Dodgers Rumors: Pablo Sandoval Could Sign Big Deal With Los Angeles

[new_royalslider id=”319″] Shortly after ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise transferred to the hands of the Guggenheim Partners, a blockbuster trade was completed with the Boston Red Sox to add over $200 million in salary.

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The Dodgers have aggressively spent since — signing Zack Greinke to a lucrative contract and making Clayton Kershaw the highest-paid pitcher in MLB history. With a payroll that leads the Majors and is in excess of $230 million, the Dodgers may be big spenders come winter.

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, baseball executives have identified the Dodgers among three teams whom San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval may sign with as a free agent:

Nonetheless, most major league executives we’ve talked to believe Sandoval will wind up with a five-year deal worth about $100 million. That could be with the Red Sox, Yankees, or Dodgers.

The Dodgers have of course signed a third baseman away from the Giants as they lured Juan Uribe down Interstate 5 with a three-year, $21 million contract. At the time, Uribe was 32 years old and he largely struggled through the first two years of the deal.

Uribe put together a well-time successful season in 2013, hit the decided home run in Game 4 of the National League Division Series, and signed a two-year, $15 million contract in the off-season. Sandoval would come to the Dodgers at the age of 28, but with concerns regarding his weight.

In April, Giants general manager Brian Sabean said contract extension talks were shelved. Sabean’s comments came one month after Sandoval reportedly turned down a three-year, $40 million offer. Sandoval drove in the tying run in the ninth inning of the Giants’ NLDS Game 2 against the Washington Nationals and the Giants went on to win the game in 18 innings.

The Venezuelan native has reached the postseason three times in his seven years with the Giants and is a .313 hitter with 16 RBIs. While Sandoval would be a natural replacement for Uribe, the Dodgers’ front office personnel have intimated the spending spree wouldn’t be an ongoing trend.

With Corey Seager in the organization, whom some believe should transition from shortstop to third base given his size, that may be a more attractive option for the purportedly soon-to-be cost-conscious Dodgers. They could also re-sign Justin Turner, who has played well in a utility infielder/bench player role this season.

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  1. the dodgers are not signing that fat ass. uribe is under contract for next year. if they bring hanley back, they would prefer he play third, and seager is not that far away, and he will also be looking at third base. every time somebody is looking for a huge payday, the dodgers get mentioned. they will be looking only for depth in this offseason.

  2. Uribe has a vacuum for a glove, a canon for an arm, and hit over .300 this year. Third base isn’t a Dodger concern right now. Shortstop is. Hanley will be in Yankee pinstripes next season. Maybe move Dee over to SS, Sign and play Turner everyday at 2nd. I think a better hitting catcher needs to be addressed. Then there’s Puig. What’s below the neck isn’t in doubt, it’s what’s above the neck. 0-4 with 4 Ks while your starting pitcher goes 2-3 against the same pitcher the other night. I also wonder what kind of numbers Van Slyke would put up if he had a chance to play everyday.

    1. Dee is far too error-prone to play shortstop. I think that ship has sailed. Turner is still under team control as an arbitration-eligible guy, so he’ll clearly be back, but preferably as a bench guy again. Expecting him to do what he did in 2014 but over 600+ at-bats would be a mistake. We’re also forgetting that the Dodgers still have Alex Guerrero and Arruebarrena to play in the infield. I wish Guerrero could handle SS defensively, but that doesn’t seem likely at this point. I think they’ll probably trade Dee or Guerrero in a deal for a pitcher and sign JJ Hardy for short.

        1. I think Dee could handle short now…he’s much more mature and would work harder and smarter now…I want Hanley gone. We also need more team speed…Seager and Peterson can both steal bases like the Royals do

    2. van slyke and turner should be priorities, they did a helluva a job as utility players. I wonder what they would do if they played every day. leave dee at second base hes better off there.the time he has played at the major league level guuuerrero didn’t do shit it was a waste of 24 million to sign a player that sat out 4 to 5 months because his ear got bit.he cant play shortstop and from what ive seen he cant play second either so what was the purpose of signing him in the first place a waste of 24 million. trade him for somebody we can use.

  3. They should go after nelson cruz or giancarlo Stanton give away ethier and Crawford and shore up the bullpen. With the home runs these guys provide they will have the best offense in baseball

  4. If Ned Colletti and Dave Dom browski of Detroit have any brains whatsoever they’ll fix their bullpen once and for all. The Dodgers do not need Sandoval.

  5. Dodgers don’t have a DH spot, which is where Fat Panda will be in a few years. He’d be better off going to Boston, where they need a 3B who can play DH when Papi retires.

    1. boston is where he should go ive never seen as many over weight players as I have in boston great place for fat panda. must be the lobster there

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