Dodgers Rumors: Will Los Angeles Pay Up for a Reliever?

Relievers will start flying off the market the closer we get to spring training. Fortunately for their agents, the Dodgers are among the big market franchises seeking bullpen help.

It was previously reported L.A. only wants to commit a one-year deal to a reliever. That limit may have cost the team Greg Holland, who signed a contract with the Rockies that included a vesting option for 2018.

Ken Rosenthal reported the agents for Boone Logan and Jerry Blevins (a possible Dodgers target) are indicating both players have two-year offers on the table. That’s an interesting development because 1) we know those offers aren’t from Andrew Friedman and 2) it will dry up the market quicker, while also possibly forcing more teams to offer multiyear deals. Rosenthal explains why that could be an issue.

“The Dodgers like Blevins and Blanton, but could pivot if a better value emerges. One problem: The team only wants to offer a one-year deal, perhaps taking it out of play on the more popular choices.”

Rosenthal referred to Joe Blanton as a “bigger money” pitcher, and if more teams begin to budge on multiyear deals, the Dodgers may let him go without much of a fight. Craig Breslow, who the Dodgers watched in a throwing session Monday, could become a more realistic option if Blanton ignites a bidding war.

[graphiq id=”2YtrtljQtkF” title=”Joe Blanton 2016 Complete Pitching Splits” width=”600″ height=”786″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/2YtrtljQtkF” link=”http://baseball-players.pointafter.com/l/1352/Joe-Blanton” link_text=”PointAfter | Graphiq” ]

Washington, Cleveland, New York, Toronto and Chicago are among the other contenders actively perusing available relievers. If the Dodgers are devoted to their one-year declaration, the team will probably be in hot pursuit of bullpen help in July.

Los Angeles could be in good shape at the 2017 trade deadline

Gabe Burns

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  1. How do you pay Yasiel Sierra 30 mil, and then look to save pennies on major league talent?

  2. JustinKlein JacksonEbner Sierra sucked in Cuba, then got bombed in single A.  Jews don’t throw away their money as a rule, so what you talking about.

  3. Knowing this FO, they will roll the dice with who they have already. As scary as it is Baez and Hatcher will be in the mix to replace Blanton. Also in the mix will be Dayton, Fields, Ravin and who ever doesn’t win the 5th rotation spot between Kazmir, McCarthy, Ryu and Wood. Let it all play out and address any needs come trade deadline in July. This FO doesn’t want to add to the highest payroll in baseball at this time.

  4. Good grief, why are Dodgers even being mentioned with Breslow who is the second coming of JP Howell.  Minor league deal with ST invite OK if you need a LH’er to throw BP to the Dodgers lefty hitters.  IF Liberatore is not 100% then Logan or Blevins, but Wood looked really good coming out of the BP late last season.

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