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Dodgers Rumors: Nolan Arenado Trade to LA Not Likely, per Jon Morosi

The Rockies trading superstar third baseman Nolan Arenado might be unthinkable to their fans, however, according to a report from Jon Morosi of, there is roughly a 50% chance of if this off-season.

While the Dodgers have been connected to him quite often, Morosi also reports they are not the most likely destination as the Rockies would prefer to trade him out of the division.

The Rockies, sensitive to the public perception of trading a franchise player less than one year after he signed a contract extension, are wary of compounding the potential frustration of Colorado fans by dealing Arenado to a division rival.

The Braves, Rangers, Nationals, Dodgers and Cubs are a few of the interested teams, according to Morosi.

Arenado, 28, has a full no-trade clause and seven years remaining on his contract with an opt-out after 2021. That full no-trade clause is important because he could end up only waiving it for the Dodgers if he wanted to. He did grow up in Southern California as a Dodger fan.

It might be unlikely he goes that far to only waive it for the Dodgers, but it will come into play making sure he goes where he wants to, according to Morosi.

He has a no-trade clause, and he’s likely to leverage it in order to make sure he lands in a preferred destination, both competitively and geographically.

If an Arenado to LA trade does happen, expect Justin Turner to shift over to first base.

The cost to acquire Arenado should and will be sky-high as he is one of the best players in the game. Through seven seasons, he is a career .295/.351/.546 hitter and has posted 31.3 wins above replacement.

The Dodgers have the farm system and depth to make a deal possible but talks will only go as far as the Rockies allow them to. The chances that Arenado is a Dodger on opening day are probably pretty slim, but crazier things have happened.

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  1. If Arenado wants to go to Dodgers it will happen. He has full no trade clause so if he tells Rockies I will only Waive no trade to go to Dodgers than Rockies have no choice but to negotiate with them or he will walk away in 2 years and they get nothing.

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