Dodgers Rumors: Piazza Appears Heading to The Hall of Fame

Mike Piazza will go down as one of the most popular players among fans, if not among Hall of Fame voters. For Dodgers fans, the trade sending Piazza to Miami (at the time, the Florida Marlins), will forever be the kind of day fans remember where they were.

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I, for example, was sitting at home as my dad was throwing stuff all over the living room.

Now, all these years later, Piazza appears to be on the verge of heading into the Hall of Fame, per ESPN’s David Schoenfield.

Let’s talk Hall of Fame. The early returns indicate Mike Piazza finally gets in, long overdue for the best hitting catcher of all time. Of 91 public ballots counted by Ryan Thibs, Piazza is at 91 percent, well above the 69 percent he received last year and easily above the 75 percent threshold. The purging of some voters from the process has appeared to help but this also raises a question: Given rumors of Piazza’s PED use, if he gets in, will it help Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens?

The impact here might be almost impossible to measure. Might Piazza be the one to kick down the door for those simply tied peripherally to PEDs? Then, by extension (as this is how these things go), might this be the first step in allowing those directly connected to steroids into the Hall?

Regardless, Dodgers fans can’t help but feel a slight twinge as arguably the greatest hitting catcher of all time — someone who they could’ve controlled for quite a while, by the way — might be the first domino to fall in the stalemate between Hall of Fame voters and progress.

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  1. Well deserved…..worst trade in my opinion……should have been a career Dodger…..thanks FOX, you messed that one up

  2. Piazza deserves this and there is no credible evidence he used PEDS, unlike Bonds, McGwire, etc. He wants to have the Mets logo on his HOF plaque and has said bad things about the Dodgers and the way they handled him. It would be nice if the Dodgers made the gesture of offering to retire his number, as they have with other HOF players, but I’m not sure if he would agree to show up for the ceremony. Too bad there are such hard feelings after all these years.

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