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Dodgers Rumors: MLB Insider Predicts a Huge Contract for Corey Seager With AL East Team

Some reports predict that Dodgers All-Star shortstop and upcoming free agent Corey Seager is expected to ask for a contract worth over $300 million in the offseason. 

LA Times National Baseball Writer Bill Shaikin made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show this week and predicted that Seager will either sign a contract in the ballpark of the latter figure or will start with it as his asking price.

“I did and I think he will, or that will at least be the asking price,” Shaikin said when asked if he predicted whether Seager would sign a long term deal at that number. “Asking prices, as we all know in free agency, are not necessarily contract prices.”

Shaikin alluded to the contract of New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor, in which he signed for $340 million over the course of 10 years. 

“If you’re the agent for Corey Seager, a fine gentleman named Scott Boras, and you see that Francisco Lindor signed for $340 million without even testing the market, and you think you’ve got a premium shortstop in free agency, a guy who can play up the middle and still hit for power, then I can’t imagine you’re gonna start the bidding much less than $300 million.”

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Major League Baseball Insider Jeff Passan boldly predicted that the former National League Rookie of the Year would demand over $300 million as well and even said he could wind up in New York Yankees pinstripes next season.

Los Angeles acquired star middle infielder Trea Turner during the trade deadline and will have him under contract through 2022, at least. Additionally, the front office can hope for a leap from former top prospect Gavin Lux if Seager departs this offseason. 

In 2021, the two-time Silver Slugger Award recipient slashed .306/.264/.375 with 16 homers and 57 RBIs over 95 games. He missed nearly two months with a broken bone in his right hand suffered after getting hit by a pitch in May.

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  1. I had being saying for months now, Seager will be a Yank in 2022. He was a very good Dodger and I wish him well. Corey and his 3B brother Mariner Kyle also a FA will compose the first left side of the infield brother duo for the Yankees. They will sell lots of tickets.

    On a side note, anyone watch game 1 of the WS? I told myself I wouldn’t but the baseball fan in me won out. Ozzie Albies (arguably the best fielding 2Bman in baseball) made a spectacular play with bases loaded to end the 1st inning. Something tells me Trea wouldn’t have made that play.

    Folks, let’s face it, Dodgers lost to a really good Braves team. The only thing that bothers me is I still think Dodgers could have won despite everything.

    Let’s go Braves! But those despicable Cheaters!

    1. What are you talking about?? Wishing Seager to be a Yank! You rather keep Jansen then Seager?!
      Dfl4,Face It!! Dodgers lost to the Braves due to an inept post season manager. The insanity of Roberts continues and will continue if he returns. We should of got Dusty when we had the chance!! But, I do agree with you, that Dodgers could still have beaten the Braves. Yes, I too root for them (Go JOctober) against the Cheaters.

  2. Agree with you Dodgerfan, We had enough talent to beat the Braves, but our offense forgot how to hit when it counted most. Said before that I believe Boras would ask for something well north of $200K. Lindor has a big advantage on the defensive side of the ball over Corey, but the Yankees are in desperate need of a SS and at that whish to say goodbye to Mr. Seager.

    I did watch the game and was rooting for the Braves as well and am very pleased with the game outcome and agree on having doubts that Trea would have been able to make that play.

    The Braves were hot going into our series with them, but so were the Dodgers. Our problem appeared to be fatigue because we really could not relax in our pursuit of the Gnats and were essentially playing playoff baseball all season long. But sometimes you just have to find a way to suck it up and get the job done.

    Probably no chance of it happening, but 4-0 sweep would be sweet.

    1. Harry, we are usually on the same wavelength. I agree fatigue most definitely was a factor. Where I beg to differ is desire or lack thereof can make up the deficit.

      It’s never one thing. It’s a confluence of them. My contention is that the Braves simply wanted it more. They desperately wanted to end the narrative of 2020. They were oh so close to reliving a horrible nightmare.

      The first inning AB’s in game 6 told me the Dodgers were doomed. They teased me for a few innings, but in the end confirmed what my eyes had already told me…wait til next year. It’s sad because I think it was preventable.

      Thank you for your perspective. Regards df4l

      1. I must agree d4r on the desire/wanting it. The Braves were clearly playing with their hair on fire and we were not. I too was taken aback by the first inning approach. Expected the Dodgers to come out and put a crooked number on the board, but nothing. I too then resolved myself to the inevitable results. The final straw was having the bases loaded with runners on second and third, one run in and no outs and we went down without a whimper, pathetic. And I wholeheartedly agree this was preventable.

        Thank you as well. With my regards, Harry

        1. Harry, Doc squeezed in game 3 of the 2020 WS with Barnes (who also HR’d in the same game making only the 2nd player ever to do so [1961 LF Hector Lopez of the Yanks, CF Mantle, RF Maris on that team]). Figured great 2nd and 3rd, one out after AP k’s so perfect spot for one. Barnesy on the bench…who do we get? Stiff Souza? Wtf? That’s why I gave Doc (again I’m a huge fan of him) the thumbs down on the NLCS. That was simply inexcusable. No idea why it wasn’t used there. So many things baffle the bejesus out of me. So much of it is just plain common sense. Well we all know what they about that right? Unfortunately common sense is not common! I digress. Enough babbling for now.

