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Dodgers Rumors: Todd Frazier Targeted from Rebuilding Reds

With pitching as the top priority for the Dodgers, that doesn’t mean they are not going to try to fill in other holes in the lineup.

According to Sporting News, the Dodgers, along with a few other teams are looking to add home run derby winner. With a team-friendly contract and with it expiring in 2018, this might fit into the front office’s plans to load up for the 2018 free agent all-star class. 

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The Dodgers must make a winter move after missing out on Aroldis Chapman and Zack Greinke and need to find a way to deal Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier, although they will likely have to send cash in potential trades of both players.  – Sporting News

The Royals seem to be in the best position to grab Frazier, but crazier things have happened, as every Dodger fan can attest to now.


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  1. Great, another rumor. If rumors were reality, the Dodgers would be World Series champs by now……

  2. Loading up for 2018??  You have got to be kidding.  Maybe I need to wait 3 years to care.

  3. Hire writers guys! Writers who know baseball.
    “According to Sporting News, the Dodgers, along with a few other teams are looking to add home run derby winner.”
    The idea that the team is looking to add in 2018 is stupid. No team looks out that far with anything more than a passing interest.

  4. OK 2B15Lopes, how about the Giants signed Cueto, but u probably know that by now. Yup. The Giants signed him while Dodger ownership ONCE AGAIN, blew smoke in our eyes about how they were interested in him……..while standing around, with their hands in their DEEP POCKETS, fondling the hundreds of millions they’ve saved this off season, all the while ‘staying competative’. As a 39 year Dodgers fan, I would have to say these are the darkest days since they lost 99 games in ’92. Makes me SICK!!!

  5. When I was a kid I used to run around in a toy store looking at all the neat toys for sale, but when I would go back and ask my parents for some of those toys they would turn down my request by emphatically saying, “NO” and that’s exactly what I think is happening with Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi. They run around much like they would in the toy store, but when they go back to Mark Walter and… Stan Kasten for their final approval, those guys say, “NO”. Why do they say “NO” because they approach the game from a business perspective. They simply understand the business more than Friedman and Zaidi understand baseball and essentially that’s why the Dodgers are linked to so many rumors, but never seem to come back with the player they go after, or the player they need!
    Seriously, 38 year old Farhan Zaidi as a General Manager? Zaidi was a bean counter in Oakland under then GM, Billy Bean!
    That should have been our clue right there! You think when teams arrived at the winter meetings, with years upon years of well represented experience they considered calling Farhan Zaidi? I’ve forgotten more than Zaidi knows! I’m willing to bet, that a great many baseball people, GM’s, Executives, etc., don’t even give Zaidi the time of day because he’s not a seasoned GM! Let’s not forget that for the last couple of years this new Dodger brass was fortunate enough to have reaped the benefits of Ned Coletti’s work, 
    What happens from here on out, is all their work, or lack of it!

  6. JohnLucas5  All teams approach decisions from business considerations, with some better  at it than others.

  7. He had a huge drop off in the 2nd half. Same as Joc Pederson, which begs one to wonder just how great the home run derby is. There have been several instances when the winners have fallen off a cliff so to speak the 2nd half….my theory, trying so hard to hit the long ball messes up their mechanics….just a theory.

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