Dodgers Rumors: Puig Might Be Included in Trade Talks With Indians

The Dodgers are still working on finding pitching wherever they can, but are still very much interested in finding proper value either on the free agent market or in what they send out via trade.

Basically, it’s still the offseason and there’s another rumor to report.

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This time, it’s Jon Morosi:

We knew about the Rays trade talks, so let’s focus on Cleveland.

The names in question here are Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar. Both are right-handed pitchers, which makes sense given the Dodgers southpaw-heavy rotation as it currently stands.

Also worth noting, here is that Jon Heyman has previously reported Yasiel Puig might be moved, but only for the right price. Here’s what he had to say on the topic.

Word is that the Dodgers would trade Puig, but only if they can get a good pitcher back. They are not to the point of giving him away, as he obviously has the potential he showed his first year before regressing. Their main efforts are being directed toward getting the best out of him, not trading him.

It was previously reported the Dodgers and Indians maintained trade talks way back at the Winter Meetings (which feel like forever ago, by the way) and that Puig’s name had come up. Whether those trade talks have continued with Puig as a potential asset, we don’t quite know right now.

In the same article, Heyman theorized that Puig might avoid punishment from the league as the alleged incident that occurred earlier in the offseason did not involve any actual domestic violence, which makes him exponentially more valuable than, say, Aroldis Chapman, who might face serious punishment.

That last sentence of Heyman’s report along with Clayton Kershaw’s trip to Cuba make it seem as if the Dodgers are doing whatever they can to understand how to relate to Puig.

Nonetheless, the Dodgers are certainly active as they stockpile prospects either to develop or include in a bigger deal. How the deal actually turns out, however, obviously remains to be seen.

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  1. Anthony does anyone really know what this incredibly incompetent Front Office is up to? Every rumor has been wrong or at least not come to fruition. As reports do say they have been surprised at the negativity coming their way. The Dodger Front Office may actually do their jobs. They have been out played and out maneuvered since they got the job with the Dodgers. Looking over all of their deals I do not see one that they actually came away as clear winners on.

  2. I have a maybe modest trade proposal. Why not go after James Shields? It would appear that he might be an inexpensive target, trade value-wise, as if I remember correctly, San Diego posted him on the waiver wire before last season. Due to his relatively high salary for San Diego, and his relatively off season, I would assume that maybe San Diego would be willing to part with him for a relatively low cost. What might be the incentive for the Dodgers? Well, prior to this season, Shields has been a mark for consistency and good consistency. His prior seasons are all better than what is left on the free agent market, and is actually along the lines of Jhonny Cueto, actually a little better. This past season was an aberration from all his other seasons, and he would automatically slide in as a legitimate 2, better than a Cueto signing and he would not cost a 1st round pick. Just food for thought, but he might be worth a look….

  3. Tmaxster There is a reason why Rolls Royce dealers don’t hire Volkswagen salespeople.. apples & oranges.. Yes they are both cars but two different type customers.  That small market stuff does not work in Southern California  LA or Orange county. IMO, Too Many layers of Management & analytics,Corporate bullshit, and not enough ‘Real Baseball Thinking going into the building of a winning baseball strategy.  Millions of dollars spent on Non team mates, Bad deals for broken arm pitchers and warehousing of more(assets) prospects.. Fantasy computer game mentality mumbo-jumbo Crap..  Bottom line: WE are weaker as a team, weak as a defender of the division(nat’l league West) No offensive threats in our lineup. watch..when the season opens we will be a 3-4th place team behind san Francisco and Arizona, .

  4. RobertjCarmack Tmaxster Behind San Francisco, Arizona and Colorado (sadly) wait and see.

  5. lookoutpi RobertjCarmack Tmaxster As the teams are structured today. I think you are correct. you have to believe they cannot be that stupid. They will, as we have seen in the past, make an overly complicated deal and get what they think is a Front line pitcher. McCarhty anyone? 
    Thinking about it could it be they make these ridiculous trades so it is harder to evaluate? We were all so shocked at the Gordon trade few of us were able to evaluate it. 
    Looking at that trade now it would have been OK, IMHO, had they kept Heaney. As it netted them Kike and Barnes with a possible draft pick when someone signs Kendrick it was a horrible deal. 
    Plus using their own metrics Kendricks defense has slipped considerably and Gordon’s has risen. Which besides his age is the reason they are not rushing to sign Howie. Although as they traded Peraza they may need to at this point. . 
    But you guys make great points right now, barring any moves, they are probably fighting for 4th in the NL West.
    Good NEWS! Ryu says he is doing very well and sees no reason he will not be back and healthy. But he has not thrown off of a mound yet so lets all hold our collective breaths….

  6. I am not going to criticize the Dodgers for not making any trades or signed any expensive free agents at this point. The Iwakuma deal was a blessing since, did you notice that once the medical report indicated that Iwakuma had a medical issue he signed quickly for one year only with the Mariners who apparently due to loyalty would accept the risk. Yes, the Dodgers did not get Grienke but I did not think Grienke was a Dodger loyalist. His ERA will go up because that park in Arizona is a great park to hit in not pitch in. As for the Giants, both those pitchers who are highly rated by those so called baseball analyst from MLB Network and ESPN, that is Samardja and Cueto are pitchers that I would say are risk factors. In fact, I would say that the Zito contract the Giants completed several years ago is less riskier then these two. Both these pitchers are mediocre at best. Yes, Cueto won the WS but that is because of the Royals hitting and speed on the bases. Cueto did not win the MVP of the WS either. Arizona wanted him but he did not accept knowing that hitters would have their way with him there in Arizona. we will see how he does at AT&T Park. I think the Dodgers had to know, or should have known if they could not resign Grienke they would definitely not have as good as a pitching staff this coming year no matter who they signed. So what do they do? If they are willing to give up Puig, there is only one pitcher that I would consider worth trading Puig for and that is Sonny Gray. Fernandez no, he had TJ surgery so he is too much of a risk. Other then that, the Dodgers will have to hope their hitters can clutch hit etc….

  7. The geek squad is always picking other teams garbage and need more low risk high reward than the opposite they are addicted too.
    Name one player they have brought to the team that has done great? None

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