Dodgers Rumors: Team Looking To Move Alex Guerrero

It’s rumor mill time, and the Los Angeles Dodgers have been involved in plenty of rumors so far. For instance, there was that rumor about the Chicago White Sox being interested in Yasiel Puig only for the Dodgers to attempt to pawn Andre Ethier off on them. Now, it’s a different player in the rumor mill.

The rumor going around now, thanks to the little bomb dropped on Twitter a few minutes ago, is that the Dodgers are “trying to trade” Alex Guerrero and are talking with a few teams. The rumor came out a little bit ago.

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From MLB on FOX Reporter and MLB Network Insider Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal):

Guerrero hit .233 last season with a .695 OPS and 11 home runs. He also drove in 36 runs and scored 25. The issue is that Rosenthal is correct in saying that Guerrero fits best with an American League team. He’s an average, at best, third baseman defensively, but he wasn’t good in his time in left field last year.

No word on what teams might even be interested in the 29-year old native of Cuba, but you’d have to assume that the White Sox, Baltimore Orioles, and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim would at least be somewhat interested given their shaky left field situations.

It’s pure speculation at this point to guess at what the Dodgers could even get back for Guerrero. He’s due to make $5 million in 2016, as well as another $5 million in 2017. Most likely, whoever trades for him will have to pick up the moderate tab and give up something decent in return.

It’ll be interesting to see what team actually does deal for him if the Dodgers do indeed go through with moving him. With the glut of outfielders and infielders on the team now, moving someone seems inevitable. It looks like, based on rumors, that odd man out is Alex Guerrero.

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  1. Guerrero could help an AL team as a DH. He could also be an
    emergency defender somewhere.But I
    would like to see a potential move expanded and include others.I would like to see Zach Lee get a shot with
    someone.He isn’t with LAD.Can Ethier or SVS be included? These are
    moves that can actually help the LAD as well as the Organization.Much better news than the signing of Tsao and

  2. Giantkiller  The Dodgers would have to eat $42 million to move CC.  Nobody is going to take him.  If he is going to play 100 games he might as well do it for the team that is paying him.  When healthy, he can be a good offensive option in the OF.  Ethier is more logical because he does have value, and because the Dodgers want to make sure he does not get his 10/5 rights.  Now if the Dodgers can find a taker for CC and assume 50% of the amount owed, I would agree, but it is not going to happen.

    I like SVS as well.  But Trayce Thompson is younger, faster, can play CF, and is less expensive.  It would be a waste to move him back to AAA.  Thompson deserves the shot.  SVS has value and can bring a decent return.  I have not heard any rumors about SVS, but there is a logjam in the OF, and I do not believe it serves Thompson or the Dodgers to option him back to OKC.  Its just my preference of Thompson over SVS, and not blocking players ready for the ML.

  3. AlwaysCompete I’ve always liked Guerrero. Whether a DH or third baseman, I believe if he knows his role and is a regular he will suprise many. I never thought that Mattingly was a good evaluater of talent. And as mentioned,Thompson and a few more young ones should get a fair shot. I feel more positive sense Donny Boy is gone. Again I say all players can’t be moved around as Mattingly did with Puig, Guerrero.and Gordon. Keke is an exception.

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