Dodgers Rumors: Yankees in on Corey Seager? How Much Should LA Offer Star Shortstop This Winter

After a dominant 2020 postseason where he took home both the NLCS and World Series MVP, Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager has shown no signs of cooling down this spring. We dive into Seager’s scorching spring and react to his recent comments about being healthy, not wanting to peak too early, and what it means for LA after adding Trevor Bauer and re-sign Justin Turner this offseason.

Next, Yankees insider Bob Klapisch says that Dodgers’ shortstop Corey Seager will be a target for the pinstripes this off-season. We discuss the potential bidding war between the Yankees and Dodgers and if New York is a serious threat to sign Seager long-term. Plus, how a potential deal between the New York Mets and Francisco Lindor could set the market for Seager.



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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. And so the madness begins. I still think the Dodgers need to go slowly with Seager. I’m thinking Boris should go against his basic nature and work with Dodgers to get an extension for Seager. If Seager gets hurt again this year all anyone will think about is Troy Tulowitzki and Seaver’s value goes way down! And there would be plenty of other shortstops available to replace him.

    1. If the Yankees are in Boras will not play ball with an extension. Seager’s injuries are in the past and he might be the favorite for MVP this year (yes even over Betts.) He’s going to cost a boat-load of money and the only advantages the Dodgers have to sign him are good weather, perennial chances at championships, and team chemistry. Let’s hope the new CBA allows the Dodgers the chance to spend.

      1. MVP for someone whose defense is mediocre? Dodgers fans are so biased and you say everyone is east coast biased. Dodgers this and Dodgers that. Crying always feeling like you’re being cheated.

        1. Yelich, Stanton, Bryant, and Harper are 4 of the last 6 MVPs so stop with the lame mediocre defense stuff. MVP is about offense and you know it or should.

          I have no idea where your crying comment comes from; seems you’re saying something just to say something in the hope that it’s insulting. If you don’t like the Dodgers why are you commenting here?

          And I’m on the east coast so your assumption – like your logic – is flawed.

        2. I think Cory Saeger’s bat does his talking. I think you are a fan of another team and can’t stand the success the Dodger’s are having. No team in baseball has the chemistry the Dodgers have right now and Cory Saeger is a big part of that chemistry.

        3. The Dodgers must be ALL THAT and more or you wouldn’t be on Dodgersnation trolling fans while simultaneously trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to minimize Dodgers’ talent. If you are eluding to 2017 with your comment that the “(Dodgers) always feeling like you’re being cheated”, I suggest that you read the commissioner’s report. The Astros illegally used in-game tech to steal signs and inform their batters which pitches were coming. That would describe cheating by any definition unless you have an alternate interpretation of the findings…
          Regardless, we won the 2020 World Series last year. GO DODGERS!

  2. the dodgers tried to snag lemahieu. now the yankees trying to lure seager? haha…..won’t work. no way friedman let’s seager go anywhere.

  3. The Dodgers must make Seager into a lifetime Dodger like Betts is. If Bellinger returns to high productivity again this year they should make him one too. Add Buelher to create the dynasty.

    1. How can Betts be a lifetime Dodger when he started with the Red Sox. Go back and bye Seager. Don’t need you guys!

  4. Y. I totally agree with you about he being worth more to the team than Bueler or Bellinger. I’m surprised they havent offered him a contract already. Although signing Bauer and going over the tax threshold might have something to do with it. I’m hoping they cut off all the hoopla and reging him during the season. We’ll see.

  5. Note how Tom Brady structured his contract. Granted Seager has never seen Brady money nor does he have a mega millionaire wife. But brady is getting his money and ownership is able to pay for the surrounding pieces

    I checked, Brady doesn’t play an infield position or pitch in relief but he has a perfectly structured contract that is team friendly. Does Seager want to be a happy Dodger or an unhappy Yankee? Howw much money does he expect? He’s not in LeMahieu pay class yet but Lindor may be a good example

    1. 355 million…he is that good..in a class by himself offensively …the Dodgers will not come close to that…but they should…go all in on him…if they lose Bellinger so be it

  6. How can we reach management with a petition to lock up Seager – seriously?

    No one is more important to the future than a healthy Seager.

  7. No surprise here. Boras loves the Yankees and hates the Dodgers. We saw that with Gerrit Cole. Seager saying he doesn’t want to think about it until after the season is over indicates a full Boras free agent circus. The Dodgers have a shot to keep Seager, but I think it’s less than 50/50. And if he ends up high in the MVP race, it drops even more.

  8. I think that Seager is and will be better than Bellinger as the season goes on and will continue in the years ahead since he has no problems with hitting stances and other pressures. So, I hope Friedman signs Seager to a multiple years contract soon.
    The other players contracts will be addressed when the time comes I’m sure.

  9. Friedman will not pay Seager $200 million. And, Seager may not accept $200 million. How much will Lindor get? What about Story? And Correa? Now that Seager will be a free aganet with the rest of those guys, it will be a competition between them to see who “wins”.

    Seager has a farm in North Carolina, where he’s from. Being on the East Coast is a goal of his as it makes it easier and quicker to get there if he were, say, a Yankee. Or a National. That’s the draw.

    But after watching Lux against the Angels the other night, and knowing how the front office and Roberts love this guy, I expect Lux to slide over to SS next year and Busch to fill 2B.

    It’s a business, guys!

    Then, Friedman uses that $200 million to help keep Bellinger, Urias and Buehler, among others.

    1. Andrew could pay Corey big bucks. He gave Mookie big bucks, and Bauer. He could give Corey big bucks too. However Corey may be asked to move to third to make way for Lux. Turner would be the RH bat off the bench.

  10. Reports yesterday out of the Bay Area have the Giants targeting Seager first, then Story. They want to sign a high-talent SS, then build around him. And the Giants will have massive amounts to spend next year!

    After a few big, bad contracts drop off after ’21, the Giants will be sitting at $71 mil in payroll. They could easily pay stupid money like the Mets did. Problem is; hitters don’t like AT&T Park. It’s a pitchers park, not a hitters park.

    The Yankees are still the front-runner for Seager. The only way I can see Friedman keeping Seager is on a 6-year $240 mil deal. Maybe even $270 mil, but shorter term, higher AVV…

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