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Dodgers Rumors: Teams Phoned Friedman After Injuries To Talk Trade

With all the injuries that the Los Angeles Dodgers have suffered this offseason and in the spring, one might wonder if they have actually looked outside the organization for any potential help. Well, they didn’t have to. In fact, teams called them to discuss possible trades after the rash of injuries struck.

While the Dodgers didn’t jump on any of the trade offers, president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman did say that the team listened. And why wouldn’t they? You’re supposed to listen. You’re trying to improve the team so you’re going to hear out the other side. But, as he puts it, the other teams were trying to “ambulance chase.”

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From Bill Plunkett, staff writer at the Orange County Register:

“I’d say a number of teams reached out soon thereafter,” Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said. “Some even qualified it with ‘Not trying to ambulance chase but …’ which, in fact, definitionally is what they were trying to do.”

That’s what Friedman says happened after left-hander Brett Anderson had to go under the knife for back surgery. Those phone calls started up again after the news about Andre Ethier, Howie Kendrick, and Mike Bolsinger came out, as well. Vultures smelled blood in the water, but Friedman never bit.

As he says:

“But this winter, we had a lot of different conversations about acquiring impact guys. We’re continuing to have them and my guess is we’ll continue to have them indefinitely.”

Don’t rule anything out when it comes to this front office. Sure, they want to hold onto their young pieces in order to build something for the future, but short-term moves aren’t necessarily out of their realm. If they see a move that appeals to them, they’ll jump on it. If not, they’ll stand pat with what they’ve built.

The front office built a system of depth this offseason, and that quality depth is going to be the reason they stay in the hunt in the National League West despite the plethora of ailments that has seemingly decimated the roster at times. A trade could happen, and it will happen if other teams have their way.

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  1. The clown prince of team vice presidents, Firedman, won’t trade to improve this team. He’s banking that his dumpster dive team will succeed and he will then be praised for his stance. I long for the day when we all can say…’Hasta la vista baby’!!!

  2. I am not a big Friedman fan but he is doing what Kasten wants him to do. Kasten has shared his business plan with the Guggenheim group on stocking the Farm and keeping a Home Grown team in contention year after year as he did with the Braves. Guggenheim will make a ton of return on their very large investment. 
    The question for the fan base is will the Dodger Team that Kasten envisions be able to win the World Series. As we all know the Braves for all of their greatness with that Hall of Fame pitching rotation only won one pennant. 
    Hopefully Kasten has learned his lessons and knows how to tip the balance a little more in the Dodger’s favor. I like the speed component Roberts is adding. Speed never takes off or has a bad day it is always there and serves you to create mistakes from the Defense. 
    It was the Dodger way before Torre and Mattingly.

  3. Tmaxster I think you meant that the Braves won only one championship.  They won more than one pennant.

  4. sdecee Tmaxster  They won one world series……and 11 straight division championships  1995 only world series win

  5. nodrog60  Absolutely. Offer him guys like Beachy, Anderson, McCarthy and he will spend big bucks and draft picks on them. But do not offer solid guys like Frazier, Chapman etc. He will turn you down flat. What a jerk he is.

  6. Vultures smelled blood in the water? Mix metaphors much?

    If you guys haven’t been convinced by now that winning a world series is a crapshoot, (SF, KC, 1988, etc.), I don’t know what to say. The real deal is playing a 162 game schedule and finishing on top of your division. Beyond that, it’s usually riding the coat tales of someone who’s really hot in October, be it Hershiser or Mad Bum, or whoever. This ownership and management team has it right, and a fourth straight NL West title is a probability not a possibility..

  7. Michael Norris sdecee Tmaxster Yes sorry one WS and thank you Michael 11 pennants. But sorry 11 Pennants are not OK. 
    How the hell do you win 11 straight division championships and only win 1 bloody WS? They seriously needed an exorcism. Talk about bad luck Yikes…

  8. Actually getting there is relatively easy, especially in a very weak division. Maybe not so much in other divisions. Tough to build a team to win after you get there, especially with no bullpen and starters that can’t seem to get it right in the postseason.If we make it this year and bomb again none of us will be happy with winning a 4th division title.

  9. Tommy Lasordid  Not this year. A weak starting staff, after Kershaw, and an
    even weaker bull pen spells a 2nd or third place finish.

  10. Tmaxster Michael Norris sdecee  Actually they won 3 pennants….you only get those when you go to the series…….they went in 95,96, and one other year….all the other times they got knocked out of the playoffs…..

  11. Friedman you suck stuck us with all these damn worthless players that are downright cripples. You are the worst f****** thing that ever happened to the Dodgers team. Get the hell off of it do us all a favor you dip wad

  12. mxltz3645  Angry are we there Max? Relax, most Dodger fans feel pretty much just as disgusted as you.

  13. foultip Michael Norris sdecee Tmaxster  Wrong….they won 3 straight from 1991 to 1993…..finished 2nd in 1994 then from 1995 until 2005 they finished first. Gave them 14 out of 15 years..don’t believe me? Check the baseball register and the Atlanta team history…in 1994 they finished 6 games out of first…

  14. Yea he sucks. He only managed to build us the best farm in MLB while still putting a championship contender out on the field. Stop cryin

  15. We had Champan. And we got a few really good prospects for Frazier. It only helped give us the top farm in all of MLB. So many new fans want a win today. These guys understand that it’s bigger than that. They can put a contender on the field while still having great young talent to bring up in the future or to trade down the stretch.

