Dodgers Rumors: Todd Frazier Targeted from Rebuilding Reds

With pitching as the top priority for the Dodgers, that doesn’t mean they are not going to try to fill in other holes in the lineup.

According to Sporting News, the Dodgers, along with a few other teams are looking to add home run derby winner. With a team-friendly contract and with it expiring in 2018, this might fit into the front office’s plans to load up for the 2018 free agent all-star class. 

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The Dodgers must make a winter move after missing out on Aroldis Chapman and Zack Greinke and need to find a way to deal Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier, although they will likely have to send cash in potential trades of both players.  – Sporting News

The Royals seem to be in the best position to grab Frazier, but crazier things have happened, as every Dodger fan can attest to now.



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