Dodgers Rumors: Updates on Zack Greinke Situation

We wrote earlier today about the type of contract it will likely take to sign Zack Greinke this season. (Hint: It’s expensive)

ESPN’s Jim Bowden and Jayson Stark updated what they know about the situation.

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First, here’s Bowden with a general update. Sounds like the decision is pretty close:

I am now expecting Zack Greinke to land a 6-year deal with an average annual value of $32m per year with his landing spot either with the Dodgers or Giants and a decision in the next 48 hours according to a source close to the situation. tick tock tick tock.

Then, Stark provided an update of his own.

Sounds as if the Zack Greinke talks have taken parallel paths. Wants 6 years at an AAV north of David Price but was open to 5 years at a much higher AAV. Still looks like a Dodgers-Giants mano a mano.

So, based on ESPN’s reports, here it sounds like Greinke will be noticeably richer and living somewhere in California as early as tomorrow. Dodgers fans just have to hope it’s in the southern half of the state.

It’s always been widely reported that Greinke would wind up with whichever team offers him the richer contract. While he has appeared to have greatly appreciated his time in Los Angeles, it doesn’t sound like he’s ready to give any kind of hometown discount which, while obviously unfortunate for the Dodgers, is perfectly within his own rights.

Once he’s off the market, I’d expect the rest of the free agent news to starting dropping fairly quickly. Between Greinke and David Price, several teams had sizable chunks of money saved up in case they convinced either to play for that city. With them signed, teams can start spending whatever money was slotted for those two big names.

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