          1. Ok DF4 I will babble for a while. I’ve told you before, I admire your unwavering support for Doc and for you to give him a thumbs down does not come easy and shows your character as a true fan and I appreciate that as all should. I on the other hand have never been in his corner as a manager. I do believe he is a good man and a strong people person with strong personal character traits, but a poor on field/in game manager. He just makes too many mistakes. Every time the camera panned the Dodger dugout and ended on him, he just looked lost and without a clue. Souza should not only not be hitting in that situation, he should not have been on the NLCS roster, PERIOD! Why he left Barnes on the bench is beyond reason. Comes down to that common sense thing again. I’m done for now.

          2. Harry, I can certainly see your point in regards to Doc’s in game decision making. Agreed much is left to be desired for sure. My contention is there are other factors that go into being a good manager. How do they relate to his players, can he get “buy-in” from them, will they (ala Kirk Gibson) go through that brick wall for him, etc. in this regard I would then say look at the record and let it speak for itself. Again my feeling is that folks simply will not or can not separate their feelings for Doc from his record. Maybe I’m wrong. IDK. I just think folks like to vent their frustrations and look for scapegoat to blame and he certainly wears a big old bullseye.

          3. Roberts is an incompetent who rarely makes a decision not influenced by the front office
            So we really don’t know how capable he might be
            Bottom line : a team that habitually has a runner on third or runners on second and third with one or no outs and does no score we can assume the mgr has no idea how to strategize a score or cannot stimulate his players to behave in the clutch
            An extremely poor motivator

  3. It just occurred to me that all the pending FA’s is most likely a big reason the “Chemistry” was lacking with the 2021 Dodgers. Think about this…your Corey Seager and you see the Dodgers make a deal that includes an All-Star SS? The hand-writing is on the wall. Your not coming back. What is your incentive? Many Dodgers were just going through the motions. Mookie’s post game interview spoke volumes to me.

    Braves were the better TEAM with less talented players! If you can understand that concept.

    Doug, this goes to explaining your “losing the clubhouse” theory. I would say it’s less of a DR issue and more economic/inspirational based. Just sayin

    1. @Dodgerfan4life Dodgers fans have been saying Corey to the Yankees for two years now. He refuses to move to 3B, where other tall shortstops like Ripken, Nomar, and A-Rod have moved to as their career progressed. It forced Trea to play out of position at 2B. Funny how you are comparing a play by Albies (a 2B) when Trea is a natural shortstop.

      1. Aaron, you are correct. Poor comparison on my part. However, it goes along with my comments under other stories regarding lack of desire to win at all costs. Trea is of course a SS and relented to 2B because Seager was already there. However, he drew the line at CF where he had more experience than Lux putting the kid in a tough spot and decreased the Dodgers’ chance of repeating. Not a team player! Very un-CT3ish! Trea’s postseason performance was not that of a NL batting champ! Worst plate discipline I’ve ever seen!!! End of rant

        1. He is a top ten to twenty position player by anyone’s estimate, go ahead and give him away. He went cold for two weeks after carrying the team along with Mookie, Smith and Cory S for the last month while Muncy, CT, and JT went cold for more than a month which is why the wild card game happened. Post season Trey and Cory S went cold, Mookie and Smith continued to hit well and CT and Bellinger woke up. It happens it’s baseball. Freddy Freeman struck out what 7 straight at bats in the division series, you didn’t hear Atlanta fans dumping on him. It is hard to believe you have ever played or coached the came beyond the point where your mom brought snacks after every game. Dodgerfan4life as long as they win everything, blame gamer at the first sign of trouble. Small market teams have to wait years for a number of draft picks to jell, add a few veteran position players and pitching when the time is right when the young guys aren’t eligible for free agency. You get a couple of years to make a run then give it all up win or lose to start the cycle all over again as players leave to the big market teams. This fan base is unbelievable.

          1. Giam, if Trea had a postseason track record of success we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Sadly he does not. I will go to bat for anyone with a proven track record worthy of defending. For someone without one…well, IIWII.

            That is exactly why I went to bat for Cody during his regular season struggles when all here were screaming for him to be traded! DFA’d lol and such.

            Unfortunately for some players, regular season success somehow doesn’t translate into similar results in the postseason.

            But I thank you for your input. It is your right to differ and I will respect your decision. Nothing personal. I never let my personal feelings about someone cloud my perceived judgment of their performance. Everyone perceives things differently. I’m expressing only mine.

          2. Hit 286 through the 2019 nlcs, you might check that out. Did you ever play?

    2. I don’t buy it and it’s not just the Dodger fan in me. Seager is exceedingly reserved which is frequently confused with aloof. Remember he modeled his behavior after Chase Utley. He’s a competitor who I’m sure gave his all. Ironically, it’s this behavior that might be the only reason he stays. I doubt it but we’ll see.

