Dodgers Rumors: White Sox Working on A Big Trade With L.A.

[UPDATE: Find the details of the final deal here.]

Those wondering what might be going on thus far with the Los Angeles Dodgers’ offseason might finally have some clarity, maybe.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports sent out a tweet Wednesday morning that will probably result in roughly a zillion fans asking if Yasiel Puig might be traded.

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Because of course that’s how Dodgers fans react to all trade rumors ever. Actually, take that back… That’s how Dodgers fans react to basically all news or rumors nowadays.

Here’s what Passan had to say:

As if that might not have been enough to excite fans, True Blue LA’s Eric Stephen followed the rumor up with a little tidbit on the pitching prospect who might be coming to the Dodgers.

So, that’d be fun, right?

One would think some kind of professional help (an outfielder such as Andre Ethier or the aforementioned Puig) will be heading to Chicago in the deal to land such a talent as Montas.

This is definitely something to keep an eye on in the near future and would finally mark some activity as we await Isashi Iwakuma’s deal to be finalized, as well.

UPDATE: Per Ken Rosenthal and others, the deal has been completed and will involve Reds’ third basemen Todd Frazier going to the White Sox, Montas head to L.A. and it is yet unknown which Dodgers will be heading wherever they may go.

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