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Dodgers Rumors: Mookie Betts Could Shift to Utility Type Role if LA Signs Aaron Judge

When a player as high of a caliber as Aaron Judge is a possibility for your roster, you will make the room necessary for him. For the Dodgers, aside from the money and the years the slugger would be asking for, another question about where exactly he’d play and what happens with the current roster is something the front office will have to carefully consider.

As you know, the Dodgers already have a right fielder and he’s pretty good at the job.

Mookie Betts has primarily suited up in right for LA since joining the team in 2020. However, he played mostly infield early in his pro career and has some big league experience at second base and even center field at the big league level. With that in mind, Judge and Betts were a point of conversation during a recent edition of Access: Dodgers on Sportsnet LA. And, in the eyes of analyst Jerry Hairston Jr, players like Mookie can make an exception on where he plays when it’s for someone like Aaron Judge.

Moreover, he suggested something of a utility role for the incumbent right fielder

“If it’s for the Judge, I think Mookie Betts would move to second base for Aaron Judge. They got courthouses out here in LA, not just in New York, so he can make those 62 rulings, if you will, here on the west coast. Aaron Judge is an incredible talent. Yes, there are going to be a lot of teams vying for his services, so if the Dodgers are so inclined to make a huge offer and Aaron Judge accepts that offer, I can see Mookie Betts moving from right field maybe to second base. Maybe to center field – because we know that Mookie Betts can also play center field. But you’re always looking to better your ballclub and Aaron Judge certainly would better your ballclub.”

Betts has been open to playing infield, which he did for a bit this season, but it’s also possible we can see him play a little bit of center field. He could even become the full time center fielder as it remains to be seen what will happen with Cody Bellinger this offseason.

Judge is a game-changing talent at the plate. He’s also a needle mover a team could use for a deep postseason run. It’s hard to imagine such a move to improve a team who reached a franchise record 111 wins last season, but there’s always room for improvement.

At the end of the day, the Dodgers didn’t reach their ultimate goal, but bringing in someone who also set an AL record of 62 home runs surely can help bring any team over the top.

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    1. I think the Dodgers would love to see the Giants pay Judge $300 million for the next decade or so. That’s a lot of money they could use elsewhere, especially toward the end of the deal.

  1. Yeah, kinda hard to see even the Dodgers thinking that $27 million is a fair price to pay per year for a utility player. I’m thinking they find a specific place for him on the field, just saying.

  2. Scenario: If they go for Judge, Cody’s gone. and Mookie’s the CF
    Add to scenario: If they pick up Judge, they let TT go, move Lux to SS and acquire a 2B or Mookie to 2B and move Trace to CF (very credible defense) or Outman to LF and platoon Trace and CT3 in CF.
    They can’t do much more shopping since remaining money goes to pitching.
    Just IMHO.
    What say everyone?

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