      1. Seager wasn’t too reserved when the Dodgers won in 2020 and he won the MVP. But most of the time that is true. It sure sounded like he wanted to come back so the ball is really in ownership’s court. Do they really want to go all in on one player? I have my doubts. From an economic perspective it just wouldn’t make sense because it removes flexibility in signing other needed pieces. Just sayin

  4. I have commented before about our players having to look no further than the closest mirror to find the reason we lost. If that would actually be the case for players entering free agency, then there is no way, under any circumstances that anybody would want that player or players on their team. If a player quits on his team, he will become an cancer wherever he plays next. Personally I can not see Corey taking that attitude, at least I sincerely hope not.

    1. Harry, you make very valid points. However, economic reality will preclude Dodgers from re-signing him unless ownership doesn’t mind ballooning the payroll beyond belief. IIWII

      1. I agree on the economic reality that I don’t see the Dodgers getting anywhere near the $300K mark. Just my opinion, but I am not sure that Trea is our long term solution either. If he refused to play center, then I am not too sure we want him long term. I still like my idea of signing Bryant. I know the Giants are going to be all in on him, but if he wants to play with a perennial contender for a World Series title, the Giants are not the team, whereas the Dodgers are. First things first however, GET CT3 UNDER A LONG TERM (4 YRS. MIN.) CONTRACT! Plus, we are very likely going to have to do some bullpen rebuilding, especially if they don’t bring Kelly back, personally I hope they do. If Kelly returns our pen is in pretty solid hands IMHO. One more thing I think they should do is let Lux know he is going to be our second baseman, PERIOD. That should be a huge help to his psyche.

        1. Harry, I’m on board. I highly doubt Giants let Bryant go. They have loads of $ and more wiggle room than the Dodgers actually. Giants will be the biggest threat to CT3 IMO. I just didn’t like the sound of CT3’s post game interview. He made it sound as if he’s already gone and to me that’s unfathomable! WSS. I agree as well with the Trea/Lux situation on both. Am I missing anything? I’m sure we will loads more to discuss.

          Let’s go Braves! 4-0 sweep please!

        2. If you two guys really believe the right move would be to take a top 10 middle infielder and drop in the outfield where he played a 100 games 5 years ago. To protect a 200 hitting prospect’s psyche, you couldn’t manage a middle school debate team and deserve each other.

          1. glam, before you start qualifying who can manage a middle school debate team I would suggest you do a little research on Trea’s defensive sabermetrics at second. They are far from glowing and are clearly not those of a top 10 as you put it. He cost us a least one game with a bad throw and remind me again how many games the Giants were ahead of us in the standings.

            What I/we are saying is that Lux is better suited to play second and clearly more comfortable there and you have someone who is eminently more qualified to play center, then you make the change. Someone posted an Al Davis reference in one of the posts on this subject “JUST WIN BABY”. That is and should be our only focus. If you are asked to play a position that gives our team the best chance to win, then you play that position. Just take a look at what Kike did in the past years and look at what CT3 does. Those two would play ANYWHERE if it gave the Dodgers a better chance at victory.

          2. Giam, answer me this. Do you really think Trea is happy about playing 2B? Do you think he is happy to be a Dodger? I say no to both. You can disagree and I’m ok with that. Show me Trea’s wonderful postseason track record please…oops! There isn’t one.

          3. Might I add, Kris Bryant for the Giants a 3Bman started at 1B and ALL 3 OUTFIELD POSITIONS FOR THE GIANTS IN THE NLDS! That’s a TEAM player! And also shoots holes in the argument against Doc for changing lineups to boot!

          4. sabermetrics? he took second because it was the right thing to do, for the team, Lux went to the outfield because that was his only offer and it was what was best for the team, he wasn’t hotting at all and it gave him a chance to redeem himself. You never played past grade school did you?

          5. Ya I guess I need to give my All-star and league MVP trophies back then. 47-60 = .783!

          6. I have no idea if he is happy, I don’t see why it would matter. If I were making millions to play a game that I enjoyed playing for free, I would be. I never heard where he refused, to play center, just that he preferred staying in the infield. It was a no brainer for any manager to keep him there. As far as his average he did fine with the Nats in limited experience. He fell down this year. Outside of ‘20 that is the knock on LA. There is an air of eminent failure continually with this team on every blog, at every press conference, get rid of this guy get rid of that guy. They must be the problem the manager, the hitting coach. There is great talent on this team and they compete every year. But the pressure from the press and the fan base may very well be a part of the problem.

  5. Sign Taylor first. Bring back Rich Hill, Alex Wood must sign, Joc Peterson if he’s willing to platoon. If we lose Seager sign Freddy Freeman. Lux needs a chance at second. Trea Turner shortstop. Kenley Jansen figured it out. Hard to get outs in the 9th. DH – get Nelson Cruz for $12 mill Got to have all the interchangeable parts. If we were able to get Kike back but he wants an every day job. Wish Gonsolin would have been better. Bobby Miller and Wright are a possible starting guys. Caleb Ferguson and Dustin May will be a huge when they return. Hate to lose most of our FA’s but will be about $$$ and how long theses guys have left. Kershaw and Sherzer will see.