  16. It’s ok that you can’t see his vision. The guy is a genius at the end of the day. And the Dodgers are a contender in 2016 like it or not. And not to mention we have the best farm in MLB. I’m sure a couple trades will get made late summer. It’s not an easy thing to do, building a contender as well as the farm. But he did it pretty well. I know McCourt would have thrown money to get ZG and probably price. That would have been incredible. But it’s still not guaranteed a ring. And if it didn’t work, we would have been out 400 mil a year. Dodgers are winning the pennant this year. Watch

  17. Hey Frank 8.  What exacting has he contributed to this farm team? He inherited this farm team pretty much with no real contributions. Same is true of the roster, 2nd base, catcher and ???  Oh yeah all that pitching depth???

  18. foultip Michael Norris sdecee Tmaxster  Ok………here is the rub. !994 was the season that the players went on strike and the World Series was cancelled. When the season was cancelled the Braves were in 2nd place 6 games out. And officially, that is where they ended the season. So the string was effectively broken because of the strike. If the season was not official, all records from that season should have been struck from the books. Now I am sure the Braves, and everyone else who likes records will say they won 14 straight. If you go back to 1981, when the strike started the Dodgers were in first place, But they declared there would be first and second half winners. If memory serves, the Reds actually ended up with the most wins in the NL and yet were not in the playoffs…..Montreal won the AL East and the Dodgers beat the Astro’s to face the Expos in the playoff……

  19. Michael Norris sdecee Tmaxster Diff likely that 94 Braves season only 114 games due to strike.  Not considered in record bc season canceled after Aug. 94–including WS. 
    Probably MLB lowest point ever. Eighth work stoppage as well as fourth in-season work stoppage in 22 years. Caused lots of fans to write baseball off.

  20. Michael Norris sdecee Tmaxster You and I posted same time.  Saw yours only after posting mine.

  21. Michael Norris sdecee Tmaxster
    David Schoenfield ESPN Senior Writer, story on 2014 HOF induction
    “…the Braves won a division title in each of those seasons, excepting the never-completed 1994 season. Throw in division titles in 1991 and 1992 plus three more from 2003 to 2005 and the Braves won a remarkable 14 consecutive division titles, one of the most remarkable achievements in baseball history.”
    So 94 seems not to count, FWIW.

  22. Michael Norris sdecee Tmaxster 95 season–when ATL won its lone  WS–was shortened by strike too, but seems to be regarded differently, likely bc play never resumed in 94, so no official postseason winners then.  Best guess, FWIW.

  23. Remember until those Farm Kids come to the Show and perform to the hype they have that dreadful and promising thing called Potential. How many Potential Koufax’s or Mantles have we seen in the Minor disappear under the Lights of the Big Show?
    Yes it is Great they have Potential and it is to their advantage with their Business Plan to have Cost Controlled Home grown Talent. That is what Kasten sold Guggenheim.
    But I do not know about you but 13 or 14 seasons being Division Winners and NOT winning the WS except One Stinking Time is NOT OK.
    ! Out of 13 or 14 ain’t unlucky man that is either cursed or your plan has flaws in it…. It is like the Oakland A’s they have a team built on stats and control of Money. Many years they play very well and get into the playoffs or close to it with a very small budget.
    But it takes guys that have IT to win.It takes stars!! The reason they are stars is because they thrive under the lights. Those guys are expensive when their contracts are due. The A’s and the Braves of yesteryear would not pay for those guys.
    We have to pay for some Stars or we will not win the WS…. We have a few that play well in the Playoffs. Turner, Ellis come to mind…Ryu has pitched very well in the Playoffs.
    We shall see…

  24. Frankjc81 
    it’s obvious you are a Firedman groupie. We haven’t won since 1988. So it isn’t just we want to win this year. WE HAVEN”T WON SINCE !!! With the money available to the front office, put together a winning  team now! Not, hopefully, years down the road. Stop spending money on broken down players.

  25. Hey nodrog60 C’mon don’t you remember? Fried Brains and his Crack Team of Scouts drafted Buehler. You know the guy that needed TJ Surgery. See a trend. I know the Statue of Liberty says gives us your poor etc but why are these guys drafting and signing injured players?
    The Farm Team is great mostly because Colletti and his crew did a pretty good job with no resources if you think that isn’t hard look at the Angels.
    Kershaw, Puig, Urias, DeLeon, Holmes, Cotton, Seager, Stripling all Colletti’s Team and the new Front Office Team has fired all of them…

  26. Hey tmaxster how could I forget Buehler. If you are going to build your roster with injury prone pitchers it’s always good to draft injured prospects. Kind of takes the worry out of it.

  27. It seems like you are new to the party here. So I will remind you. Tell me how much the payroll was when kemp and kersh were in the first couple years of the big leagues? And yet we were one game away form the World Series two years in a row. Then last year we have the highest payroll and finish worse off. Money cannot buy rings man. Not sure why you just want to throw money at it. It’s common sense. Like I said if we threw money this year at ZG and price, sure we would look stellar but if we don’t win, then what’s next? Now we have a 400 mil payrol which keeps us out of the market for any of those 2018 fee agents, and still have a losing team. The new front office isn’t perfect. The Mcarthy deal was one of the worst I’ve seen in a while. But at least we still have a deep team that can contend as is with the best farm in the game. That means great young talent to play for us, or to use to make a great trade down the stretch. You can’t predict injuries. And it’s always easy to second guess in hindsight. At the end of the day, it’s a buisness to. And realistically it took serious brains to cut payrol while putting a contending team on the field and building the farm. I wish we had ZG behind kersh. But we don’t. Oh well. We still have a solid rotation. And plenty of teams win without multiple aces. You say we need to win now, well we have a team that can. I don’t understand why you don’t even realize the team that won it all did it without a crazy payroll. But yet you still had the mindset to spend big means win now. Makes zero sense.

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