Dodgers Rumors: Team Could Target Rays’ Friedman As GM

[new_royalslider id=”97″] The rumors have begun that say the Los Angeles Dodgers will make a move in their front office, specifically at the general manager position.

Ned Colletti has been the Dodgers’ GM since 2005 and has built teams that have made the postseason five times, including the past two seasons. However, after the Dodgers were ousted in four games in the NLDS largely thanks to a shaky bullpen, it appears that Colletti could find himself on the way out.

According to Bill Plaschke of the LA Times, the Dodgers could have someone in mind if they do decide to fire Colletti:

Their top target appears to be Andrew Friedman, the highly regarded 37-year-old general manager of the Tampa Bay Rays who built a World Series team out of one of baseball’s smallest payrolls.

Friedman has been the GM of the Tampa Bay Rays since 2005 and helped the franchise turn from laughingstock to perennial playoff contender. While the Rays missed the postseason this season, they did reach the World Series for the first time in franchise history in 2008. The 37-year-old has continued to build strong teams, despite having one of the lower payrolls in the big leagues.

For Colletti, he has made some big moves since Guggenheim took over and expanded the payroll. His big moves have paid off in terms of bringing fans back to Dodger Stadium and regular season success; however, the Dodgers have yet to reach a World Series since he took over. Colletti failed to improved the bullpen at this year’s trade deadline and the two starting pitchers he acquired in August turned out to be busts. The Dodgers were favorites to win the World Series this year and the early exit may lead to his demise as GM.

If the Dodgers plan to make a move, it will come in the coming weeks as the new GM would need time to build his team for next season.

Vincent Samperio

Vince is currently the Associate Editor and Social Media Manager for Dodgers Nation. Hailing from San Pedro, CA and a student at Cal State Long Beach, Vince has previously written for the Daily 49er and LASF Magazine.


  1. That would be cool if he brings Joe Madden and crew over with him as his Managing staff for our Dodgers

  2. Any GM can spend to get players, but a smart one has the ability to sell a trade and make things happen. his time to make a move was trade deadline to reinforce the Dodgers real need (bullpen) and did nothing. Maybe he doesn’t have the vision to fulfill the needs in which case he shouldn’t be the GM

    1. I remember back in Feb/Mar when Dodgers press release said they have a strong bullpen… Bull S***!

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