Dodgers Rumors: Team in Talks To Acquire Aroldis Chapman

With Zack Greinke gone, the focus shifts to not only replacing what he brought as a starter, but trying to improve the team in his absence.

In a way, baseball has shifted from the days when a couple aces dominate a series (think Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson). Yes they are obviously extremely valuable to have, but it’s also worth noting the Dodgers have had that luxury and failed even make a World Series — let alone win one — with Greinke and Clayton Kershaw.

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So, rumor that the team is in talks with the Cincinnati Reds to acquire Aroldis Chapman, the hardest throwing pitcher in the MLB and one of the least hittable pitcher in recent memory, makes perfect sense.

A one-two punch of Chapman and Kenley Jansen in the bullpen would be incredible. Absolutely. Incredible.

While the offseason isn’t off to a great start, this kind of move (obviously depending on what the Dodgers would have to give up) would get the ship sailing in the right direction again.

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  1. Great plan!  Other than the fact that the 2-5 starters on this team now are always going to be a threat to give up 5 or 6 runs before the 7th and 8th inning.  Chapman is not going to be happy as a setup guy (and neither is Jansen).  This would be an absurd acquisition for LA.

  2. Absurd in what way? The Dodgers must improve their bullpen. And this guy is arguably the best bullpen arm in baseball. I’m sure he and Jansen can find a way to get along. Winning cures a lot of things.
    Obviously he Dodgers still need to improve their rotation to get those 2 guys the ball with the lead.

  3. Darviathar Yes because Greinke never gave up 5 runs in a game.  Not.  Because Greinke’s numbers were right in line with his career.  Not.  While Greinke is a really really good pitcher, $34.4 MM is crazy for a guy that is going to turn 33.  This pitcher is pitching low 3.00 ERA in the American league.  As for Chapman and Jensen, they will be fine.  Jansen has made it well known that he would be fine as the 8th inning guy.  He said it in years past when the Dodgers were trying to improve the bullpen.  As for the word absurd, try not using it unless it has meaning to what you are speaking of.  Oh, I went to the DBacks Dodgers game, 2nd Kershaw game last year, Kershaw gave up like six runs.  All before the 7th inning.  While I would prefer Greinke, there has to be a line drawn somewhere.  Where would you put it?  Guy on the wrong side of 30 making what?  $37MM??

  4. They are both 1 yr from FA.They’ll be very happy ,everyone in the world knows either one can close and they’ll be interchangeable. Look at KC,the Dodgers twin brother.Remember Howell can come in before.Thee headed monster,Ala KC.

  5. I have a hard time believing that (if Chapman is picked up) that Jansen is not being dealt to some team looking to upgrade its closer spot. In fact, I think this could allow Dodgers to package Puig, Crawford or Ethier with Jansen (and maybe someone like McCarthy or Ryu) for something bigger. For example, why wouldn’t a deal of Puig, Jansen, and Ryu not be an attractive option for Astros with Dodgers bringing back McCullers, Gomez and Neshek? Or what about Ethier, Jansen and McCarthy to the Nationals for Gonzalez, Storen, Escobar and Goodwin? I know maybe dreaming a bit, but Jansen could fetch useful pieces from teams that believe they need to improve in the closer spot – like Astros, Nats, maybe Twins, maybe Mariners, maybe Cubs, maybe Brews, etc. The Dodgers have the need for a LF, a 2B (at least to share with Utley), a SP or two (still – I don’t want to see Frias or Bolsinger putting up anywhere near 100 innings), and maybe even an upgrade at 3B (sorry, Justin).

  6. Not gonna happen with Ryu has to prove himself all over again,Wash is agood possibility and throw in Papelbon and convincing him to take a setup roll as most teams would not take him now because of grievence against Wash.
    They would give him away.
    Trading Jansen is a better than better possibility,and negotiating an extension now with Chapman. Can’t see them ending the season with both unsigned.

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