Dodgers Rumors: Yovani Gallardo, Alex Gordon Remain Option, per CBS

The Dodgers finally made a splash (read: ripple) in the free agent waters by signing Scott Kazmir Wednesday afternoon. Many think they aren’t done quite yet.

The obviously place to start would probably be with a right arm in the rotation or second baseman. The Dodgers seem content with what they have as Corey Seager’s double-play partners, but remain connected to options who throw from the right side.

ICYMI: Dodgers, Scott Kazmir Make Sense for Each Other

Case in point: Kenta Maeda and, as of Thursday morning, Yovani Gallardo, according the CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman.

This terrifically talented and tough right-hander showed last year that he could succeed in a hitters’ park in the American League, which opened things up for him. The Astros, Royals and Orioles — three AL teams — have been known to be in the hunt for a while, the Blue Jays checked in recently and the Dodgers still make sense (though they seem intent on keeping that draft pick, even if it’s pick No. 26).

Part of the appeal with Kazmir was how the Dodgers stand to gain a pick if he leaves via free agency by not having to give up said pick to sign him. The Dodgers were willing to part with a pick in order to sign Hisashi Iwakuma before his physical went sideways, though, so if they see value in Gallardo than Maeda, it wouldn’t shock me to see them go in that direction.

Maeda comes with a $20 million posting fee, which most consider a mere bump in the road for the cash-heavy Dodgers, but if I had to bet on the situation, I’d wager that whoever is willing to sign for less money between Gallardo and Maeda winds up in Los Angeles.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Next up on Heyman’s radar is Alex Gordon, who doesn’t seem to make sense, but, given the Dodgers’ policy of calling basically everyone who is ever available, the connection is fairly easy to make.

The Royals made a four-year offer (Jim Bowden of ESPN reported it to be for about $12 million to $13 million a year), and afterward, word came from Gordon’s camp to Kansas City that as things stood then the Royals had “no chance” to retain their star left fielder. The Cardinals, Angels, Dodgers, White Sox and Orioles all have been tied to Gordon, with the Angels, White Sox and Orioles all believed to favor a lefty bat like Gordon.

Personally, Gordon terrifies me having watch Carl Crawford last season and head into 2016 with two more years and $40 million still owed to him. Gordon is phenomenal defensively but older than you’d think (he turns 32 in February). Offensively, he’s nothing particularly special and doesn’t steal enough bases for someone who’s never hit 25 homers in a season.

Given the contract he already turned down to return to a World Series champion, Gordon won’t come cheap, either. As Kasten said, they reach out to literally everyone at least once to test the waters, but that doesn’t necessarily mean every rumor or connection is worth noting. This feels like a call was made and they moved on rather quickly given all the factors at work with Gordon.

In order for the Dodgers to even consider making a move in the outfield, Andre Ethier and/or Crawford have to go and, even then, given the youth movement currently going on within the organization, it wouldn’t shock me at all to see Trayce Thompson, Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig in the outfield simultaneously at some point in 2016.

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  1. Gordan terrifies me too. Like you said we already have Crawford who can still steal a base and Either who will hit for better average and power so why do we need Gordan. the answer is WE DON’T

  2. I would much rather have maeda and upton than garllardo and Gordon we need a right handed power bat to go behind A gon

  3. therealdboy12   ethier and van slyke just about the same productivity as upton or close enough, and we are already paying them, and on short term commitments.  Why pay 100+ mil for overlap on a long term contract, keep the flexibility, and sign someone better in two years, or maybe leave a space for a ventura or bellinger or the cuban they just plunked over 30 mil for…..

  4. Gordon contract will quickly turn into Crawford contract, no long term contracts to players into their decline years, I’d rather watch some kid on his way up, then the torture of watching good player declining more each year.

  5. Tntfan Dodgers won’t sign Gordon for all the reasons you give. The one intriguing thing about him is his consistently high on-base percentage, which the Dodgers, with a lineup prone to strike outs, could use. Probably not worth the risk of the years and dollars it would take to sign Gordon. Crawford and Eithier would have to go, as well.

  6. The Dodgers new lineup kike seager’s cespedes gonzo turner Grendel puig Joc Kershaw

  7. It is reported the Dodgers have signed Maeda so except for Kazmir everyone is 27 or younger. And the kids are coming in 2017 so pitching is solid. In the regular season we overall should be better off than last year as after Kershaw and Greinke it was a bit of a dogs breakfast. I like that Frias got some great experience I love his young arm. I am not a big Wood booster as he seems to be Bolsinger from the left side with a bit of a funky delivery. But solid pitchers but no aces except Kersh.

