Dodgers Rumors: Team Would’ve Pursued Shane Victorino In Off-Season

It was convenient that on the anniversary of the Dodgers-Red Sox trade that the two teams squared off this weekend in a highly anticipated showdown of east versus west.

The trade changed the franchises fortunes as the Dodgers took on over $260 million in contracts, while the Red Sox were able to sign key free agents in the offseason. One of those free agents was Shane Victorino, who was traded to the Dodgers last season and Don Mattingly spoke to Scott Miller of CBSSports.com about the “Flyin’ Hawaiian”:

I think we would probably have made a run at Victorino if we don’t get Carl, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly says, noting how much he liked Victorino during the center fielder’s brief stay in Los Angeles during the second half of last season. And getting Adrian, that changes you again.

When the Dodgers completed the deal with the Red Sox, Crawford was done for the season due to Tommy John surgery and the writing was on the wall for Victorino as a Dodger.

In his brief stint the Dodgers, Victorino hit .245 with two home runs and 15 RBIs in 53 games late in the season. The Dodgers went all-in when the deal was completed with the Red Sox and it worked out for them and Victorino.

Signed to a three-year deal in the off-season, Victorino is hitting .287 with nine home runs and 41 RBIs and has helped the Red Sox stay in first place for most of the season. The blockbuster deal definitely changed a lot of things for players, but it’s interesting to hear that Mattingly  liked how he played during his time in LA.


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Ross Gasmer

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