cueto signing. 

    Maybe the writers have finals at school.

  5. What is next?  trading Joc for a 4-12, 5.0 ERA middle reliever that has an edge because the “stats” say so?

  6. They’re gonna make a really convoluted trade and get 12 or so has been and/ or on the mend from surgery so-so pitchers and stuff em away in the minors and call it depth.

  7. Totally agree, what are we waiting on Christmas? As it looks at the moment, I see Dodgers a 3rd place team for next year, no pitching, no bull pin, only home runs, fun but doesn’t win championships (Royals) anybody…All I want for Christmas is to have Vinny announce another world series championship for the Dodgers….come on it’s his last year, win it 4 Vinny!!~ I can almost hear the chat?

  8. Comment from black spur, totally agree what are we thinking here, I keep hearing is we have time, Not when all the top tier players have been taken, duh! What is Andrew doing, huh!! Help!!

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