    1. I agree on Alex Wood…he’s the pitching equivalent of Kike! Woody was the only guy that the Cheaters couldn’t figure out at that band-box they call Minute Maid.

      Rich over the Hill Hill no way. Better options. $12m on a 42 yr old DH? You must be joking!

      Kersh team friendly 1 yr only. If not cya. He will always be a Dodger.

      Mad Max offer a reasonable 2 yr deal. See if he bites.

      CT3 is absolutely top A1 prior to any other FA! Pay the man! He has more than earned it!

      Need good veteran bench pieces!

      Pen: Bring back most. Jansen and Kelly for sure. Knebel probably wants another closer job so cya. Nelson cya. Phillips was a gem of a find! As was Spicoli and Super Mario and Bruihly. Bazooka will be the closer of the future IMHO.

      Future looks bright folks!

  6. Gotta bring back the bullpen. If Kelly is shot, Kahnle. Starting rotation, Scherzer, Bueller, Urias, May, Duffy and Kershaw. If Kersh goes, FA time maybe Thor. If Seags goes, its covered around the horn. Taylor is a must. Bring back Joc and sign the rest of the guys. Solid squad when healthy.

  7. Trey Turner is an all-star SS and batting champ, we’ll be ok if Seager takes off….although, that 1st pitch swinging drives me nuts. Front office will reload…just wish they’d keep their noses out of the on-field decisions

      1. Friedman repeated yesterday the FO makes NO in-game decisions. that’s all on doc and the coaches!

        1. It’s the moneyball situation. Friedman assembles the pieces, and briefs on field staff how the pieces fit together and how to use each and in combination. If field staff doesn’t get it or doesn’t ‘play ball’ within the strategy, they get replaced. It isn’t play by play but his presence is felt in the dugout.

          1. I concur Gj. Nobody who has taken the time to research it, can claim the pitching choices being criticized the most (game 5 DS and game 2 CS) were Doc’s alone. Said starters did not throw their normal side sessions BY DESIGN!

  8. Sorry guys, we need to let him walk and sign a quality third baseman. Thereby replacing his offense, seemingly improving post-season offensive reliability and moving Trea to short to improve our defense at SS.
    C’mon with the Designated Hitter rule! Guys like JT, Will Smith, Beaty and Rios will profit greatly from DH-ing and so will the team. Probably takes some stress of the bench as well.

    1. 65yr, who is Opie (Will Smith) becomes the Dodgers answer to the Jeopardy question…Dodger everyday 3Bman.

      He has 486 minor league innings there and the behind the dish disaster needs to shed the tools of ignorance!

      I’ve said this numerous times. One of the major reasons Dodgers won in 2020? Smith DH’d! True story unfortunately all you Smith lovers.

      1. Agree with most of what you are saying, but Smith will be just fine behind the plate. I have posted previously that we sign Bryant and with the DH, J T can be our RH DH and spell Bryant when needed. Beside that, Bryant can play several positions which will add to our flexibility. Beaty will make an excellent LH DH and Rios can fill in there as well. I firmly believe that if Beaty is given a real opportunity to play on a consistent basis he will excel offensively. Beaty and Rios can also spot fill defensively when other guys need a rest so that we don’t have the same situation as this year where guys were admitting to be tired.

        1. Harry, we agree on most, but I gotta throw the flag on Opie. I love his bat but as a catcher? Sheesh.

          For the NLCS Smith batted .217 and defensively cost the Dodgers the first two games in Atlanta.

          Braves catcher d’Arnuad not known for his bat, but an extremely good Defensive catcher batted .211. 0 passed balls. Also calls a better game than Opie.

          Rosario’s game 6 homer was on Smith! Pitch sequence led to the dinger. Rosario’s eyeline was never altered, speed wasn’t either. I caught for a year as well as pitched. Pretty sure I would know.

          1. I could see the move to 3B for Smith, but the pitch that Rosario planted in the RF seats is not entirely his fault. Buehler is the one who is supposed to be in control on the mound and could have or maybe more importantly should have shaken him off. Watch Scherzer, he shakes him off constantly. That HR is on Buehler as much or more so than Smith.

            And in all honesty, our inability to hit with runners in scoring position cost us the first two games. They went 2 for 18 w/ runners in scoring position. Tough to win when the bats are that silent,.

          2. Harry, if at all possible see if you can find games in which Scherzer started during the regular season. Barnesy caught the majority of them (just so happened to work out that way) and tell me how many times he shook off Barnes…hint, not many. He would also go out of his way in every post game interview to compliment Barnes for his game calling and creativity. Guess I was the only one paying attention.