    The Dodger offense is very scary after Gonzo, Turner and Etheir the rest of them you have to pray for guys to break through from injury or bad slumps. Pederson to my mind may end up as trade bait. His strikeouts and bad plate discipline that stops him from hitting the ball the other way to move players over just kills rallies. 
    Thompson may be the pick up of the off season. The guy has size, speed, good defensive metrics and seems like he can hit a bit. I really think the Dodgers should play Thompson to see if he can be an everyday player. Same with Kike is he a super sub or any everyday player?
    I still feel once the Dodgers lost Greinke they have decided to position for 2017 or 2018. I do not believe we have enough offense or top of the line pitching in playoffs to compete with the likes of the Cubs, Mets, Nats, Giants and DBacks.
    I think we are still second tier with Cards, Pirates. 
    I hope they prove me wrong…..
    IF they play to their POTENTIAL which can be a curse or a promise an Outfield of Pederson, Puig and Thompson could be incredible defensively and if they match their supposed potential might be one of the better Outfields in the League plus they would be cost controlled… But that is a dream that we can hope for but not really count on.

  8. Blue58 Tntfan Blue58 i agree. Unless they make a deal for one or more of their OF guys I do not see them signing one. They picked up Thompson you have to think for a reason. He is big, fast, very good defensively and may be able to hit OK. Plus he is cost controlled with options left so very valuable. Reports are they like Wood way more than I do. I am hoping that this year Anderson will work on stamina as last year he was simply hoping to last. This year he is pitching for a huge contract next year. Anderson is a pretty good pitcher if he stays strong. To me it is all about Ryu and what happens with Puig, Pederson. Grandal and what they do with Thompson and Kike.
    I do give the Front Office a C plus for doing SOMETHING…I most of their trades have been really bad for the Dodgers so I am glad they did not .

  9. Thompson is a good defender with power who strikes out a lot. Sounds like a right handed Pederson.

  10. Blue58 Yes but he was better at call up in September. If he can get smart enough to learn to at least hit the ball the other way to move the runner over that would help. That is what really spoiled me on Pederson he was either unable or unwilling to give himself up and move the runner. Something I find unacceptable it is a Team game and you must give yourself up for the Team. Pederson did not all year. 
    Helli we all learned to do that in little league and you had to do it in High School.  When they shift as radically as they were with Pederson simply tap the ball to the right side. There is no one there!!! Get it past the pitcher coming over and you have a hit. Heck if you get it past the Infield you probably have a double.

  11. Tmaxster Blue58 you have to make contact to move the runner. And he hasn’t  shown that  he can do that.

  12. Blue58 one or both will be coached to develop  a better approach. It my take time but I do believe  that they will be very good. But does management  have that patients?

  13. Robert Hamilton  Blue58 There is that. LOL…
    Hopefully they will learn what we were taught in Babe Ruth and High School.  How to shorten up with two strikes and men on and make contact. Punch the ball on the outside to left or right fields. Go with the pitch. Play Team baseball something lacking with the Dodgers. With the money in baseball the only coin the manager has is playing time. If the player will not be a Team player make them ride the bench and tell them why.

  14. Tmaxster Robert Hamilton  Blue58 Pederson was benched last September in favor of Hernandez. Then Hernandez got hurt. With Hernandez penciled in at second, the only competition for Pederson is Thompson. None of the other outfielders is really a center fielder.

    My concern about Pederson is that as the season progressed he was worse each month than the month previous. He showed no sign that he was making any adjustment or that he had any clue about how to improve. Other young players who have struggled, like Gordon and Puig, have shown signs of improvement at times rather than the unceasing downward spiral we saw from Pederson.

    He loves the home runs so much I don’t have much hope that he will ever learn, or care to learn, how to advance runners, hit to the opposite field, bunt or cut down on the Ks. He thinks if he can hit 20-30 HRs a year, all his other shortcomings will be overlooked, and for a lot of teams, he’s probably right. 

    Thompson seems more grounded, probably thanks to his family ties, so maybe there’s hope there. 

    This could be a long season ahead.

  15. Blue58 Tmaxster Robert Hamilton I agree with everything you  said. Players like Peterson think that hitting Homers is their ticket to fame. He wanted to be showcased on national television so after having a good first half he decides to inter the home run derby contest. And if you follow , most that have  tru off their natural  swing. What do you change? Now you pull every  pitch, and you also try and lift the ball. Gonzo while with Boston was triple crown bound  until he intered the derby. It happened to Todd Frazier  also. Look up the guys who decided to inter after having good first halves.

  16. Blue58 Tmaxster Robert Hamilton Amen.. The Dodgers are betting the offense on Puig, Pederson and Grandal to have their best years ever and for Etheir to match last years production while a year older… Not good bets on any front.

  17. I live in Chicago  and  saw Thompson  when he came up. I liked him. He has a short and quick stroke which  he usually  puts the barrel  on the ball. I’m also a laker fan and loved what his dad brought  to showtime. Needless  to say i’m trilled to have him in LA. I do believe  that he has a lot of upside. Pedigree  means a lot to me. It tells  me that your  drive to achieve  started early  and that you truly love the ride to get there.

  18. Tmaxster Blue58 Robert Hamilton That’s  what  it will take to really compete. The front office is dilutional if they think those four guys will all be more than they were last year. They’re  lucky if one breaks out. For players to really give their all it has to be a contract  year coming up.

  19. Blue58 Yes I am hopeful he isn’t as pig-headed and will learn to hot the ball the other way when necessary. Pederson was an absolute rally killer with his single minded swing for the fences approach. I am not a big fan of Pederson but I hope Thompson pushes him or if necessary supplants him in the line up.

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