Dodgers Rumors: Poll of 50 MLB Reporters Predicts Carlos Correa’s Future

Over at, they polled 50 of their baseball experts to guess where 11 of the biggest-name free agents will end up signing this offseason. The experts had six of the 11 returning to their previous teams, but they also had some interesting predictions about the others. The experts have the Dodgers signing just one of the 11, and it’s not a name that will make a lot of fans happy.

That’s right, the experts think Carlos Correa is coming to Los Angeles. Of course, it’s just as enlightening to see which players the Dodgers came close on in the votes. While they predict Correa coming to L.A., the Dodgers got the second-most votes on both Trea Turner and Xander Bogaerts and third-most on Dansby Swanson, so these voters clearly think Los Angeles is going to be heavily involved in the shortstop market.

The voters had the Dodgers third on Aaron Judge behind the Yankees and Giants and fourth on Jacob deGrom behind the Rangers, Mets, and Braves. L.A. was one of 12 teams to get votes on Carlos Rodon, but they were way down the list. Perhaps most surprisingly, not a single expert predicted that Justin Verlander will end up in Los Angeles, despite rumblings from Ken Rosenthal, Jon Morosi, and others that he could end up in Dodger blue.

These predictions are always fun to come back and revisit later to see how accurate they were. Chances are, the experts won’t end up doing much better than the average fan with all these guesses.

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    • Fans’ reticence will melt away after he makes a few 100 mph pivot throws to 1B and shows his MLB best relay throws to the plate. Even pitchers think he has a strong arm. In addition to SS, he is also excellent at 3B as he showed in the World Baseball Classic. Check out his SAT score. He is smart and talented. If my team can’t have him, I hope it’s the Dodgers and he wins a couple more WS.

    • Verlander never cheated since he is a pitcher. He is the only player from Houston that I am fine with signing.

  1. WHY? What the H*** this experts think this will happen? There’s a big conspiracy out there to screw the Dodgers by other organizations. Come on FO, make it Trea outmost, then either Bogaerts, or Dansby, or even have a trade for Adames, but definitely NO CC THE CHEAT! Don’t waste the money on somebody who’s not welcomed by the fans, the team, and the city. This will be an all time low in Dodger history, disrespecting all the GREATS that put on the Dodger Blue.

    • The dodgers have never shown loyalty to players or fans. Who remembers not getting to watch Our Vin Scully’s last 2 years because new ownership wouldnt televise Dodger games on any network other than dish? I was a 40 year diehard that was left at the curb.

      • Sorry about your predicament. Get Spectrum Sportsnet LA if available in your area or go buy a ticket….loyal fan since the year the Dodgers came to LA and saw my first major league game.

  2. I have no respect for those who needed to cheat to win the World Series. Would you call someone a friend if he stole something you cherished away from you, not prosecuted, and then being antagonistic about it? No way, the Dodgers should not reward a monster contract to a guy with no morals and the respect to the game. It’s just as bad as those caught using PED’s.

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