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Dodgers Rumors: MLB Writer Proposes Intriguing LA Trade Package for Juan Soto

The MLB trade deadline is just five days away (August 2nd). The Yankees rekindled the hot stove fire on Wednesday night by trading for Royals outfielder Andrew Benitendi. Reds starter Luis Castillo is impact player that’s available, but all eyes remain on the Washington Nationals as they try to decide whether or not to deal superstar outfielder Juan Soto at the deadline.

The Dodgers appear to be in the mix, based on recent comments by team president Andrew Friedman, but the Nats asking price for Juan Soto is steep. As in, you’re-getting-a-23-year-old-superstar steep. Washington is reportedly asking for team’s top-six prospects in return for Soto.

Plenty of insiders and analysts have taken a stab at what a potential Dodgers-Soto trade would look like and on Wednesday, Jack Baer of Yahoo Sports was one of the latest to theorize the sticker prize for Soto.

Baer’s Juan Soto-Dodgers Trade

Dodgers Receive: Juan Soto

Nationals Receive: 

  • 2B/SS/OF Gavin Lux
  • C Diego Cartaya (LA’s #1 prospect per MLB Pipeline)
  • RHP Bobby Miller (#2)
  • OF Andy Pages (#4)
  • INF Eddys Leonard (#8)
  • LHP Maddux Bruns (#12)

As big as the Baer package is, it might still not be enough. The Nationals would likely want second baseman Michael Busch (#3) and, or, Miguel Vargas (#5) in addition to the prospects listed above and the emergent Gavin Lux.

Another variable is that the Nationals could use the Soto trade to offload lefty starter Patrick Corbin who has three years left on the six-year, $140M, World-Series-thank-you contract he signed in 2019.

Corbin’s most recent outing was on Wednesday against the Dodgers and it was a disaster. The lefty gave up six earned runs and failed to even get out of the first inning. Taking on Corbin’s contract shouldn’t stop the Dodgers from pursuing a potential Soto trade, but it’s definitely a factor.

The Juan Soto sweepstakes continue, and the Dodgers should continue to be linked to the Nationals all-world outfielder.

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Dodgers Rumors: Trio of Right-Handed Bats Linked to LA as Possible Trade Targets

Eric Eulau

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  1. That proposal is baloney. Just kill everything the team has worked so hard for…for one guy. Team killer.

  2. I would rather see the Dodgers pursue an extension for Trea Turner. If they are going in on a major trade pursue Shohei Otanhi. You would be getting the starting pitcher The Dodgers need as well as a great hitter. However with either Soto or Ohtani a long term extension needs to be agreed upon otherwise it would be the most expensive rental in baseball history.

  3. Besides the obvious, are the Dodgers going to offer $500M after current contract. What about T Turner…much rather have him than Soto. And why give up Lux, who has arrived and on the cheap. Plus they are doing fine as is…rather see some relief pitching.

    1. One thing about Trea – he is in love with Soto, and wants to play with him again, so re-signing him would be more likely if we have Soto. I’m still not convinced it is worth the price.

      1. I’d still rather make the play for Ohtani. They’re both likely generational guys, but Ohtani, well, ya know…

  4. I concur that we do not need Soto. The price is too high. As others have said, pursue Shohei Otanhi. At the very least, we need a shutdown closer. I am not convinced that Kimbrel is going to be effective holding 1 or 2 run margins in the playoffs and potential World Series. His high ERA is a major red flag. I am also concerned about Gonsolin too. He has certainly not looked outstanding in his last couple of games. He is walking more batters and getting into high pitch counts. I wish that the team had a 6 man rotation, We dont want a bunch of burnt out arms like last years playoffs.

    1. Ohtani will want an even bigger deal. Possibly, he will become the first player to get a billion dollar deal. Soto is better.

  5. That is a bad deal. If you could trade Bellinger instead of Lux, maybe. And do not give up the farm for a rent-a-pitcher either. Remember the bad returns we got on Darvish and Scherzer.

  6. Forget about Soto we have enough firepower and his next contrack will be overpowering LUX is showing his skills and we don’t need to empty our minor league top players for Soto work on a deal to sign Tre Turner to a long term contrack i would rather have him than all the players you will lose for Soto

  7. Concur with above comments. Don’t need a so-so hitter now at that price. But as stated, Trea needs to be signed long term ASAP. When you are 20-4 in a month stretch you don’t need much more. And just think of the talent returning off rehab.

  8. The pressure will flip over to the nationals soon if nobody bites on these first demands. The clock is ticking. If they here crickets they have to call back the deepest pocket teams as far as young talent quickly. Since Ohtani has been mentioned those teams can insinuate that the are leaning to him. The Nats will drop demands to avoid him losing 1/3 of his value after the deadline. Dodgers still don’t need him, so sit back and see if the Nats get desperate.

  9. Unreal. I would not give up half of those picks for Soto. On top of that, a long term contract would mean that we would not be able to sign contracts with some of the current players. Personally, I would rather do a long term deal for Turner.

    And, if we are, for cap reasons, unable to sign some current players, then we could certainly replace them with some of the 6 players suggested at much more friendly (affordable) terms.

    1. We do not need Soto he’s not a team player for him it’s all about the money & how much he can get. Sign Trea Turner. Besides we don’t need another outfielder. Don’t give away the future for one hot dog.

  10. I don’t think Scherzer was a bad return. If I remember correctly he did not end up losing a single start as a Dodger. If I’m wrong, he never lost more than one or two max. The bad with him was his brief stop in LA and unmatchable contract aspirations. Darvish I agree was not a good fit with LA and never should’ve got the game 7 start over Alex Wood against the Astros. However, their cheating scandal made me less outraged at Roberts for starting Darvish because perhaps the Astros were not to be defeated with such unfair advantages.

  11. Can we call a moratorium on the Soto (non) trade talk until it is done. It does get tiresome reading the same “analysis” using different words. No “analysis” is going to change the results. Either Washington agrees to a deal or not

    He is currently hitting .247 and should be doing better. We also keep wishing Bellinger and Muncy would do better but wishing doesn’t make it so

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