Dodgers Rumors: ‘Pressure Building’ on Friedman, per ESPN

Important disclaimer right from the top: This is a single sentence taken from a few paragraphs on a “needs” piece in the middle of a dead week in November. So, Los Angeles Dodgers fans, take a deep breath before you read on.

That said, if what ESPN’s Buster Olney reports here is actually true, those fans who are already tired of Andrew Friedman and his statistically-inclined administration might have something to yell on high about.

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It appears Friedman isn’t exactly operating under a perfectly placid situation as he tries to build a contender out of what Ned Coletti left him. Here’s Olney on the situation:

Andrew Friedman has just entered his second year with the Dodgers’ front office, but already there’s pressure building within the organization for Friedman to pick the right guys and make the right moves.

On one hand, again, this is only a sentence that could very well be a throwaway statement to summarize what might be going on. After all, there will always be a fair amount of pressure in this industry so long as combined payrolls in the MLB sum up to billions (with a “B”) of dollars.

On the other, and we’re to assume ownership is sick of a roster that merely makes it to the playoffs versus making any kind of noise in said playoffs, Friedman might feel the need to make more impactful moves this winter.

As usual, the answer is probably somewhere between those to scenarios. Of course managing a major league team is pressurized. That should go without saying. I just can’t imagine there’s so much pressure the Dodgers would do anything drastic that might negatively affect their long-term goals as well.

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  1. Great best news I have heard since he and that other bozo Zaidi were hired over a year ago.  I have yet to see Friedman and Zaidi make any meaningful moves to help this team be a serious WS contender and a lot of bad moves.  Now they are hiring an inexperienced manager in Kapler or Roberts.  If they let Greinke go and don’t replace him with an equally dominant pitcher plus continue to make questionable moves this off-season and next year we miss tube playoffs, ownerships needs to eat their expensive contracts and book these 2 to the next plane to China.

  2. fifilarouche I totally agree !!!! This Friedman & Zaidi Experiment is  a total disaster ! They said they wouldn’t make a trade for trades sake & then can you please explain the Dee Gordon move ? Even I saw that this kid was only going to get better ! He wasn’t making a lot of money , was from the farm system ( so how much DODGER time , effort & money was spent for him to be the All Star that he is ) Then they trade him for a one year Howie ????? Unbelievable !!!!! For starters . They also handed Mattingley the SAME problematic team as last years play off team . Never made a log jam difference in the outfield , never improved the bull pen , same problem of leaving runners on base & basically broken down pitchers behind Kershaw & Grienke. Oh & I know they will let Grienke walk away wanting to stay in LA. They can’t help being dumpster divers . Im talking about The Beachy experiment , & now the Bonilla experiment. I have ZERO faith in this regime & am afraid of the new team they duct tape together this winter. The Friedman & Zaidi Experiment MUST BE TERMINATED.Wake Stan Kasten ! You hired them YOU can fire them & will have plenty of support. Mc Court had the balls to fire Paul De Podesta & you already have Colletti to clean up this saber metric mess . He did it with De Podesta he can do it or at least till you find a new BASEBALL guy . Moneyball does NOT work. Billy Bean has NO rings to support his ideas.

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