            Smith’s defensive execution in Atlanta, Game 1, 1st inning WP/PB that I would be willing to bet Barnes snuffs leads to 1 run. Game ends 3-2. Game 2, to plays at the plate on tags I also think Barnes makes.

            Granted I realize that others can argue otherwise and it’s an endless debate. The provable facts are that Barnes caught 4 out 6 WS games in 2020. Why didn’t Opie? 😉

          3. Max is too much of a professional to pull a CK and request Barnes as his personal catcher. Anyone paying attention would have known he clearly preferred Barnes. He had commented how Smith moves around too much between sign giving and pitch framing position. I know this issue is not popular here but IIWII.

        1. I agree gentlemen with the results because of having the DH, made Roberts job a lot easier. God help us all if the DH is not part of the new CBA. Management may force some issues with the Players Union relative to roster sizes and expanding the playoffs and possibly a shorter regular season if they change the wild card format to a best of 3 and adding teams to the playoffs. If they push to many issues and both sides get what they want, they may be playing until Thanksgiving,

          1. Harry, as previously stated, my biggest fear is a 1994 sequel. No WS, Player Strike. Very real possibility.

          2. Yeah DF4, that has crossed my mind as well. I do think the players are going to find it hard to walk out though. There is just too much money already being paid to them and a walkout will not sit well with their fan bases. I agree on the point that the young men in the minor leagues get a bump in pay. They really don’t make a lot. Before any thing gets settled though, I would expect some strong words coming from both sides. Personally I do not trust Manfred any further than I could throw and elephant. Should be lead a hard line charge, things could get very ugly. Bottom line is, we are all hoping for a settlement without any real threat of a strike and we have DODGER BASEBALL in 2022.

          3. Harry, is there any possibility we can somehow get rid of the cancer of baseball Manfred? Sore subject.

      2. D4L….


        Lovin’ you! lol BUT, as Lindsey sings….. “Isn’t the right thing to do…..”


  9. From the way Joc was talking about having wanted to come back to Dodgers, he was apparently ok with being a platoon player as long as he’s on a team that will contend for October With the potential for injuries, I can se that if Dodgers brought him back, he would get plenty of AB’S and playing time anyway. Again, I see Boras pricing Seager way out of Dodger’s range.

      1. Braves hot streak carries over into game 1 of WS. Looks like they are on a mission!

          1. As much as I hate that spineless whimp, Manfred, I unfortunately have to give the jerk credit for recognizing Ohtani’s accomplishment!

          2. I am boycotting the World Series and hope all of you do as well to send MLB a message you don’t tolerate cheating ball-players

          3. Joe, I’ve gone back and forth on the WS this year too.

            My principled side said no way can I watch this bs.

            Conversely my rabid baseball fan side said how can you not watch the possibility of the cheaters going down in flames?

            Baseball fan side won out. I LOVED GAME 1!!

            Let’s go Braves! 4-0 sweep please!

      2. Still will not get him a good contract in the FA market.

        How many teams are looking for dudes in pearls?

        Maybe, ‘Take a Walk on the Wide Side’….. Doo do doo do doo do do doo…..


  10. No one really talks about how injury prone Seager seems to be. He has played in 68. 8% of games available for him to play in while he has been in the Bigs. Is that a $300m + player? He also missed a lot of minor league games due to injuries before he came to the bigs. But it could also be he has all his injuries behind him and will answer the bell the rest of his career. What ever happens with him, I do wish him all the best.

    1. Glenn, excellent point. And as much as I love CK it’s unfortunately the same thing with him. 2015 was Kershaw’s last full season. How much can you pay a #4 starter who probably can’t make more than 20 starts? Market value on that and no more. 2018 was his valedictory contract already.

  11. Seaver cost himself plenty with his ole defense and lack of hustle when Albies took four steps into the hole and still got him at first base. Scherzer is long gone the angles will overpay for a 37 year old power pitcher who will decline quickly.

    1. Trea is a much better fielder and regular season hitter. He’s built to be a SS. Corey had a tough year and a miserable playoffs, along with Mookie, Trea and Justin. Corey will be playing 3rd at some point whether on the Dodgers or elsewhere (see Alex Rodriguez)

      BTW, you might consider using lower case rather than all caps in your comments. All caps means you are shouting.

      1. Corey hit 2 first inning 2 run homers against the Braves. How is that miserable?

        1. And? What else? Batted .167 for the series. .236 career postseason. Someone who batted .165 during the regular season showed CS5 up BIG TIME. That other guy who many here were calling to be DFA’d during the season only happened to hit .412 for the series! Hello!

    2. I am in your corner on T Turner. Have a real concern if he did refuse to play center, that is a problem for me. On Seager, I don’t see the Dodgers going anywhere near $300K

      1. Harry, I commented on Trea elsewhere…he’s an east coast guy. His family is all there. Wouldn’t surprise me he gets traded back there. Also wouldn’t surprise me to see Max go to the Cards. He’s originally from there. Max, Waino and Flaherty would be a tough trio. Can’t see Max with the Halo’s he an NL guy.

