Dodgers Rumors: Might Carl Crawford Be Cut?

There comes a point in time where a team just has to make a tough decision about the future of a player even though they want that player to fully work out for them. That intersection in thought might be coming up very soon as far as the Los Angeles Dodgers and outfielder Carl Crawford are concerned.

If you are to believe the reports out there, the team might be drawing ever closer to just severing ties with Crawford for good quite soon. He only played in 69 games last season, and he’s only played in 290 games during the three-and-a-half years he’s been in Los Angeles. It’s just not been good.

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From Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe:

4. Don’t be shocked if the Dodgers part ways with Carl Crawford and eat the remaining $42 million on his contract. There comes a point of diminishing returns — and a time to fill his roster spot with a younger, more productive player — and it seems the Dodgers are getting closer to that point.

Now, that’s a very interesting little tidbit of information right there. The ending is pretty “in your face” since he says that it seems as if Los Angeles is “getting closer” to just cutting Crawford altogether. That implies that the team has had discussions about doing so, and Cafardo’s gotten wind of it.

Whether that is actually factual or not is beside the point since the report is now out there and it would make some sense for the team to just let Crawford go while being able to call up someone cheaper and younger. Or maybe signing a free agent like Dominic Brown or Austin Jackson for cheap.

Either way, it does seem like, according to Cafardo, that the team is at least entertaining the idea of just eating the remaining $42 million on Crawford’s contract. That is, of course, unless they can find an actual trade partner who would actually want him. But that seems unlikely.

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  1. Jagman63
    They have to do something IMHO, he does not deserve a spot on this roster, the record since we got stuck with him in that 2012 Boston trade speaks for itself.  And if Dodgers were so willing last year to throw $80 to 90 million last year to the shock of many in MLB just for players to be elsewhere or home, than one more bite of a horrible contract needs to be done.

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