Dodgers: Russell Martin Is ‘Hungry’ To Win World Series

How ironic would it be if 36-year old Russell Martin was the missing link? Moreover, if the Dodgers win the 2019 World Series – finally bringing an elusive title back to Los Angeles – Martin could go down as the player who put the Dodgers over the top.

It could be a little premature to speak this way. That is unless you’re hearing Russell Martin talk.

Martin recently had a conversation with Ken Gurnick over at Within the conversation, Martin expressed that he has more left to do within the game of baseball. One of these things is to bring a title back to Los Angeles.

“I don’t want this to be my last year. Coming off a year where I feel I underperformed offensively, I’m looking for a bounce-back year and I’m looking for a championship. I’m still hungry for that. That keeps me motivated. I know the team in L.A. got close last year and they’re really hungry for it.”

That sounds like fire, Russell. Tell us more!

“There’s something about putting on that Dodgers uniform that can bring out the magic in you,” Martin said. “I hope to get some of that magic this year. It’s a big year for me. I need to have a good year or nobody’s going to want to have me. The motivation is there.”

Obviously, when the Dodgers traded for Russell Martin last week; they brought back a player who takes pride putting on the threads. Equally important, that player filled a vital need. However, it should not be underestimated the value that a player like Martin can bring with this kind of passion while serving as a clubhouse leader.

I am only one man – but I have a good feeling about Martin’s final go-around in Los Angeles.

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  1. What else would Martin say? That he’s happy just playing another year in MLB? Darvish was a bust and so was Machado. It’s all about the money, period.

  2. He’s not going to get it here. He’ll be lucky to get his one and only WS appearance of his career here like Eithier and Kemp. Can anyone say Buffalo Bills buffa Buffalo Bills

    • Off topic, but you may downsize the importance of a bit more balance in Dodger lineup. Sure, in the 162 game schedule Dodgers were able to get by with what happened last year and the struggles against LHP was not noticeable as much because Dodgers were not playing the elite team they faced in the WS. This weakness was exposed in the Fall Classic. work still needs to be done or we will all see a team missing the PS all together for the first time since 2012. the Division is no lock in case you were not aware. The NL West teams will be gunning for the Dodgers as well as other NL teams. As far as Martin goes, of course it will take more than 1 player to even reach the WS again…WSS.

      • I downplay because the Dodgers are a lost cause at this point. It’s not even worth repeating everyday what their obvious deficiencies are because they never care to address them

        • I by no means am the only one saying these things. You might believe Dodgers are a lost cause but in any event they still DO have the resources to improve this roster. Many of the reporters here and on other Dodger sites are saying the same thing. Obviously there are other areas to address as well. But whether they do or not will determine how the 2019 season ultimately plays out. There are players on this team’s depth chart to use to fill needs but WSS. The off season is not over yet either.

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