        1. Quite disappointing. His post game interview stating he wasn’t disappointed at all that they lost. Wtf? Really? Guess $350m kinda eases the sting of losing very nicely.

          1. On top of that remark he has to say he was proud. Proud of what, getting our butts kicked in all aspects of the game. Compare to Buehler who had no problem expressing his disappointment. I hope he clarifies his comments, if he chooses not to, I personally will have lost a ton of respect for him.

          2. Harry, with Mookie it’s possible and I only mean possible that we didn’t see all of the interview and only a snipet. Still didn’t like the body language though.

          3. DF4, possible about the whole interview, but regardless of whether we saw it in its entirety or not there is not a single person either on the playing side, managing side or the FO who should not be disappointed by this. We were overwhelming favorites to win and were outplayed by a team that wanted it more than the Dodgers appear to have wanted it,

          4. Let me see, I don’t reach my goal and I should be proud of it? Lol

      2. Harry, I know this is eons ago, but it still speaks to players intent…I was the league MVP and strikeout leader by a WIDE MARGIN. On the All-star team, didn’t pitch a single inning on a team that was 3 wins short of going to Williamsport. My other non-pitching position was SS. Where did I play on a successful team? LF! I wasn’t the Manager’s son either 😉

  12. Trading Trea is an interesting concept. With Max, not real sure we need him and just not sure that this dead arm situation is temporary. The man is 37 years old and has never toned it down in his approach. Giving him a 2-3 year deal could prove to be a disaster. Maybe the answer is to trade Trea this winter and sign Story or Baez. He should bring a solid return. Oh, and I still think we should make every attempt to sign Bryant.

    1. Harry, I have no problem going after Bryant but no way ahead of CT3! Bryant is a very good versatile player just like CT3. I give CT3 the nod though as he has even one more position under his belt than KB and a slightly better postseason record as well. KB would provide tremendous roster flexibility but I think the Giants will out-bid the Dodgers on him. My two cents

      1. Oh, I agree completely. CT3 is an imperative resign. If this FO lets him get way they should all be fired. Losing CT3 will create more problems for this team than many may realize.

        1. None taken, magma cum laude eh? Top 10% is a great achievement, most I know did well. But I did have to let a couple go along my way for inability to fulfill their roll.
          The points made were so ridiculous I couldn’t let them go. Friedman did a great job on that trade Max has had late season injuries every year except ‘20 he was the best plug available given the situation. Turner was the guy who required all the young talent in trade. Insurance against Boras, insurance against injury. He would have thrown Lux in the deal to carry it if needed. As far as post season performance it comes down to 4 attribute sets to excel.

          1. Morons like Pete Rose that can’t recognize the difference between regular season and post season. There was no difference to him.

          2. Egomaniacs like Reggie Jackson that don’t feel there is anyone here can stop them.

          3 talent+student+low pulse Derek Jeter, Joe Morgan all the right stuff and unflappable unfortunately 1 or 2 per decade.

          4. Parts some or all of the first 3 Experience He has around 170-180 playoff at bats and the first half were 283 ba, he fell off in the WS when Houston worked him high and in early and would move outside and he would chase like this year. He broke his throwing hand up hit by pitch high and in while squaring up to bunt early in the season and missed 5 or 6 weeks and repair surgeries during and after the season. He’ll be alright.

          1. Gjam, thank you for your reply. Very interesting information. Again apologies that we got off on the wrong foot.

            As is often the case, there is sometimes more to it than meets the eye. I obviously haven’t followed Trea’s, pre-Dodger, career to nearly the level of detail to which it is now. The only thing I can glean from it at present is the available data to which I cited. It’s so nice the amount of statistical data available, and that it allows you to slice and dice it in so many ways. I apologize I took offense to what appeared to be incomplete info.

  13. For DF4 in response to Joe. Joe I totally understand your thinking on this, but I am with DF4 on this hope the Braves win this in 4. Not likely, but would be poetic justice. Besides the Braves did not cheat, they out played us.

    1. Oh I am behind the Braves 1,000%. Just not watching it to hold MLB accountable for all their stupid, ridiculous moves: move All-Star game, but not the WS? punish astros coaches but not the players for cheating? Manfred is a joke – far worse than Friedman or doc in my book

      1. Could not agree more on Manfred. It is very ironic that the World Series is coming to Atlanta. Wonder if he will have the nuts to present the trophy if Atlanta wins Maybe he will opt to send a subordinate.

  14. Doesn’t matter how big of a Yankee fan he was or is.

    He is not even the Yankees first choice for SS.
    The Yankees want Correa, and if not him then Semien, then Story.
    Teh Yankees also have up and coming SS, so who ever they sign will have move to a different position.

    If he Seager goes back east it would be Phillies or Cardinals or even the Reds.
    If the jays lose Semien then maybe he could go to the jays, but he is probably not their first choice either.

    I think this why he is saying he would resign with Dodgers, but how will the Dodgers come up with money???

    The Dodgers need money to sign other players as well.

    While they probably don’t have the money I would like to see Castellanos in left, Bryant at third.
    A better bench. The dodgers can do better than a bunch of .160 hitters. A real FO failure.

    Maybe they shouldn’t waste money on Sherzer and kershaw. The can probably find good starters for a lot cheaper. And relivers for cheaper or trade for hader.

    Maybe the can trade Pollack, over paid under performing betts ( people will he did great in post season but if he cannot come up with big clutch hits, then is he really worth it?)
    Maybe they can trade Gossolin, or one two other young pitcher prospects.

    Does Trea really want to be Dodger?

    I am thinking that trading away Ruiz and Verdugo will ultimately amount for nothing.

    They could have signed Harper to a long contract without trading away anyone.

    1. I think they over-paid on Betts too. But what’s done is done. Where do we go from here? No use looking back.

      Most definitely do not over-pay for anything other than CT3! The man has earned every penny!

      Starters? They ain’t worth what they used to be. Don’t over-pay for anyone. Buehler, Urias, Carrot-top comes back mid-season. Need a couple others. Maybe Catman bounces back from an injury plagued season? Ala Cody. Who knows jury out on that one. Invite Alex Wood back for 3rd stint if willing. He’s the pitching equivalent of Kike! Only starter cheaters couldn’t hit in 2017 at the band-box they call Minute Maid. Could offer Mad Max a 2 yr reasonable deal (probably little chance w/Boras). Offer Kershaw 1 yr team friendly deal only. Mitch White availed himself well. Andre Jackson showed great promise as well.

      So many things to consider. Who knows if we even get baseball in 2022. CBA up in the air.

      Anyway future so bright I need shades lol

  15. DF4 I certainly see your point on Doc. When he was hired I was please with the decision, felt he deserved it. I think he paid his dues through the coaching ranks again deserved the opportunity. As a person there is not a soul who can say a bad word about Doc. It’s just his in game decisions that drive me nuts. Perhaps your assessment of being the Big Blue Bulls Eye is the proper way to think. We all look for an out to vent on and he just happens to be the one who is square in everyone’s sight. Right now the optimum situation would be for him to bring another title to the Dodgers in 2022 and shut us all up. I certainly am not afraid to say I was wrong and I sincerely hope he proves me wrong. I bleed Dodger Blue and have since they played in Brooklyn and always will. I just want the team to win PERIOD! If he is the one who brings another title, I will gladly give him his due. There is a but, he really needs to clean up a few of his decisions especially with regard to handling a pitching staff.

    1. Harry, I think you already know my stance on everything. I too have problems with what transpired during the NLCS decision wise. Unacceptable for sure.

      I’m watching the WS now and cheaters are shift-busting there way to the lead. Braves imploding. Analytics just don’t work in October folks!

      This is why I say the FO needs to “stay in yo lane!”

    2. Harry, scour the stories. I put out a piece that applies to managers in general.

  16. I’ve assumed all along Seager would sign with Yankees this off season but now I’m not so sure. The Yankees payroll is already bloated with Cole, Stanton, Chapman, LaMahieu, Britton, and, of all people, Odor. Plus they have a ton players in arbitration including Judge who will get a huge bump. I don’t think they can afford him and I’m not sure where Seager’s market is.

      1. Interesting option. They don’t have a bunch of room either but Dombrowski is a win it all now guy who probably doesn’t care. They’d have to move someone because Didi is signed for $15M and Segura for $14M.

        1. The Phillies have the money if they choose to spend it. Looks like their 2022 payroll is just north of $170M. Didi is not a lock at SS and they have a hole at 3rd. Hoping this kid Bohm steps up, but he did not impress this past season. Their bullpen is a shambles and the starters could be in a good place if they remain healthy (sound familiar). Figures that with Dombrowski there and there ownership group willing to spend money for the right person they will make effort to make a splash this off season. Also, they need and want some better protection around Harper. Hoskins could be huge for them, but he needs to stay on the field more.

          1. Harry, wow very impressed. You certainly know your baseball sir.

    1. Bum4, excellent points. It will indeed be an interesting hot stove season to say the least. Will be most interesting to see who blinks first…players or management. With everything up in the air with the CBA, who knows who rolls the dice and waits vs who is eager to lock in ahead of its expiration.

  17. In response to glam, see you seem to be hellbent on snide comments. Maybe you should try a little bit more of a mature approach. He had to play second or not play. Some guy named Seager was playing short, or did you forget that. When he had a real opportunity to step up and take a position to help in the best interest of the Dodgers. HE SAID NO!

    1. It was the best solution for the team a no brainer. It makes sense that you and your guy developed an alternative

      1. Glam, you have yourself a nice day. You just made my point. BEST SOLUTION FOR THE TEAM. Moving to center was the better solution for the Dodgers. You accept what your manager wants you do and DO IT because it is the best solution.

        1. Harry, it’s painfully obvious he is just some kid voicing his opinion. He’s obviously a Trea fan and I can appreciate that. He wants to stick up for his guy and I don’t really have a problem with that. I do have a problem when he decides to cherry-pick data though to try a prove his point.

          1. Yeah, you’re right. Time to watch the Braves take out the cheaters and then see what this off season brings. Looking for another trophy in 22.

      2. Gjam, unlike your blind favoritism, I don’t give a rats behind about a given players personality. I’m of the Al Davis school…just win baby. It’s completely irrelevant how or who gets it done. This ain’t a beauty contest. I’m not awarding style points. It ain’t diving. I ain’t awarding points for degree of difficulty. What’s best for the team is best for the team. If that means my favorite guy sits? He sits! It changes from game to game given the pitching match-ups. You just don’t want to be swimming upstream without a paddle! Get a clue!

          1. Gj, it’s not your fault your young. However, with age also comes experience and wisdom.

        1. Wow, never would have guessed that. I don’t mean any disrespect, and please accept my apologies if you felt offended in any way. Never my intention. Sometimes disagreements get heated. I try as much as I can to remain impartial. Perhaps it doesn’t always come off that way. If so, then my statements are mid-construed. I have no way of knowing how a given comment will be received. Hopefully we can remain civil in any further discussions or we can choose to avoid one another if need be. Respectfully submitted.

        2. Just so others can see for themselves:

          Trea Turners career batting average .303 regular season

          Postseason career .228

          2 NLWC 3-8. .375
          4 NLDS 19-86 .221
          2 NLCS 11-42 .262
          1 WS 5-31 .161

          Just to round out the complete facts. Up to you to decide what to make of them.

          1. I realize you value playoff performance above the season but suggesting some players always perform in playoffs and others don’t isn’t really common. Many players struggle then have an unbelievable run before cooling off again.
            The myth of Reggie Jackson was fueled by 2 monster playoff years – unfortunately against the Dodgers – while he was pedestrian in 9 others.
            Anthony Rendon, Daniel Murphy, and Corey Seager are examples of players carrying teams in given years while performing ordinary or even poorly in others. Turner’s a talented hitter and there’s plenty of time for him show in a big moment.

          2. I think Trea can produce in the postseason if he has full year under his belt with the Dodgers. Rather see him at SS than Corey, Trea being a much better fielder

          3. Bum4, can’t argue with you there. Well put. WSS. As I’ve commented elsewhere, these things are fluid and are constantly changing. There is no reason whatsoever Trea can not change the trajectory of his postseason career. He is clearly a talented gifted athlete no doubt. The ball is in his court! People read into things what they want. My comments are NEVER to be taken out of context or to be taken as some sort of personal vendetta against a said individual or entity. Hopefully this might clear up any mis-perceptions. I have no knowledge of a given players individual character traits which might have an impact into a specific series performance. For example, perhaps they had a death in the family which may have played a role. No way of knowing things as such. All I can point to are raw statistical data and sometimes these things can indeed be misleading. IIWII

  18. Thank you Ned Colletti for building the dynasty team for Drrrrrrrrrrrr…..Thank you Corey Seager for the 2020 World Series……Thank you Dodgers org for giving us winning baseball. With the Inflation and destroyed economy, look for the Dodgers to cut expenses. Thank you Corey Seager, too bad we couldn’t have been a dynasty…….

    1. Kirk, I share your sentiments regarding the past. However, at least yet, I don’t share your dismay about the future outlook for the Dodgers. Of course this all is dependent upon the 2021-22 hot stove season.

      1. Which is dependent on the economy. This ownership isn’t going to keep spending spending spending when they don’t even Make the World Series. I don’t see any of these players taking pay cuts either. The Dodgers need to get some young hungry players that are trying to make the dance. These old timers like Turner, Scherzer, Kenley etc. are a no win investment if your talking the FUTURE of dodgers baseball. Castellanos, Bauer, those are the player types they need to be looking at that will produce in the future. Common sense business is what i see coming. I don’t see the Dodgers spending big with the CBA up in the air. I don’t see anyone for that matter spending if they have a brain..

    2. It’s too bad we can’t thank Corey for the 2021 World Series! If he hit like he did last year, we’d be 2 wins away from our 2nd consecutive World Series Championship and the makings of a dynasty!

      1. No doubt, but not just Corey…Let’s be fair at least. 1-4 all left something to be desired.

  19. DF4 to get rid of Manfred, it is going to take 30 owners to get on the same page. Not too sure that is ever going to happen.

    1. Harry, do you think the owners are happy with Manfred? I’ve never seen anyone so completely inept in all my life!

      1. Can’t see how they all could be in his corner. Problem is you have around 30 billionaires who will probably never be on the same page and a few that would just as soon keep things status quo. Me personally, I would love to see that fool forced to resign and then just fade off into the sunset.

  20. Main problem with Corey is has he ever played a full season? At any level?Always injured.
    Trey Turner at SS, Gavin Lux at 2B, Justin Turner at 3B. 1B is a toss up with injury to Munchy.
    Fans expect to lose:
    Max S

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